Internet Time and Earth Time: Is Time Ending?

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— Is Time Itself Ending?
A whole set of “time phenomena” may have something to do with
the new iPv6 internet (since 2013) connecting us together
as One in a simultaneous “now” (a concept from Zen Buddhism).
This “present time” sort of reality, is unlikethe current
reality, of 24 time zones. It was the Egyptians (or perhaps
the Greeks) who began the trouble when they began to
“measure” time with sundials, and it’s just become
a lot worse since then. Now time might well actually be “fixed” if we could just fix the synchronization issues with the internet, become more mindfully aware (individually and collectively), and finally start being a lot more tolerant and accepting of those who are “different” than we are. After all, time exists at the same time everywhere in the world, right? It’s just segregated and separated into these 24 arbitrary and “not real” time zones around the world. The Zen Buddhists would say that people are more and more mindfully aware and existing
in the “ultimate ground of being,” so that soon humanity
will exist in a more connected simultaneous “Now” sort of reality
(fully in accordance with Jesus’ wishes for us given at the
Last Supper, “that they all may be One,”) and it becomes thus
easier to love your neighbor as yourself, despite conflicts
because of our different sub-cultures, but thus building the kingdom of heaven on earth (if we do not destroy earth first). The line of what is possible because of the “virtual reality” of the internet thus may actually fix what is “real” and so actually “heal time, fixing the reality of it all over Earth.

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Internet Time and Earth Time: Is Time Ending?
(Time and the Ultimate Ground of Being)

The changing experience we have
of time in a sense ending, or at least being
totally changed or “healed” here on Earth
is one example of virtual reality
affecting and modifying “real” reality.

The Daily Walk with Love (Link to Home page and blog), November 20, 2019, by Paul Evans. An excerpt, with additions, from Yet Another Review and Information about ABC’s “Designated Survivor”, The Daily Walk with Love, September 21, 2016, by Paul Evans with the help of Dan Hershberger, who has, to our great grief, passed away about a month ago, R.I.P. Video playlist is Jiddu Krishnamurti the Ending of Time, 16 videos in a wonderful YouTube playlist, from Krishnamurti’s Teachings channel, and the series, “The Ending of Time.” Featured photo is called “Illumination (from a festival of lights in Japan.”) Email the author, Paul Evans, at I republish this article often because I feel deeply that it is important that we try to understand basic, important changes that are going on which affect our lives a great deal.

Here’s a thought some Roman Catholics and some who have read a bit in classical mythology might recognize: Did you know that the ancient Greek name for Saturn is “Chronos, or Kronos” as in chronology, as in time… it is not darkness which is the great evil confounding us, it is time, and Saturn is known by some as “Father Time…. However I see true moral evil NOT as coming from Saturn or even darkness, but rather as a deep flaw in the whole space-time continuum. On earth this is to some extent healed as the internet creates this simultaneous now I spoke of, or, as Jesus said at the Last Supper, expressing his wishes when his disciples asked him what he wanted, “That they all may be One.”

Also see Virtual Reality and “Fixing” Time, The Daily Walk with Love, by Paul Evans.

Summary: Is Time Itself Ending? This whole set of phenomena may have something to do with the internet connecting us in a simultaneous reality, while time everywhere on earth is separated into 24 arbitrary and basically “not real” zones of time. Reality now increasingly exists at the same time everywhere in the world, much more aware and awake, mindfully. We are becoming increasingly in touch with the ‘ultimate ground of being,’ as humanity enters a new phase of existence in an interconnected, mindfully aware, simultaneous now. It is the transitional period which is dangerous.

While Light certainly is the ultimate goodness, and the source of all that is good, I believe that the common Christian belief of darkness as the same as Satan or some kind of ultimate evil is wrong. Among some Christians, myself included, Satan has much more to do with time itself, particularly with a terrible flaw in the fabric of space-time. By connecting mankind into a “simultaneous now” sort of reality here on earth, the internet, in a virtual sense, is healing that evil and connecting mankind together in a more mindfully aware reality. There are a lot of “birth pains” associated with this, but I do think that Microsoft may be aware that it is proceeding, and represents a lot of better days ahead for mankind, if we can just get through this dangerous moment in our history. Mankind stands at the edge of great things, but we must be very careful we do not dissolve into some kind of nuclear war scenario. I pray that President Trump will exercise extreme caution and patience over Venezuela and North Korea and not do anything “stupid” to trigger a holocaust. Also see A Prayer for Peace Between God and Satan. Since God is infinite, omnipotent and omniscient, perhaps even the evil of Satan might be healed, at least here on earth, in a sense, as time is connected into one simultaneous reality. “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall know God.”

Our Comprehension and Understanding
About Time is Now Changing

Is Time itself ending? This whole set of phenomena may have something to do with the internet connecting us in a simultaneous reality, while time everywhere on earth is separated into 24 arbitrary and basically “not real” zones of time. Reality now increasingly exists at the same time everywhere in the world. Also, as noted by technologists, this internet reality here on earth is so strong an influence partly because the “line” between virtual reality and “actual” reality seems to be blurring. The internet is creating a new and simultaneous sort of “Now” all over the earth, almost in a Zen Buddhist sort of understanding of simply living life in a mindfully aware now. This is a new phenomenon and reality here on earth, since humans first became aware of and started giving significance to and measuring time.

Many faithful Christians believe that, in a sense, “time” is basically the same sort of thing as Satan, and to me, spending most of my days online writing or talking with people, time has little meaning. The rock group Chicago expressed it well: “Does anyone really know what time it is? Does anybody care? If so, I can’t imagine why…” I believe that this phenomenon will be happening more and more all over the world. In other words, it is not time itself that is ending, but our perception of time. Perception as I used it here, then, is almost a “virtural reality” sort of concept, and then, in a virtual sense, time IS ending.

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The End of Time, The Ultimate Ground of Being
and the Collective Unconscious

Check out The Ending of Time: Where Philosophy and Physics Meet, review and purchase page, 2014, by Jiddu Krishnamurti and David Bohm ($12.49 Kindle edition, $14.44 paperback).

Read online, The Ending of Time, Chapter 3, 8th April 1980 Conversation with Prof. David Bohm `Why Has Man Given Supreme Importance to Thought?,’ a dialogues on the “ultimate ground of being,” which I will note is a fairly ego-less state, an excellent discussion:

K: …What is the relationship of this ground (of ‘being’) to man, and man’s relationship to it?

DB: Yes, that is the question. Does man have some significance to it? And does it have significance to man? May I add one more point? I was discussing with somebody who was familiar with the Middle East and traditions of mysticism; he told me that in these traditions they not only say that what we call this ground, this infinite, has some significance, but that what man does has ultimately some significance.

K: Quite, quite. Suppose one says it has – otherwise life has no meaning, nothing has any meaning – how would one find out? Suppose you say this ground exists, as I said the other day. Then the next question is: what relationship has that to man? And man to it? How would one discover, or find out, or touch it – if the ground exists at all? If it doesn’t exist, then really man has no meaning at all. I mean, I die and you die and we all die, and what is the point of being virtuous, what is the point of being happy or unhappy, of just carrying on? How would you show that the ground exists? In scientific terms, as well as the feeling of it, the non-verbal communication of it?

Paul Evans: Again, because this is important, to paraphrase Krishnmurti, “the mystical traditions all say that, not only does mankind have significance to this ‘ground of being,’ but that what we do does matter to it.” For me, writing as a sort of meditation is getting in touch with the mind of God. The less egotistical and selfish we are, the more we become tied into this state of consciousness. When my writing has significance, perhaps, I am “not thinking,” thoughts occur to me as I type. I am not actively thinking as a conscious, willful (egotistical) act, the thoughts just occur. Sometimes I basically am “musing” about a topic I am writing about. Sometimes I will consciously ask a question of the universe, or whomever I am “tapped into,” but I am not generally consciously thinking, as an act, thoughts just occur to me and this has nothing in particular to do with my ego, and I just write them down. That does have something to do with entering this “ultimate ground of being” and existing in a timeless state. Time, I suppose, does exist then, and passes by, but does not affect my consciousness. This is in a sense existing, in a way tied into the collective unconscious, which becomes in a sense conscious in me, but in a silent, non-egoistical way. These are not mere philosophical words, rather, this is my experience of this “ground of being.” For me, it is an essential element of the way in which I write.

Time Issues in Designated Survivor
and on the Internet: What Does This Mean?

God Bless those intrepid computer scientists working on the whole issue of synchronization. I know that to a few of you with little technical knowledge or who may not be strongly Christian, the following analysis may be a bit “out there.” Nonetheless, in my recent experience, there is something weird about TIME itself going on, both on our individual PC’s and on the internet in general, but ALSO involving the ubiquity and timing of coverage about Designated Survivor on the net. Here it may be noteworthy to know that many informed tech people feel that the line is now blurring between real reality and virtual reality. In other words, the virtual world, and also “the Cloud,” are now beginning to actually affect “actual” reality here in the real world. Even if that is not the case with this TV series, it actually is for reality for the future, and many tech type people know that. But, as a strongly faithful Christian, I have even wondered a few times in the last year if in some way God was finishing this whole business and actually we are close to the end of time itself and the return of Jesus. Who knows, maybe there is something of that involved, something perhaps involving a new cultural reality affecting material time and life on earth. This was particularly a weird feeling I got as I found out about, shall we call them, “time issues” involved in internet coverage about the ABC show Designated Survivor (Ah, but you will see, MONEY is strongly involved in the promotion too, so “weirding you out” was apparently just part of the marketing process.)

However, in fact other evidence exists about a distortion of time. On PC’s it has somewhat to do with efforts in internet browsers I think to control and “fix” time problems in newer operating systems and web browsers on computers, and in computer updates and also clock time, which are all “messed up.” These are not terribly correctly functional now, at least in the smaller details of them, and these things were actually more functional and correct back in the old Windows XP days. Time, in modern operating systems, is f*cked up. This whole problem in PC’s running Windows, OR Linux, has caused me considerable personal difficulty, since I spend the majority of any given 24 hours online. So it is perfectly natural that I notice these things, and try to understand them. I believe that overall, the issue falls under the category of what geeks call “synchronization” issues. (Please notice, this very word is all about time.) Notice that ALL the subjects I have discussed here involve problems which are now evident and actually growing about Time itself. I am absolutely certain that Microsoft knows all about this, and that it is real, however you are not going to find out much about it on the internet. If you are observant, intelligent, and tech-minded, and spend much time on a PC, however, you are going to likely notice this in detail, while of course you might (wrongly) dismiss it as unimportant. To a Bible believing Christian this is particularly concerning, though, because many of us see Time and Satan as somewhat synonymous.

Is Time Ending?

As I said, “the phenomenon” or a simulatenous reality on earth, a sort of timeless state, (or better, a “simultaneous, more mindfully aware Now”) has something to do with the internet connecting us in a simultaneous reality, while time everywhere on earth is separated into 24 arbitrary and basically “not real” zones of time. Reality, (a sort of virtual reality, but very real), now increasingly exists at the same time everywhere in the world, In other words, perhaps time itself on earth is in fact in some way, as affected by the internet, becoming simultaneous, and so any program dependent on time is using a false system to govern a new reality. Let me say that again: Time may actually be becoming simultaneous all over the world. So in a sense it may even be sort of stopping, as many charismatics have believed it would, and perhaps right as Jesus returns to us. Certainly our experience of it on the internet and to some extent in life is changing and changing us, too. We are coming to live, now, in a sort off more mindful “Now,” as the Zen Buddhists conceive of it. The internet is ending time as anything very important here on earth like it used to be. I feel it is also good to be process oriented rather than goal oriented, which puts one into structured schedules which involve time much more than necessary. The internet reality is affecting the “real” reality, and changing it. That seems to me to be occurring increasingly over the last few years.

See Brain Time, The Edge, June 23, 2009, by David M. Eaglman: Dr. Eagleman is a neuroscientist working at Baylor College of Medicine.

When synchronization is perfected by Microsoft and others, and connects us in a purely simultaneous reality, then time on earth will, in a large sense, end. As Jesus, and many Hindus and Buddhists have said: “Arise, Awake, Sleep not till the goal is reached.

Jiddu Krishnamurti and the Ending of Time

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