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Sex and love and internet dating in my life, the lessons
I’ve learned over the years, with cool sites to visit,
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The Daily Walk with Miracles

September 30, 2016

The Daily Walk with Miracles
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Internet Dating:
The Truth & Cool Sites

Sex and Love and Dating
on the Internet

The Daily Walk with Miracles, updated September 30, 2016, by Paul Evans. Music video playlist is you really got me – van halen (w/lyrics) HD courtesy of YouTube. This discussion and the sexy, erotic video is meant for adults and not those under 18.

NOTE: There are 320,000 homeless veterans out there — This is absolutely unacceptable. Everybody needs somebody sometimes: National Suicide Helpline 1-800-273-TALK. God Bless You All! PLEASE share this article with your friends and contacts.

My “Quotable Quotes”
About Sex & Love & Internet Dating

A Note From The Owner, Paul Evans, 59, 5’10” and 180. If ANY woman might be interested in getting to know me, please write to me at and we will chat. You really DON’T have to be a supermodel you know. I give EVERYTHING in love, my whole heart and soul, all my love. So far, I have ALWAYS been terribly hurt and broken up if the relationship doesn’t work, and I am never married, no kids, though I have had three engagements. So partly, at this time, I do protect my heart, because wicked ladies and evil in my life have always denied me. First I would like to give you some quotable quotes on sex and love and dating, from an article I wrote at Best Quotable Quotes by Paul Evans, The Daily Walk with Miracles, September 25, 2016, from which here are a couple of quotes about women and dating:

Paul Evans: “There are those species of spiders where after the mating, the female devours the male. With humans it takes a little longer.”

Paul Evans: “Russian women, and witches, always feel that they have to prove to you they’re tougher than you are. And they are.”

Paul Evans: “Yeah you’re sweet. I know about sweet women. Young, beautiful, sweet women. Sort of an oxymoron. (I am sorry, that is unkind, I have had terrible luck with women.) Woman are dangerous. And beautiful women are especially dangerous. Then there are young, beautiful, sweet women who like to play games…. The guys know exactly what I mean.”

Paul Evans: “A warning to ‘philosophers’ about cogito ergo sum. Thinking about stuff will get you words and logic, not happiness or a decent life. To know what I know as a simple human and in my circumstances is not at all happiness. The only thing that could mitigate it is a caring woman’s love. Watch Don Henley – The Heart Of The Matter.

Paul Evans: “Witty. Yeah, ‘have a cigar, you’re gonna go far.’ The girls at HookupCougars just say, dismissively, ‘Oh, you’re a poet.’ (You know, as they say, ‘first you must be very sure, that life is not a game.’)”

Oh God, Internet Dating
(some guidelines on sex and love on the internet
and online dating, mainly for men)

I am in no sense a prude, I am very comfortable in my own skin, but I am in no sense a hypocrite. I do not feel I am in any way immoral, yet I know a lot of you judge me about the whole internet dating thing. That’s your problem, this is between me and God. God knows, I was not much good at internet dating over some ten years, and so, almost despite myself, I DID learn some of the “rules of the game.” Here I’m mainly trying to help out the guys so they won’t make the mistakes I did.

photo of an enchanting beautiful woman in a natural setting called the goddess of wildflowers

OK, if you are an absolute newbie, the BEST FREE internet dating sites are PlentyOfFish, which has the most profiles and boasts that it creates the most relationships and marriages; OKCupid, which has been described as “the Google of internet dating” and might be the best place to find someone actually compatible, although it involves the loss of your privacy the most; and if you don’t mind nudity and the occasional lady of the night, HookupCougars, where you DO get a lot of action, but it’s real hard to convince any of the women you aren’t just trying to get laid. HookupCougars is trying to get $30 out of you but will let you have two IM messages per 24 hours with any given woman for free. Another good site for “discreet” or various sorts of hookups I have found is CuteHookup, which has a good, free basic membership.

Beware of fake smiles and false women (or men) and lies. My advice is to speak totally honestly and openly and from your heart. Some of these ladies, the cool ones anyway, have ESP and will know if you are fake, and anyway they all want honesty (and so do I). Don’t believe the advice and warnings I am giving you here, men? You’ll see. I am absolutely just trying to help you, if you’re too naive or sexed up to take the advice, you very likely will suffer, maybe for years. (And Herpes is forever….”)

Guys, I can’t stress this enough: do NOT give these girls money based on some promise. The right girl is NOT going to ask you for money. (At least make them work for it, lol.) Basically at this point, I HATE internet dating with a purple passion. The worst problem is the problem of identity. You really do NOT know who you’re talking with. GET their phone number, don’t just email and chat with them. Look up that area code, that’s about the best you can do. And women use giving you their photographs, especially their sexy ones, almost as a weapon, they do not give you good photos, sometimes at all, or at least until they find out what they want. Be suspicious if they DO give you sexy photos right away, maybe they are druggies trying to get money, or they have an STD and are desperate, it just doesn’t usually happen. TRY to find a girl who actually likes your company in person, likes to hang out with you, otherwise, what’s the point? And BTW you very likely are not going to find the right girl in a bar, either. Maybe you should just find a big enough church you like to go to and let a girl into your life that way. But if you are going to try internet dating, be very patient… unless of course you are young and rich and a hunk, in which you should have little problem, except weeding out the one you want. (LOL, this is not my problem….)

As far as the whole internet dating thing goes, most of the profiles are fake, or with fake or old photos. If they aren’t actually fake, they are either basically all the same, or else the photos are ten years old. Many of the girls are only out for a good meal ticket. There ARE exceptions. And unless you are young and rich and a hunk, you are going to send out ten or twenty nice, carefully composed emails for each response you get. “Oh, well.” One big rule, it now seems to me, is don’t take the approach of mailing out a whole bunch of emails. (In biology the idea of blitzing a dating site with dozens and dozens of initial emaisl would be called the “shotgun approach,” as some species do in reproduction (a whole lot of babies.) It IS clear to me, this didn’t work for me in terms of internet dating. Settle on a few girls and quite soon one girl and then be persistent as hell.” And ladies, I know you are females, but I wish you gals could really, actually make up your minds and settle on a guy and Then Be Loyal to Him!! You know, there’s no perfect partner. It’s almost a crap shoot, isn’t it? That’s why divorce is biblical (or at least still legal). The church shouldn’t interfere in this either, and I was quite pleased to see that Pope Francis is beginning to move the Catholic church in the direction of realizing that not all couples were meant to be, or as the Pope put it that “not all marriages are made in heaven.” A lot of the girls are just looking for money, too.

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Try to find out what some of the girl’s hopes and dreams and interests are, make sure you match up with some of those, and talk about those in emails to the lady. Guys, TRY to be realistic: a 20-years-younger raving beauty is unlikely to actually be interested in you, unless she’s trying to scam you for money. Yes, OK, some women like older men, true, but I have found this rarely works out. Find out about their family: if the relationship is going to work out, remember, this will be pretty important. OK: rule number one, almost NEVER, ever, talk about politics with a woman for the first few emails. Really. Ultimately (keep this in mind), either you “settle” for someone or you end up dying alone, right? Hey Guys! Watch Three Dog Night – Try a Little Tenderness HQ, YouTube music video — 4:24.

Girls, I am still single and looking. Anyone who would like to talk is encouraged to email me at God Bless and Blessed be the name of the Lord. Warning, the video playlist below is pretty sexy, not everyone will want to watch it. Those under 18 should ask their parents if it’s OK to watch. This is VERY EROTIC stuff.

Van Halen and other VERY Sexy Videos

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