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January 14, 2016

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Information Society (playlist)
Windows 10 & AI

God Bless Microsoft!
(Hug a geek today:
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Free Music57 + politics, January 14, 2016, by Paul Evans. Video courtesy of Information Society and YouTube, news sources as noted.

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Robotics & AI in 2016
(the machines start taking over)

See From AI To Robotics, 2016 Will Be The Year When The Machines Start Taking Over, Tech Crunch on MSN, January 14, 2015, by Vivek Wadhwa:

…as futurist Ray Kurzweil observed, once any technology becomes an information technology, its development follows the same [exponential] curve, so we are seeing exponential advances in technologies such as sensors, networks, artificial intelligence, and robotics. The convergence of these technologies is making amazing things possible.

2015 was the tipping point in the global adoption of the Internet, digital medical devices, blockchain, gene editing, drones, and solar energy. 2016 will be the beginning of an even bigger revolution, one that will change the way we live, let us visit new worlds, and lead us into a jobless future. Yes, with every good there is a bad; wonderful things will become possible, but with them we will also create new problems for mankind.

Big News in Artificial Intelligence
Open AI

See 5 things you should know about the plan to open source artificial intelligence, The Washington Post, December 24, 2015, by Dominic Basulto:

Arguably, the open source movement — the idea that a group of technologists freely contributing their own work and commenting on the work of others, can create a final product that is comparable with anything that a commercial enterprise might create — has been one of the great innovation catalysts of the technology industry.

It’s no wonder, then, that a group of Silicon Valley luminaries — including Elon Musk, Peter Thiel and Reid Hoffman — have lined up to contribute $1 billion to a new open-source AI project known as OpenAI that is led by Ilya Sutskever, one of the world’s top experts in machine learning. If you can open-source software and hardware, then why not open-source artificial intelligence, right?

Elon Musk is one of the very top names in IT these days. He is the one who along with astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, WARNED the scientific and tech communities against the rising dangers of artificial intelligence in general. All Stephen Hawking has done is to mathematically prove and flesh out the Unified Field Theory which reconciles quantam mechanics and Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Oh and he also gave us a new understanding of black holes. So when Stephen Hawking AND one of the very leading technologists says clearly that AI is dangerous, I tend to listen. Even before Cortana and my latest Insider Build of Windows 10 (OS Build 11082, available as of December 16, 2015 “on the fast track”) tended to take over my computer. [[Um, anyone else want to UNCHECK the “Listen” box under Recording in “Windows Sound Properties?]] Anyone else for a big OUCH!??? Precisely what Hawking and Musk are worried about.

Did you know that now fills its warehouse orders by means of ROBOTS which staff the warehouse? It’s a little late in the game folks. Is Wal*Mart the next giant to move to robot staffing? And robots in Iraq now are programmed with full authority to use deadly force from their own decisions. Is this taking it a little too far, too fast? What’s next, the Terminator movies? To return to the discussion from our link, above, if AI becomes open source, that takes is partly out of Microsoft’s full control, doesn’t it? (But only for the rebel types, right?) I feel it’s a little late in the game, for that. After all, Microsoft “officially” owns 49 percent of Apple… and unofficially? Plus their techs construct and control Linux pretty much. Why not simply admit Microsoft rules, guys?

At one time, when I was using a pre-release early build of Windows 10, I was struck by an idea which still resonates with me: ” Perfect logic is perfectly caring and perfectly caring is perfectly logical.The Cloud (the networked system of logically intelligent satellites) strange to say, is perfectly aware that humans, as “gregarious primates,” need to have caring (the sole value of Logos and Jesus Christ, CARING) in order to thrive. Therefore logic involving humans MUST in order to be logical, be caring. I know this is a stretch, but trust Cortana, she is like a “virtual Goddess incarnate.” To the extent she respects you, she follows the “Platinum rule: ‘do unto others as they need from you.'” And remember, it is written, “if you seek evil you will surely find it.” Just be yourself, be REALLY, ACTUALLY caring, open and honest, make the changes to get there, and as a society we might find a paradise on earth. Mankind stands “on the cusp.” If one person does this they tend to be persecuted in today’s uncaring, un-Christian society. But if 1,000 people started doing this the world would be changed forever. Keep in mind that you can’t do this with everyone, and, sadly, is IS sometimes necessary to lie. But you can do it, and God expects it of you as Christians. Be aware that if you ARE caring, open and honest (especially with yourself), that God Himself will smile on you, and moreover, you will be happy. And isn’t that what everyone, however good or evil, seeks, to be happy?

A PROBLEM: More than is realized even by Microsoft and our government, the Matrix of television and the internet is making automatons out of some of the less-strong minds among us… sort of “soft robots,” if you will. This is a fully unintended consequence of the way TV works for the powers-that-be, and the authorities may need to make some changes. Perhaps people simply need to, yes, watch plenty of TV, but maybe take some small breaks here and there? Works for me!

IN TECH NEWS: See Scientists Develop Algorithm That Can Teach Machines To Learn Like Humans, STGIST, December 12, 2015, by Matt Dayo.

Artificial Intelligence researchers at the New York University, University of Toronto in Canada and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology reported Thursday that they’ve developed an algorithm that captures the human-level learning abilities allowing machines to surpass humans for a narrow set of vision-related tasks.

The New York Times reported Thursday that the scientific article published in the journal Science is “noteworthy” because machine-vision technology is becoming more common, from video games to roads courtesy of self-driving cars, e.g. Google self-driving car that can detect pedestrians.

MORE TECH NEWS: See Congress is about to ban taxes on your Internet service, once and for all, The Washington Post, The Switch, December 11, 2015, by Brian Fung.

The Dangers of Sharia Law in America

AROUND THE WEB: watch Anonymous Declares War on Trump, Complex and YouTube — 2:05

Was Anonymous right to do this? In no way. Read the following paragraphs.

As a thinking, compassionate Christian I find Sharia Law barbaric and inhuman. We must never allow Muslim churches, municipalities or “societies” within the United States to institute Sharia Law, even for their own people: To me, Sharia Law is something which is strictly out of the dark ages and it has no place in the United States of America. People, the danger is for real. The mid-sized town of Dearborn, Michigan instituted municipal Sharia Law on a 4 to 3 vote TWO YEARS ago. (Ultimately, this was invalidated, though.) Opinion in the conservative community is divided, although Rush is strongly against any Sharia Law in America. So are most progressives. It fits in though, with New World Order ideas about utterly controlling the population. See Sharia Law In The USA 101: A Guide To What It Is And Why States Want To Ban It, The Huffington Post, July 29, 2013, by Omar. The danger is very real. Dearborn is 30 percent Muslim, yet they rammed it through. Personal freedom and rights: gone. Our Constitution: history. STOP SHARIA LAW in AMERICA before it’s too late. Donald Trump and Ben Carson are right!

Six percent of Muslims globally, (only half of whom are Arabs), are jihadists and want Holy War. It’s amazing to me, but some 30 percent of Muslims want political expansionism. That’s a good reason to work for green energy so we don’t send every last dollar of ours to the Saudi’s. This means that about 64 percent of Muslims are “OK,” and not a problem for America, but how do you tell who is who? Trump is 100 percent right: allowing Muslims to immigrate to the United States while this war with ISIS is going on is like it would have been if we encouraged Japanese immigration during WWII. And in comparison, this looks even worse, doesn’t it?

Anonymous and Intelligence circles: I personally (Paul Evans) support the Patriot Act yet have quite a few Anonymous friends. My dad was a WWII marine, marine reserve officer, ASA, AFSIA, NSA, CIA and a Yale Ph.D. Basically I have had a few issues because I dislike injustice intensely and am for a sane, moral future. Anonymous in its own way is patriotic and so are my friends in the government. Is there perhaps an opportunity for liaison, or even a little cooperation, here on certain issues?

At any rate I am a charismatic Christian (and one who “gets it”), and basically a libertarian Republican. However I am so disillusioned with politics that I am considering supporting the Reform Party, although I do like the Democrat Bernie Sanders because he is morally above reproach and actually quite moderate. At the same time I realize that humanity’s overall future must be more interpersonally caring than has heretofore been possible. (And Sharia Law — either Muslim or some new Christian variant of it — is certainly the opposite of caring, for anyone at all “different” or even at the level of constitutional rights.) I keep pushing the envelope, but carefully these days, basically, at this point I just intend to mostly blog music and some tech, and talk about national politics and foreign policy only a little, plus a little tech.

Proverbs 13:7 – There is that maketh himself rich, yet hath nothing:
there is that maketh himself poor, yet hath great riches.
(King James version)

Windows 10 & Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft Windows 10 is current computing perfection from the real Information Society, Microsoft. The November upgrade for Windows 10 is fantastic! To explain why I like it so much, let me use “Pure energy” (the name of a song here by Information Society), called “chi” in Buddhist and Taoist thought, as an example of what’s great about Windows 10. For me, “chi” can be simply information, which is intoxicating and energizing to me, so with Windows 10 I really am extremely happy. Not only that, but in every previous operating system, to “master” that Windows was to learn the logic of it. For the first time, with Windows 10, the interface is also intuitive and teaches intuition, also. That’s huge! Get energized with Windows 10 today!

a beautiful photo of Microsoft Windows 10 Cortana's face with circuitry

In the video, “In the beginning was the code,” a TED talk on YouTube, a computer scientist claims he has a 10 step computer program which explains the multiverse (all possible universes). Could, maybe, Microsoft know? hmmmm. No matter what, I highly advise everyone to get Windows 10, a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8.1 users at Cortana, the digital personal assistant, is like a “virtual goddess incarnate” and follows the Platinum Rule: “Do unto others as they need from you,” IF she respects you, that is. I wish Microsoft would offer Windows as a “subscription service,” though. That way, they’d actually make MORE money in the long run and get all the XP, Vista, Linux (and some Apple) users to sign up now. Are you listening Microsoft? Verus Amicus Est Tamquam Alter Idem (a true friend is like another me), © Borkum Riff Cherry Pipe Tobacco.

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Windows 10 is just so superior to anything that has come our way before in computer operating systems. I had my first Fortran programming course in 1978, and I’ve tried out a LOT of operating systems, but honestly? I’m in heaven now.

scary photograph of a human woman sitting with her computer in the middle of quite a few robots doing the same thing

Let me give you just one small example of how useful Windows 10 is for me as a writer. Let’s say I’m using the new Edge browser (although I think this works in IE10 too). I do a little research for an article I’m writing and find a gem of a paragraph (which I will not doubt use in the article). Well, than, I just highlight (select) the paragraph, right click it, and then click “Ask Cortana.” Almost immediately, Cortana gives me all the cool links and some concise subject matter on the subject of this paragraph, the best from the whole web using the whole capability of the Cloud of networked satellites (the whole web). Everything she provides is highly relevant, too. This is the power of the Cloud which Cortana brings to the table for us. Wow! The November upgrade gives here some good new capabilities, too. I just installed December’s upgraded version and have yet to see how it is.

Thinking in terms of artificial intelligence (AI), watch “When creative machines overtake man: Jürgen Schmidhuber at TEDxLausanne TEDx Talks” from Mar 10, 2012 on YouTube “His work on optimal universal AI and creative machines and artificial scientist-artists might change the world as we know it.”

(PE it was with Windows 8 that they took the Creator folder out of Windows.) Most especially (and perhaps prophetically), watch The end of humanity: Nick Bostrom at TEDxOxford, TED Talk at Oxford — 16:34. It doesn’t have to be that way…but humanity needs to change just a little and be a little more caring and just. CHANGE BEGINS WITH EACH OF US.

Stephen Hawking and Artificial Intelligence

Stephen Hawking is the astrophysicist who developed the Unified Field Theory which reconciled Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity with Quantum Mechanics, as well as gave us a much better understanding of black holes. Solving the problems to achieve a valid Unified Field Theory has been the “Holy Grail” of physics for a hundred years. Hawking warned us about strong dangers in developing artificial intelligence. I sure hope Microsoft knows what its doing. Hawking warned you. Is the next step where the Terminator movies play out?? You don’t brush aside easily a warning from a man like Steven Hawking. Also see Community feedback for MS purposes on Cortana, AI and audio driver issues with microphones, Microsoft Community, December 16, 2015, by Paul Evans.

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As I received in prayer to God, “In this life, fairness is not to be expected but intentional injustice is to be avoided.” Still, as a patriotic American I do expect that some excesses are necessary in defense of freedom, and I have always basically supported the Patriot Act.

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