Investment Opportunity: The Daily Walk with Love is for Sale

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The Daily Walk with Love Celebrates Five Years on the Net as Your Truthful health and psychology, Christian inspiration and motivation, tech, thoughts for the common man, and music video provider

a fierce bald eagle and flag expresses our very real patriotism The Daily Walk with Love a fierce bald eagle and flag expresses our very real patriotism

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— Here’s a Great Investment Opportunity!
Simply email me, Paul Evans at and we’ll
come to terms and “move” this site, which has been the
whole meaning of my own life. With a more financed and
marketing-oriented ownership, The Daily Walk with Love
can easily prosper and expand it’s audience and reach.
Charity (contributions) and Sponsorship are also welcome.

May 10, 2018
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
Justice is Coming!

Best Buy Co, Inc.

The Daily Walk with Love

The Daily Walk with Love
The “Official” Music Blog of the CIA
*New Age *Truthful* Christian *Nonpartisan* Independent*
Support the NEW CIA!
(Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World!)

Investment Opportunity:
The Daily Walk with Love
is for sale for the right investor

Partnerships or partial interests in our website/blog:
Whole or Partial Interests Available,
The Daily Walk with Love is
for sale to the right combination
of investment capital & expertise

The Daily Walk with Love, February 6, 2018, by Paul Evans. As we are in dire financial condition, I would accept a full buy-out, a partnership, sponsorship (which would come with a featured graphic I would design pointing at your company, displayed on every page), or simple charity. Featured graphic photograph modified from Congregation Rinat Yisrael. Please tell your contacts about this great investment opportunity!

It is with the utmost reluctance that I am probably have to sell my website, The Daily Walk with Love, due to my own unfortunate economic circumstances, but also, because I have found the site to be controversial both with some conservative Christians and with some authorities in intelligence circles and elsewhere. I have pretty much said what I have to say here, it’s time for me to “get a life.” I am pleased with my efforts as I hope and pray God might be too. I do hope for some new, experienced and “capitalized” blood to take over much of my work here. Included photograph courtesy of Don Pepe’s Farm. I have faith that someone with money to invest is aware of my website and stands ready to make me an offer, but what I am asking, $45,000, is a bargain (half of what I originally asked), and I will NOT go lower than that. Watch “God Has Declared Financial Break-through in Your Life” Greatest Inspirational Video by Joel Osteen. And I know that God is watching and will send me the investor I need. After I have sold The Daily Walk with Love, I intend, probably, to simply blog music and music videos and stay out of trouble.

See Have Compassion and Volunteer, which is about and the fine work those people do. Sponsor a child for $38 a month. Maybe the future of The Daily Walk with Love involves not so much teaching but a lot more publicity work. But that would be up to the new bosses. I was just recently excited to read Bill Gates Admits ‘Holy Grail’ Technology Could Change Everything, The Motley Fool, August 10, 2017, by Rex Moore, talking about a trillion dollar expansion of the internet.


I see they sold WebMD back a few months ago for $2.8 billion. I’d sell this whole website (retaining only the right to post my own articles among any others the new owners published). I feel it has real and substantial worth and potential as a website to make someone quite a lot of money. Someone who really had experience with developing a website into a sales instrument and knew how to get proper advertisements could make a bundle with The Daily Walk with Love. For example, doing tech promotions would fit in with our work here on AI really well, and that’s just one example. I am asking $45,000 for The Daily Walk with Miracles, lock, stock and barrel. It’s a bargain for that. This includes everything about us, including editorial control, with my wish only to be allowed to contribute new articles occasionally, subject to the new owner’s supervision. I have investigated the value I feel we have and believe this to be a decent market price, actually it’s a good bargain at that price. We are a “content site,” whose value lies in the quality, time-independent articles here. A really good marketing team would have a field day monetizing this site; I’m a good writer/researcher/editor/web designer but have been sadly lacking at monetizing the site. But is has great potential. Any inquiries should be sent to Paul Evans, “ATTN: Website Sale,” Thanks for considering us.

You are encouraged to donate to the Wounded Warrior Project and support our veterans. There are some 300,000 homeless veterans in America, and the medical care we have given them has been deplorable. Well, that’s changing. Watch President Trump Signs Veterans Affairs Accountability Act, YouTube, June 23, 2017 – 15:57. The measure also includes language which protect whistle-blowers who act to help our great veterans and report wrong doing in their treatment. The VA is going to be held accountable. See Trump signs VA accountability act into law, promises better care for veterans, The Washington Times, February 23, 2017, by Dave Boyer. As Bernie Sanders once said, to paraphrase, if you are going to send Americans off to fight in foreign wars, you have to take care of them when they come back. President Trump is to be congratulated on this legislation to help veterans.

In short, to the right investor, The Daily Walk with Love is wholly and fully FOR SALE! (Whole or partial interests are available, to the right combination of capital and expertise.)

I will shamelessly republish this publicity article until one or a few investors takes notice and rescues me from the poverty I currently labor under. This website could do a LOT better if I only had some capital to invest in it. Cordially, Paul

a handshake clinches the deal in the great investment opportunity with The Daily Walk with Love

Any investors simply email me, Paul Evans at and we’ll come to terms and this site, which is the whole meaning of my own life right now, can get moving to becoming a force to be reckoned with.

In 1882, Robert Louis Stevenson said, “To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life.

I want to be very upfront about what The Daily Walk with Love needs and hopes for. It costs money to own and and pay for hosting and developing a big website that gets a lot of viewers. In the first place I have no particular marketing expertise, and we are crying out for this. It costs money to get the right plugins to make The Daily Walk with Love a user-friendly, attractive website. The particular WordPress theme I use costs money. The SEO (search engine optimization) plugin we use has a “Pro” version I would really like to have. I’d like to have a good, paid analytics plugin which would tell me more about my visitors. The more I know about my visitors, the better I can give them the sort of article subject matter and overall experience they want. All this is expensive and currently mostly beyond my means. If I could attract some good writers, and some people who had special expertise at developing a promising website, this would mean a lot to me for the future. As it is, it’s hard to grow and hard to “be all that we could be.”

I believe with all my heart that my website is “going places,” and that we need only get one or a few investors to really “take off” and be very successful. Are any of my readers interested in being part of our success? Thanks for considering The Daily Walk with Love (home page and blog).

Two teenagers started Google in their parents’ garage. They sold it, several years later, for $8 billion. I’m not thinking about that level of funding, but I do think that we are a widely read, interesting and valuable commodity. If an investor is better at developing and making the Daily Walk with Miracles more valuable, for example selling coffee cups, bumper stickers and tee-shirts from here, and bring in better advertising, per view (that is, per impression advertising), I think they could make a LOT of money. My Google statistics are NOT accurate (for whatever reason), but there is a somewhat correct “visitors counter” in the sidebar. We could easily do much better.

If you are Christian, if you are decent and patriotic, if you support the President, I think The Daily Walk with Love is a GREAT investment opportunity!

Ownership is nice, it gives one exclusive control over subject matter as well as editorial control. Plus, appearance of The Daily Walk with Love is what I myself like, yet I want to serve my audience and be more what they are hoping for and wishing. But ownership is not the be all and end all for me, Paul Evans. I’m opening us up to investors, for partnership or outright ownership of The Daily Walk with Love. I will be fully flexible, but keep in mind, I’ve been doing my thing here and on other websites I have owned since 2008, and I am actually pretty business savvy. So I am hoping for some real investors to step up to the plate.

I will be very flexible in the terms I am willing to accept, too. I want someone or some group of investors who is a little experienced in developing a website, or else who know whom to hire. Anything from half ownership to full ownership IS available. But this is a website that pretty much tells the truth about the way things are in the world, and I would want that to mostly continue. So our hypothetical investor would Have to be OK with me continuing to write, even if under your direction and subject to your wishes. Just give me a subject matter and turn me loose, I am a great researcher, writer and editor (humble too)! I can do the coding of the web pages and editorial stuff, I am very experienced at that.

My dad was a WWII Marine officer, NSA, CIA and a Yale Ph.D., and he taught me well. I have 11 years of college, have edited 12 books, had the cover of History magazine in 2005, and have been published online everywhere from Daily Kos to Fox Carolina News and Fox Chicago News (page one, on Facebook) and Fox Politics news, Fox Business news and various other communities on Google Plus. I am experienced, in other words, so that IF you owned the Daily Walk with Love, I would expect to be allowed to continue to contribute articles subject to editorial supervision, or perhaps to even be a paid employee, if that were agreed upon.

Serious investors ONLY! I would have to learn about you and to trust you with full administrative rights that currently only I have with WordPress, and also with GoDaddy, my website host. Again, simply email me, Paul Evans at and we’ll come to terms and make our deal.

Check out the “Website Below the Website!” — We have much more for you right at the bottom of every article and page on our site: RSS News Feeds from Fox News, politics from The Hill, and the latest tech news from ZDNet, plus classic rock music videos and a few inspirational videos, too. It’s all the way down at the very bottom of each page. Click here to be taken down to our Special Feature for you! Be sure to see the list of our Featured Pages at the bottom-most area there, too. And when you’re finished down there, just click the upwards pointing article on the right to go back to the top.

Our musical inspiration here is Fleetwood Mac – Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac (1968) (Full Album), 42:36. This is the early, bluesey Fleetwood Mac. Just Because!

Peter Green’s
Fleetwood Mac 1968

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