Illuminati Greed is About to Cause a Really Bad Depression (Updated)

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This is an updated edition with new content,
ignore this at your own risk.
There are $552 Billion
in mostly worthless derivatives floating around….
the bond market is in a super bubble, and
the dollar has been outflanked by Shanghai cooperative
of 40 nations and the yuan. By not
“sucking it up” and suffering the pain of a fairly
bad recession now, the ruling elite are just going
to make the ensuing full collapse worse,
you NEED a large interest rate hike by the Fed.
David Stockman says a 40 percent market
correction will happen “this year,” Ron Paul says
up to 50 percent, while some are saying a more
catastrophic 80 percent drop is even probable.
Wall Street is living in a fantasy world.
The situation is far worse than in 2007-2008.
And calling the facts about this to your
attention IS a very patriotic duty.

December 24, 2017
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Illuminati Greed is About
to Cause a Really Terrible
Market Crash & Depression (Updated)

David Stockman, Soros, Paul, Others:
At Least a 40-50 Percent Market
Correction/Crash is Inevitable
(and it could be up to 80 percent)

The Daily Walk with Love, updated December 24, 2017, with new and updated content, by Paul Evans, taken from Stockman, Soros, Paul, Others: At Least a 40-50 Percent Market Crash is Inevitable, The Daily Walk with Love, November 30, 2017, by Paul Evans, with additions, which is in large part an update of Economic Collapse Coming Soon, The Daily Walk with Miracles, which itself was updated October 10, 2016, by Paul Evans: this has been coming for some time. If you’re concerned enough to look at this article, if you have the feeling that “something big isn’t right,” you absolutely owe it to yourselves and your family to read this article. As you get into it, in depth, you may somewhat recoil with horror. It’s much worse than it was in 2007-2008 and we are in for a really bad time of it. Featured photograph is courtesy of Lombardi Letter.

WELCOME TO YOUR MONEY NEWS, STOCK MARKET COLLAPSE EDITION: This is not an attempt to induce panic but simply to help ordinary Americans prepare, because the rich and the billionaires already have known this was coming, many of them, and are prepared accordingly. (Here I will just note that in 1932, FDR confiscated privately held gold for pennies on the dollar.) This article itself should be thought of as a blog in format with the newest material at the top.

MUST READ — Inequality and The American Dream (Updated), The Daily Walk with Love, November 17, 2017, by Paul Evans.

See Why Big Deficits, Inequality, “Trickle Down,” Greed & Hypercapitalism are Leading Us Into Economic Collapse, The Daily Walk with Love, October 29, 2017, by Paul Evans.

SUMMARY by Paul Evans — WELCOME TO YOUR STOCK MARKET COLLAPSE MONEY NEWS: There are at least $552 Billion in mostly worthless derivatives floating around…these are backed by very little equity. Since the removal of the restraint of Glass-Steagall by Larry Summers and Bill Clinton during his Presidency, things have advanced to the point to where there is now only one-quarter to one-half of a cent in savings backing every dollar in circulation. Keeping savings banking and investment banking separate is vital to the health of the system, and we grossly violated that. The bond market is in a super bubble, too. The petrodollar is on borrowed time (solar will eventually eclipse it). And our dollar is perhaps 50 percent overvalued and will not survive in its current form. Global forces are ending the United States’ ability to continue to borrow, and there cannot really be the stimulus Wall Street is counting on. Have you heard of an organization with the acronym SCO? You will. The Shanghai Cooperative Organization of some 40 nations, led by Russia, China and Iran, is set to sink the dollar.

Follow Zero Hedge’s page titled Market Crash, which continuously adds new and authoritative content you can’t afford to miss.

NEW: Don’t believe me? Not a word of it? What about Warren Buffet, do you believe him?? He’s only the second-wealthiest person in the world, worth over $74.0 billion. See Warren Buffett Indicator Predicts Stock Market Crash in 2017, Lombardi Letters, August 1, 2017, by John Whitefoot.

Watch Dent Researches SAFE ASSET SLAUGHTER from a man who has predicted every major boom and bust over the last 50 years. Dent claims that in five months gold will collapse down to $700 an ounce.

See JIM ROGERS: The worst crash in our lifetime is coming, Business Insider, June 9, 2017, by Jacqui Frank and Kara Chin — Rogers: “It’s going to be the worst in your lifetime.”

See A Stock Market Crash In 2018, Investing Haven, “2 Months Ago,” by Taki Tsaklanos.

The rich ones are living in a fools paradise. See Dow opens at new record high, after Senate green-lights tax bill, Fox Business News, December 4, 2017, by Leia Klingel: Trump’s tax bill just puts us this much farther in debt, which is insupportable in terms of what is happening with the Shanghai Cooperative Organisation, America’s current debt, and the debt exposure of our financial institutions. America is in a house of cards, economically, and the tax bill also further reduces poor people’s ability to be effective consumers. Overall, Wall Street is living in a fool’s paradise which one bad session could cause to collapse into a shambles.

On the one hand we have the very recent Dow soars past 24,000 for first time, Fox Business, November 30, 2017, by Leia Klingel. On the other we have the rare, almost hidden articles pointing at a grave danger like Five Charts That Show We Are on the Brink of an Unthinkable Financial Crisis, Market Oracle, November 30, 2017, by John Mauldin. I think Mauldin’s got the truth and Wall Street is living in a fantasy world. And the truth is going to hit home sooner — probably before the end of the year — rather than later, in a global depression which will probably be worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s.

NEW: The video immediately to the right and below is History shows the stock markets may be on track to crash soon, Fox Business on YouTube, November 10, 2017 — 9:07, and read the Fox Business article on this here.

NEW: See This Is What A Pre-Crash Market Looks Like, Zero Hedge, November 13, 2017, by Tyler Durden.

NEW: See This $29 Billion Market Is on the Verge of Exploding to $7.2 Trillion, Money Morning, November 1, 2017, by Money Morning News Team:

One of the best measures of stock market valuations is the Shiller P/E ratio, or CAPE ratio. Right now, it’s at 31.8, 89.3% higher than its historical average.

The only other times the Shiller P/E ratio has risen higher than it is today came in 1929 and 1999. The stock market crashed both times.

Also watch 2018 U S Economic Collapse will be Massive: Berwick, Cambridge House on YouTube, October 20, 2018 — 10:05.

See The stock market is 70% overvalued … crash now inevitable, David, September 28, 2017, by David:

By not facing up to the crying need for a market correction and a milder recession, the elite are just going to make the ensuing collapse worse. Donald Trump should have faced up to this early in his term, when the economic blame could have been more readily directed at Clinton, Bush and Obama (where it mostly belongs). From every patriotic consideration, you NEED an interest rate (discount rate) hike by the Fed and a 30 percent market correction, though likely it will be at least 40 percent. If there is no market correction there may be a sudden and (mostly) unexpected collapse. And they will blame this on Donald Trump when it is not at ALL his fault. The situation is far worse than in 2007-2008. The markets and the dollar are very overvalued, some are saying over 50% overvalued some up to 80 percent overvalued, or worse. I am saying as a patriot that we NEED a recession ASAP or else the world might face economic collapse. As Deutsche Bank and perhaps CITI Bank or others approach catastrophic collapse, $trillions in debt exposure would burn through European banks like a raging firestorm and economic collapse will spread around the world. It could be CITI bank here just as well as Deutsche Bank or any of a few others. The point is half a $trillion or at least half a $trillion in bogus derivatives debt, and a “super-bubble” in the bonds markets, as well as global economic forces in league against the dollar. I would just echo Joel Osteen at the point and say, “what God has promised He will bring to pass.” Do you remember in the Old Testament where it says, “Oh thou that dwell on many waters, rich in treasure, wide in fame, bow unto a god of gold, thy pride of might shall be thy shame.” This pretty obviously refers to the U.S. today, and Ron Paul and others have been warning us for years.

NEW: See Crash fears escalate as markets hit highs not seen since Black Tuesday and dotcom disaster, The Telegraph, Business, November 6, 2017, by Tim Wallace.

NEW: See Will There Be a Stock Market Crash in November 2017?, Money Morning, November 1, 2017, by MoneyMorning Team.

The video immediately below is Ron Paul Doubles Down on Bearish Stock Market Call, YouTube, October 27, 2017 — 7:21.

Paul Evans: One way to measure the current danger is to look at the risk involved in investing today. The only other two times in history that stocks were as risky as investments as they are today were in 1929 and 1999. In those cases the market fell by 88 percent and 50 percent, respectively. You really have to expect something quite similar, quite soon. The real problem, unspoken and unaddressed by either George W. Bush or Barack Obama, is that it is not even the unconstitutional Fed which runs this economy, but Goldman Sachs and the investment banks. And we’ve been heading into this death spiral from the minute Larry Summers and Bill Clinton removed Glass-Steagall, which had separated savings banks from investment banks. Now they’ve raided all of our savings accounts and there’s precious little left. Supposedly now there is only one-quarter to half a cent left in savings accounts backing each dollar in circulation. The real problem is the overweening greed of the investment banks and how they’ve essentially ruined the free world’s economy with their program trading, derivatives and hedge funds, ALL OF WHICH SHOULD BE ILLEGAL. But never mind that, read below and then protect yourself as you are able.

NEW: See Ron Paul Doubles Down on Bearish Stock Market Call, IWB, October 27, 2017, by IWB:

Ron Paul sees a lot of pain in store for Wall Street. The former congressman and now a chief ambassador to Goldco sees as much as a 50 percent correction in store for equities. “A 50 percent pullback is possible,” Paul said, doubling down on his original June forecast of a 25% correction. If correct, his forecast would cut the S&P 500 Index in half to around 1280, or the Dow Jones Industrial Average to about 11,700.

NEW: See A Storm That May Cause the Next Stock Market Crash Is Brewing — Even at Dow 23K, The Street, October 23, 2017, by Kinsey Grant.

NEW: See Why The Next Stock Market Crash Will Be Faster And Bigger Than Ever Before, Zero Hedge, October 23, 2017, by Tyler Durden:

According to Yale economist Robert Shiller’s Cyclically Adjusted Price to Earnings (CAPE) ratio – which is the market price divided by ten years’ average earnings – the S&P 500 is above 31. The last two times the market reached such a high valuation were just before the Great Depression in 1929 and the tech bubble in 1999-2000.

NEW: See As Black Monday Turns 30, Is an Even Worse Stock Market Crash on Its Way?, NBC News Business, October 19, 2017, by Martha C. White:

NEW: See 30 years after Black Monday, could stock market crash again?, Market Watch (Extra), October 19, 2017, by William Watts: “On Oct. 19, 1987, the Dow Jones Industrial Average tanked 23% or 5,200 points in today’s terms.”

NEW: See Meet the bears predicting stock market doom, CNN Money, October 19, 2017, by Matt Egan.

NEW: See 4 Reasons We Could Have Another October Stock Market Crash, The Street, October 6, 2017, by David Joe Williams:

Oct. 19 will mark the 30th anniversary of Wall Street’s Crash of 1987, where the Dow industrials fell some 22% in a single day — which would be a 4,900-point drop if it happened today. In fact, stocks crashed in October 1907, 1929 and 2008 as well. Will this October be another one for the record books?

NEW: See Black Monday: Is another stock market crash likely, 30 years later?, October 8, 2017, by Harvey Jones:

BLACK MONDAY, the largest ever one day crash in the history of the stock market, shook the world exactly 30 years ago this month. On October 19, 1987, the US Dow Jones index lost 22.6 per cent of its value with $500 billion (£296.9 billion at the time) wiped off share values. …Worryingly, a growing number of analysts are warning the autumn of 2017 could deliver a repeat performance.

NEW: See A Stock Market Crash Can Happen in a Few Seconds. Are We Prepared?, Fortune, September 27, 2017, by Scott Nations.

See David Stockman: Financial Collapse ‘Between August And November’, EconMatters, August 17, 2017, by Michael Snyder:

“Like other analysts, Stockman believes that the U.S. economy is in dire shape, and he told Greg Hunter during a recent interview that he is convinced that the S&P 500 could soon crash “by 40% or even more”…

The market is pricing itself for perfection for all of eternity. This is crazy. . . . I think the market could easily drop to 1,600 or 1,300. It could drop by 40% or even more once the fantasy ends. When the government shows its true colors, that it’s headed for a fiscal blood bath when this crazy notion that there is going to be some Trump fiscal stimulus is put to rest once and for all. I mean it’s not going to happen. They can’t pass a tax cut that big without a budget resolution that incorporated $10 trillion or $15 trillion in debt over the next decade. It’s just not going to pass Congress. . . . I think this is the greatest sucker’s rally we have ever seen.

“But even more alarming is what Stockman had to say about the potential timing of such a financial crash. According to Stockman, if he were to pick a time for the next major stock market plunge he would ‘target sometime between August and November.’…”

Just look at Tesla. This is a company that somehow managed to lose 620 million dollars during the first quarter of 2017, and it has been consistently losing hundreds of millions of dollars quarter after quarter.

And yet somehow the market values Tesla at a staggering 48 billion dollars.

It is almost as if we are living in an “opposite world” where the more money you lose the more valuable investors think that you are. Companies like Tesla, Netflix and Twitter are burning through gigantic mountains of investor cash without ever making a profit, and nobody seems to care.

Wall Street is living in a fantasy world. We see that Donald Trump has avoided the apocalypse for now by complying with Democrats’ demands on the debt ceiling, but that a huge crisis looms for a December showdown. The point is that we CANNOT continue to borrow and print money, and that as we do, the foundations of our economy are rooted less and less firmly. With the Shanghai cooperative of some 40 nations planning to go off the dollar as reserve currency and China’s yuan readily available as a substitute, the day of reckoning is swiftly approaching (a really terrible, global depression).

See 80% Stock Market Crash To Strike in 2017, Economist Warns, Banyan Hill, September 14, 2017, by Jeff L. Yastine:

Jim Rogers, who founded the Quantum Fund with George Soros, went apocalyptic when he said, “A $68 trillion ‘Biblical’ collapse is poised to wipe out millions of Americans.”

Mark Faber, Dr. Doom himself, recently told CNBC that “investors are on the Titanic” and stocks are about to “endure a gut-wrenching drop that would rival the greatest crashes in stock market history.”

And the prophetic economist Andrew Smithers warns, “U.S. stocks are now about 80% overvalued.”

So you can see that not one, but several “major” market players are calling either for a really big correction or a huge crash. See Buffett’s $55 Billion Gamble is a Bet on U.S. Collapse, Warns CIA Economist, Keith Fitz-Gerald’s Total Wealth, no date or author:

According to a new SEC filing, Buffett is sitting on $55 billion in cash through his company Berkshire Hathaway. This is highly unusual behavior from a man often called “the world’s greatest investor.”…

…Previously, Soros allocated 3% of his portfolio to shorting the S&P. It’s a common practice major investors use to insure their positions against unforeseen pullbacks.

But he just increased his short position on the S&P 500 over 5X fold, taking it to 16% of his entire portfolio.

That is an alarming sign that Soros is betting on a market collapse.

See Central banks raise alarm over new crash after steep rise in lending, The Guardian, June 25, 2017, by Phillip Inman: “Bankers warn that high-risk borrowers pose danger to stability of global financial markets.” Moreover Donald Trump is NOT instituting austerity. Obama’s last budget had a deficit of $585 billion while Trump’s proposed budget would drive us $715 billion further negative. Our ability to borrow IS somewhat tied to the use of the dollar as the global reserve currency, the currency for trade. But with this “Shanghai cooperative” of 40 nations, some large and powerful, going over to the yuan, America’s days of endless and depthless borrowing, one way or another, are coming to an end. See The Stock Market Is Overvalued Based On This, Seeking Alpha, October 2, 2017, no author.

If we compare the Dow Jones Index to the price of oil, we can see how much the market has to fall to get back to a more realistic valuation. For example, if the Dow Jones Index were to decline to the same ratio to oil back to its low in early 2009, it would need to lose 14,500 points or 65% of its value.

See 5 Signs of a U.S. Economic Collapse in 2017, Lombardi Letter, August 1, 2017, by John Whitefoot. We keep publishing these articles as a warning and hopefully Americans will take steps to protect themselves. What is coming could be very bad, even hard to survive in any sort of economically survivable way.

NEW: Some very serious people are speaking in even more dire terms. See JIM ROGERS: The worst crash in our lifetime is coming, Business Insider, June 9, 2017, by Jacqui Frank and Kara Chin: “Legendary investor Jim Rogers sat down with Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget on this week’s episode of ‘The Bottom Line.’ Rogers predicts a market crash in the next few years, one that he says will rival anything he has seen in his lifetime.”

See “Jim Rickard’s Strategic Intelligence: Ex-CIA Insider Report, Pro.Finance Today, no date, by Jim Rickards: Watch the video, use the menu and read the warnings Jim has for us here. Rickards claims there will be a 4,000 point plunge on Wall Street, and a U.S. dollar replacement currency, and he should know if you look at his background. Rickards claims that one big trigger even looms on October 15. Also see Rickard’s Dollar reboot planned by Trump based on gold at $10,000 an ounce, which is very compelling and may offer the only hope for America to keep it’s current status as the or even “a” primary global reserve currency. If I read only two articles on this page I’d read these two by Rickards, who really knows his stuff.

Some videos here are videos such BANK RUN BEGINS: DEUTSCHE BANK HEDGE FUND CLIENTS WITHDRAW EXCESS CASH, The Next News Network on YouTube, October 1, 2016 — 3:53; Deutsche Bank Warns Of Economic Collapse: Solution Cashless Society, on YouTube, April 30, 2017, last published February 9, 2016 — 13:28; and especially JIM ROGERS says Get Prepared, Imminent Collapse Going To Be Worse Than 2008, YouTube — 4:32. The top included video is Ron Paul: The Collapse Is Closer Than Ever, The Alex Jones Channel on YouTube, May 3, 2017 — 21:10. Another included video is Gold Cartel Freaking Out, Deutsche Bank Collapse Ahead Andy Hoffman, Ferre Report on YouTube, October 7, 2016 — 17:07. One could dismiss any one of the below articles/sources, but all of them? Some of these are undoubtedly Russian propoganda, but by no means all of them, and this warning is real. I truly feel some sort of economic disaster is looming and sooner rather than later.

NEW: See Wall Street smart money betting on market crash, Personal Liberty, August 25, 2017, by Sam Rolley. This is a highly informative article viewers are urged to read.

NEW: See Ron Paul: 50% stock market plunge ‘conceivable,’ but it’s not President Trump’s fault, CNBC, August 20, 2017, by Stephanie Landsman.

See Mike “Mish” Shedlock – The Everything Bubble – Lots of Triggers Could Tank Global Financial System, Investment Watch, August 9, 2017, by IWB.

Even MarketWatch is calling for a correction: See Opinion: A short-term correction looms in the U.S. stock market, Market Watch – Opinion, July 31, 2017, by Lawrence G. McMillan.

See New Global Currency Could CRUSH The Dollar for Good, U.S., no date or author: Your ENTIRE life savings could be worth nothing… Donald Trump says the dollar is “going down.”

See The Perfect Crash Indicator Is Flashing Red,, July 30, 2017, anonymous.

Also see Fed says unwind of its $4.5 trillion balance sheet will start ‘relatively soon’, Business Insider, July 26, 2017, by Akin Oyedele. So how will the markets react, and how will the dollar look in one weeks’s time. Apparently the Fed is moving to remove “recession era support systems,” come what may. Keeping the interest rate level only serves the market, it does not begin to fix the underlying problems. Which won’t go away without a market correction, such as might be fixed by a rate hike. This just looks like the Fed serving the Market.

See Market correction coming soon?, Fox Business News, March 8, 2017 – 2:30. One of my favorite business sites, Investment Watch Blog, today led with Stocks Grind Toward Peak, But Indications Are A Panic Is Due, from July 23, 2017, by IWB. Read on….

See The Stock Market Is Booming, But These Indicators Says It Is On The Verge Of A Major Correction, Investment Watch Blog, July 22, 2017, by IWB:

The growth rate in loans has fallen to a 74-month low, dropping to 1.9 percent. We find similar trends in real estate loans and in consumer loans, although not to the same extent.

See Investors clueless about impact of possible market correction, CNBC, May 27, 2017, by Leslie Kramer:

“If you look at the market historically, we have had, on average, a crash about every eight to 10 years, and essentially the average loss is about 42 percent,” said Kendrick Wakeman, CEO of financial technology and investment analytics firm FinMason.

It’s the real MISERY INDEX, not the fake one in the government statistics. This is the best known predictor of the economic future and its worse than in 1929. If you rich ones do not make the poor’s life easier in the United States, you are going to suffer a depression MUCH WORSE than the Great Depression. Count on it. GOD IS NOT MOCKED. God loves the poor and hates injustice. Is that not clear? It will be. I have been blogging updated versions of this same article for about a year now. You rich ones aren’t listening, and it may be too late for you to do anything anyway: but the real Misery Index is mathematically tied to our economic future and you folks STILL don’t get it, do you? The Misery Index (the honest one, NOT the government figures) points to an economic future worse than the Great Depression. The ONLY way to fix this is to lower the Misery Index.

You see, because of the “Shanghai cooperative” and 40 nations going off the dollar as the trade currency, we CANNOT borrow as we have been and a period of austerity is totally called for. But Donald Trump doesn’t want to take the blame for the recession that we HAVE TO have to ameliorate the overpriced stocks and dollar currency. Make no mistake, a recessing IS coming. We have to “come down to economic reality.” It CAN’T be global currency wars and full American exceptionalism. America First is the only chance America has. See Bill Gross Warns of Recession Risk if Highly Levered Economies Hike Rates, NewsMax, July 20, 2017. To keep the consumer-driven economy working at ALL, the FED MUST raise interest rates, and even the Royal Bank of Scotland website is calling for a 20-30 percent market correction. IF it’s managed well, it might stop there, if not….

NEW: See Bank Of England Warns “Bigger Systemic Risk” Now Than 2008, Investment Watch, July 17, 2017, by GoldCore.

See [WATCH] Illinois Economic Collapse Is Near, Two Other States Will Follow In It’s Footsteps – Prepare For The Imminent Economic Collapse, Investment Watch, July 4, 2017, by IWB and Amy S: “The mismanagement of Illinois by government bureaucrats and politicians have plunged the state into a dire economic abyss. But SGTReport is predicting that other states will fall just as quickly….

See Recession is Coming, Wealth Daily, July 3, 2017, by Briton Ryle.

See What in the World Is Causing the Retail Meltdown of 2017?,The Atlantic, April 10, 2017, by Derek Thompson.

See The Lord God YWH is angry at the Jewish Bankers, The Daily Walk with Miracles, July 2, 2017 by Paul Evans.

See U.S. Economy Collapse: What Will Happen, How to Prepare, The Balance, April 4, 2017, by Kimberly Amadeo: “Your Survival Guide to an Economic Collapse”

See What if China, Russia Succeed in Going off the Dollar? — Alasdair Macleod, Sprott, August 21, 2014, by Henry Bonner. Paul: currently there are said to be about 40 different nations about to go off the dollar as their main trade currency. You cannot have a currency war with 40 nations, some of whom are large and powerful. The best estimate has the U.S. dollar and stock market somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 to 80 percent over-valued. The whole purpose, in terms of globalists’ ambitions, of the global currency wars was to facilitate the New World Order. This has obviously failed and backfired:

There is a thing called the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, an agreement principally between China and Russia, whereby they tie up the whole of Asia as their backyard. Other members are the countries north (sic south and west) of Tibet, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and so on. In or soon after September, four new members will join – India, Pakistan, Iran, and Mongolia. That’s almost half the world’s population. The objective of the SCO is basically to settle international trades between these countries without using the dollar. I’m not saying they will necessarily achieve that, but that’s what they want to do. They don’t want to see trade settlements reflected in bank accounts in New York.

“It’s not just members of the SCO, either, that could eschew the dollar. The Middle East, for example, now principally sends exports to China and India, so there’s no pressing reason to use the dollar there.

NEW: See U.S. Economy Collapse: What Will Happen, How to Prepare, The Balance, April 4, 2017, by Kimberly Adadeo: “If a U.S. economic collapse occurs, it will happen quickly. No one will predict it. That’s because the signs of imminent collapse are difficult to see.”

For example, the U.S. economy almost collapsed on September 17, 2008. That’s the day panicked investors withdrew a record $140 billion from money market accounts, which is where businesses keep cash to fund day-to-day operations. If withdrawals had gone on for even a week, the entire economy would have halted.

Paul: I hope what emerges is a mixed economy like China’s … as Deng Xiao Peng (who overthrew the aged Mao and brought capitalism to modern China) said, I don’t care if a cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice. And China is growing at 7 percent a year, 8 percent in the tech sector.

See The Global Economic Collapse IS Coming – Marshall Swing, February 17, 2017, by The Doc.

See Getting Real on Economics, The Daily Walk with Miracles, April 3, 2017, by Paul Evans.

The “Hammer and Keyboard” image (a new sort of “logo” with us), is a token of the struggle Independent news companies like The Daily Walk with Miracles go through to bring you honest, truthful news coverage, so that America will always be free. We are in some financial need ourselves: see the call for donations at the bottom of this article. Email

NEW: See 80% Stock Market Crash To Strike in 2017, Economist Warns, The Sovereign Investor, January 30, 2017, by JL Yastine:

Jim Rogers, who founded the Quantum Fund with George Soros, went apocalyptic when he said, “A $68 trillion ‘Biblical’ collapse is poised to wipe out millions of Americans.”

Mark Faber, Dr. Doom himself, recently told CNBC that “investors are on the Titanic” and stocks are about to “endure a gut-wrenching drop that would rival the greatest crashes in stock market history.”

And the prophetic economist Andrew Smithers warns, “U.S. stocks are now about 80% overvalued.”

Smithers backs up his prediction using a ratio which proves that the only time in history stocks were this risky was 1929 and 1999. And we all know what happened next. Stocks fell by 89% and 50%, respectively.

NEW: See Global Economic Disaster, Dead Ahead!, The Daily Coin, May 6, 2016, by Andrew Hoffman:

The principal reason we hold gold and silver, is that no matter how much their paper derivatives are manipulated, the underlying physical market is governed by “Economic Mother Nature.” This is why the Cartel’s efforts to mask the reality that history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme is collapsing will spectacularly fail; as, per what the Miles Franklin Blog has discussed throughout this horrifying spectacle of deceit, global physical demand is surging, whilst supply is plunging.

NEW: See ALERT: China’s Government Is Now Worried About Global Economic Collapse, King World News, April 29, 2017, by Stephen Leeb: What the Chinese government said:

“Since China has entered the critical period of economic transformation, it is time to raise financial security and demonstrate a better understanding of the interplay between finance and the real economy. If the 1997 Asian financial crisis and the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis are anything to go by, then the next cataclysm will come as a result of inadequate risk prevention, swiftly followed by universal economic collapse and resultant woes.”

Paul: I think the point is that stocks (and the dollar) are consistently seen to be over-valued by some 50 to 80 percent, and that not one but MANY sources see a big crash in the immediate future. And with only one-quarter to one-half cent left in savings backing every dollar in circulation, I understand exactly what China means. Meanwhile the DOW keeps routinely and blithely setting new records, but don’t say you weren’t warned!


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Also see 20 Things You Will Need to Survive When the Economy Collapses and the Next Great Depression Begins,, no date or author given: “Today, millions of Americans say that they believe that the United States is on the verge of a major economic collapse and will soon be entering another Great Depression. But only a small percentage of those same people are prepared for that to happen.”

Everything apparently rests on consumer confidence. (Even) The Royal Bank of Scotland warns of a 20 to 30 percent market correction. Yes, but the situation is NOT normal. “They” want you to believe…. that this is the worst that will happen. This page spells out the facts, that the prophets of gloom and doom are not far off. Meanwhile the stock market climbs ever higher, headed for the cliff like lemmings. I can’t tell you how bad this really looks, as if perhaps it might spell the end of Western civilization as we know it…. Unless, someone who understands and has a chance to would actually seize power. Or if, as seems just as unlikely, Lord Rothschild and the investment bankers would “get a brain” and start the difficult process of leveraging our debt and paying it off. I pray for you, President Trump! Yet economically President Trump seems to be almost “just another billionaire,” and I am very disappointed with a lot of his moves. Maybe he has no choice given him by the 13 ruling families (read it and weep), and has a good heart, that is what I believe. At least I hope and pray so.

This article is somewhat out of date, but you’ll get the idea. I feel global economic collapse is almost inevitable. The Masons (Illuminati) are giving Donald Trump no chance to actually fix things and are doubling and tripling down on our debts. 2007-2010 was the beginning of “the beginning of the biggest economic collapse which will be worse than the great depression.” Casey Research, speaks of a “super-bubble” in the bonds market and the trillion dollar derivatives market. He feels that the entire monetary system is dangerously unstable and that most people are about to lose most of their savings. Casey Research says that the Fed already has a terribly “hard” resolution and remedy to the crisis. The era of the dollar as the world’s currency is ending. The whole economy rests on confidence in the dollar, but “the emperor has no clothes.” Simon and Schuster notes that “Doug Casey has never been wrong on one of his major predictions.” Casey says:

The U.S. dollar is in crisis. Trillions of currency units have been printed. Near-zero interest rates have done nothing to stimulate the economy. And now, up to 40 different countries are leaving the dollar. Federal Reserve members recently held a private meeting in Washington, D.C. to discuss a disruptive new “monetary technology” that—if implemented—could wipe out the savings of millions of Americans. In this interview, you’ll discover the frightening details of this new potential currency from NY Times #1 best-selling author and multi-millionaire currency expert Doug Casey. You’ll also discover the four steps Casey is personally taking today to protect his savings (and that you can follow, too).

NEW: See Collapse is Coming – It’s Time to Prepare, Spiritually, which promotes a book. A lot of knowledgeable people are saying things CANNOT go on much longer as they have been. About the only thing that could save us is if Donald Trump seized power. The big banks MUST be nationalized, as they are in many Western nations. Right now, because of the Masons and the big investment banks and their power over government, this cannot be. If Donald Trump were to conclude that, for the good of decency and the American people, he must seize power, I would support that and would ask all Americans to, also.

ALSO NEW: See The BBC Looks At “How Western Civilization Could Collapse”, End Times Prophecy, April 22, 2017, by David Montaigne.

Music for the Economic Collapse

The first embedded music video included is a playlist based on The Eagles’ Don Henley’s greatest hits One Eagles song about banned from YouTube is their “The Garden of Allah.” This whole song is a warning, which I believe is about California or perhaps the entire U.S., and its fate. I can see it happening almost at this time in America. Don Henley, former lead singer of the Eagles, is much misunderstood by people, he is a really good guy, and you can tell his heart is in the right place in this song because of subtle hints like talking about the United States in terms of “Gomorrah by the sea.” It’s Satan talking in much of the video but it’s a prophecy, a warning for the people, it’s trying to make a moral judgment and get people to change their ways. The second music sampler provided for you ladies’ listening pleasure while you see just how bad it’s going to get is a playlist based on Dwight Yoakem’s The Heart That You Own, and dedicated to the intelligence services of the United States of America.

Summing Up Evidence
for the Global Economic Collapse

There are strong signs, that United States’ currency and stock market are going to come crashing down sometime this year. Momentous changes all around the world, particularly the IMF designated “global reserve currency,” bank debts and obligations, their lack of leveraging equity, and the Fed’s interest rates, are about to bring us down. It can be shown that both our currency and the stock market are 50 to 80 percent over-valued, probably closer to the latter figure. It look like the collapse’s trigger might just be Deutsche Bank, which is the largest bank in Germany and which handles most big money in Europe. The derivatives portfolio of Deutsche bank is about $47 Trillion (WSJ), with a tremendous burden of debt. Moreover Natural News reports that “Deutsche Bank owns $25 trillion in OTC swaps with the Central banks and other major banks.” Deutsche Bank also owes the United States government $14 Billion from the last crisis, and the U.S. is now demanding payment. There were negotiations over this but these have at this point broken down, at least temporarily. The German government is refusing to bail them out, and they will likely get an offered limited, corporate bailout, but it will not be enough. The collapse of Deutsche Bank will collapse the European banking system, and ripple through the world’s economies like a house of cards collapsing. The Daily Walk with Miracles has all the details for you:

[(sotto voce): or ELSE, like most of these collapses, it’s a 20 to 30 percent market correction orchestrated by the super-rich, since they’ve already “sold high” and now after the correction will “buy low….” (Hint, hint.) How do you think they make money??? Or is it worse than that….(I think so.)]

The U.S. economy is in grave trouble even without the Deutsche Bank crisis. With China’s yuan named as a co-equal global reserve currency by the IMF, soon it will be impossible for the U.S. to continue to borrow (and go deeper in debt), because the global use of our currency served as the basis on which our national borrowing depended. Maybe it will hold out until the Fed meets December 15-16, when it is expected to and pretty much has to raise interest rates: market chaos will ensue. The government soon will not be able to meet its obligations as a result of all this, and may in fact bring about the end of the United States as we know it.

Global Economic Collapse in the News

NEW: See Jim Willie Says Deutsche Bank’s Upcoming Trillion Dollar Collapse Will Destroy Global Economy, End Times, September 30, 2016, by David Montaigne: “Jim discusses Deutsche Bank’s unbelievably risky portfolio, it’s exposure to the derivative markets, and what that means in to the rest of the world, not just Deutsche Bank account holders, and how a collapse of Deutsche Bank would undoubtedly cause exponentially more damage than the Lehman Brothers collapse did back in 2008.”

NEW: Also see UK business to warn May over ‘hard Brexit’ after pound plunges, Financial Times, October 7, 2016, by Sarah Gordon and Katie Martin in London, and Chris Giles in Washington: “Corporate leaders to flag up concern after sterling falls 6%.” Computer algorhythms were later blamed, but we are seeing this kind of market volatility all over the world. Market volativity was observed just before the financial crash of 2008 and is always a bad sign.

Want to really understand what’s really going on and be entertained at the same time? Rent (or buy) the dark and hilarious movie, The Big Short ($3.99 rental at and if you just want a taste, watch for free The Big Short: Watch 10 Dark and Hilarious Minutes From the Film, YouTube – 9:59.

I call on all Christians to support the President “in the breech.” In fact, the FEMA camps which the political right is so paranoid about, I believe in my heart are there not for any nefarious purpose, but because we have known this crisis was coming for at least two years. If it gets so bad that the United States government cannot meet it’s obligations, those FEMA camps are there to feed, clothe and house Americans as a last resort. I have full confidence that, however much I may disagree with some of his policies, President Trump is at heart a decent and a Christian man. Obama didn’t get us into this economic mess, that is mainly Bill Clinton’s and George W. Bush’s and also Obama’s fault (or, more directly, the fault of the 13 ruling families and their rapacious greed). As ye sow, so shall ye reap. There is no reason to disregard these facts, or to slide into some kind of ethnic or racial hatred. May God abundantly Bless the United States of America. Amen. ~ Paul

Deutsche Bank in the News

NEW: See Deutsche Bank’ Long Shaddow, U.S. News and World Report, October 5, 2016, by Desmond Lachman:

At the best of times, an effective deposit run on a country’s dominant bank would be politically damaging to the country’s political and economic leadership. However, these are hardly the best of times for [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel. Following her unpopular decision last year to open Germany’s doors to Syrian immigration, Merkel has seen her approval ratings steadily decline. She has also seen her ruling Christian Democratic Union handed a series of humiliating defeats in a number of recent state elections that has to raise questions about her ability to secure a fourth term in next September’s elections.

See Deutsche Bank Collapse Inevitable, Prepare For Economic Armageddon,, September 29, 2016, by Edmondo Burr:

The fancy financial instruments and derivatives that were used as collateral by banks that caused the crash of 2008 have all been scooped up, held and repackaged by the German bank.

The German government does not have the means to bail out their biggest bank even if they were willing to.

They have been snookered by the global banking elite, who have done nothing but prosper since 2008, crashing one bank after another while getting ridiculous amounts of bailout funds….

The greatest financial experiment in history is about to conclude as we enter its final phase.

All eyes are now on the global banking elite and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

At least she is not like one of her predecessors from a generation back. We all know what Hitler did when he found out the tricks that the bankers were using some 90 years ago. He started world war 2 and took out his anger on minorities. Today there are many Hitlers vying for power around the world.

One of the main reasons that Hitler managed to come to power and start the second world war was the collapse of the German banking sector and economy following the Great Depression of 1929 in the United States.

For inspiration, watch U2 — Silver and Gold, Rattle and Hum version on YouTube — 6:28.

See Jim Willie: If Deutsche Bank Goes Under It Will be Lehman TIMES FIVE!, SilverDoctors, October 3, 2016, by “The Doc.”

Natural News reports in Health Ranger issues international financial alert as Deutche Bank approaches catastrophic collapse… Trillions in debt exposure will burn through European banks like a raging firestorm, September 28, 2016, by Mike Adams:

…Deutche Bank has vastly expanded its leveraged debt to the point of fiscal lunacy. Now, as explains, the derivates debt exposure from Deutche Bank is greater than all the assets in the entire nation of Germany:

If you think Germany can bail out Deutsche Bank you’re delusional. Their total derivative exposure grossly exceeds the entire net value of everything in Germany! Not just the government’s resources, all private resources as well! In other words even if the government wanted to bail them out, even if they’d survive bailing them out politically they can’t, even if they attempted to confiscate everything of value within the nation.

Should Deutsche Bank collapse, the debt exposure from other banks that have purchased debt instruments from Deutsche will be catastrophic… and the collapse will ripple through the banking system like a raging firestorm burning through deadwood. Watch the amazing film “The Big Short” to get a TINY taste of what’s to come… (the derivatives debt collapse will absolutely dwarf the subprime mortgage collapse.)

…My best German source informs me that 3 major banks are in trouble, and these 3 banks are fighting every single night to fight off insolvency and failure. He says CitiGroup in New York, Barclays in London, and Deutsche Bank in Germany- every single night are in trouble… In conclusion, Deutsche Bank owns $25 trillion in OTC swaps with the Central banks and other major banks, so expect a daisy chain of derivative failures for the $1.6 quadrillion derivative market if it were to fail! Deutsche Bank cannot break down by itself. It would result in the complete breakdown of the European Monetary Union!”

…Once the next global debt collapse begins cascading throughout the international banking system, many private checking and savings accounts will be wiped out. [PE: this is now known as a “bail-in, as opposed to a government “bail out.”] Many investment accounts will be destroyed as banks go under and try to “bail in” by confiscating customer money on the way down.

NEW: See Understanding Deutsche Bank’s $47 Trillion Derivatives Book, The Wall Street Journal, October 5, 2016, by Mike Bird: you have to understand that The Wall Street Journal is the ultimate establishment business news source (so it would never take an alarmist view, officially). Even they note that the fact that many of Deutsche Bank’s so-called assets are “hard to value,” and that this is part of what is stoking investor concerns.

Natural News continues:

As I have repeatedly urged Natural News for the last eight years, you need to convert your fiat currency “money” into things of REAL value.

Physical gold and silver, farm land, EMP-proof tractors, firearms, ammunition, medical supplies, first aid kits, storable food supplies, quality hand tools, garden seeds, water filters, livestock (like backyard chickens), diesel fuel, etc. Download my complete list of suggested survival supplies with The Coming Collapse survival report.

If you’ve spent your money on all that useless crap, you’re going to be in a world of hurt when it all hits the fan… a phenomenon that is mathematically inevitable.

The day is going to come very, very soon when all the people who laughed this off will be begging for food and living in tent cities. Don’t be one of those people. If all your assets are currently denominated in fictional electronic bank records, you’re going to be financially obliterated in short order.

See Fresh fears hit Deutsche Bank share price, The Guardian, October 3, 2016, by Jill Treanor: “Shares slump [Monday] 3% on NYSE after renewed doubts over Germany’s biggest bank’s ability to pay US penalty.”

Also see Could Deutsche Bank Collapse?, The Atlantic, September 30, 2016, by J. Weston Phippen: “The German bank’s shares reached historic lows this week after a $14 billion settlement request by the U.S.”

The United States of America:
1776-2016, R.I.P.

Paul Evans: Greed has destroyed and now will “finish” our once glorious nation, as we knew it. You Masons and ruling elite had 250 years to develop some sort of “caring capitalism” for our people. You banksters and big money people chose greed and possessions, and didn’t really worship God or Jesus, you lived as though you worshiped money, or capitalism itself. God is not amused, as ye sew, so shall you reap, and “the chickens are coming home to roost.” I see no evidence that you will start behaving and living or changing anything important about the way you live, or the way you order the United States, economically, and it’s too late anyway. Karma is an inevitable law of the universe. You’re “about to get yours,” but it’s a damned shame that all of us, even those who live decently and “get it,” are going to suffer, too. The patience of God has it’s limits and you’ve surpassed that a long time ago, frankly.

It is vitally important as all this “goes down” that we all trust President Trump’s judgment. I am utterly convinced that in reality he is a decent, Christian man, (whatever sort of “double game” he has been forced to follow), and somehow he will see our nation through this, God help us all. Oh the far right and left and the liberal (really “neo-liberal” elite and the mainstreamn media under the control of the super-rich will smear him, no doubt. (ANYONE as President other than the corrupt Satanic witch Hillary Clinton, that was my thinking), but I KNOW in my heart that Donald Trump is going to see America through this. Ulimately, very likely, all debts public and private will simply be “forgiven,” and we will basically start over, but with a new, global currency. All of this is “going down” quite soon, I believe, so the next President will not take office before titanic and painful changes happen. Be advised that we may have to “reform” the entire nation into some kind of “new Republic,” with a new global economic system with a global currency, but despite all the propaganda you will hear against this, it will be OK, TRUST THE PRESIDENT!

See From The Federal Reserve To A New US Republic via a Global Currency Reset, The Daily Walk with Miracles, September 9, 2016, by Paul Evans. Here is one very interesting link in this article: Watch New World Currency Backed By Gold Revealed, The Alex Jones Channel on YouTube — 18:05. Mr. Jones says we are in a perfect “hell-storm of debt.” Actually, many of the super-rich have known about this and have been accumulating gold for a few years, now. Watch The Secret Global Reset Agreement, Veterans Today, The Forbidden Truth on YouTube — 13:53. Private gold will likely be confiscated, anyway.

The economic collapse of the United States has actually been inevitable since 2008, and the investment banks and most of the big corporations since then have only made the prospects for our full economic collapse worse. Even the Royal Bank of Scotland, the economic gospel of conservative investors, has directed its patrons (as reported by The Sovereign Investor), to “Sell Everything” because “in a crowded hall, the exit doors are small,” with evidence that stocks are now 80 percent over-valued. See First Soros Now Jim Rogers Predicts Trillion Dollar ‘Biblical’ Crash, YouTube — 15:36. Also see Banking System Collapse – Global Financial Meltdown 2016-2017, X22 Finacial Report, YouTube, September 28, 2016 — 13:03, which mentions the United States gold imports from Switzerland are up 82 percent this year.

All the present trends and economic statistics indicate that an economic collapse of the entire U.S. economy is now inevitable. Very likely it will happen sometime this year. You super-rich jerks (most of the investment bankers and their super-rich clients, and some of the big CEO’s) are making the same stupid error. Actually there is considerable evidence that the “powers that be” want to do away with the common man altogether and support the economy with robots (who do as programmed and don’t ask questions). It’s the bankers seemingly congenital greed over mortgages and profits: You are about to trigger a really terrible depression. The situation at this time is far worse than in 2007-2008. The economy, as led by the investment banks and super-rich, have put America in a huge economic hole into which they are going to drag the whole nation. Even now, it’s really bad. 75 percent of Americans are now living paycheck to paycheck. In my own state of Ohio, one-quarter of our children are at risk of real hunger every month. The total value of basically unleveraged debt (mainly derivatives investments) held by the banks is some $552 Trillion. You KNOW this but you just cannot bring yourselves to contain your greed. Sadly, all of us are going to pay for that, and it’s so absurd in an existentialist sort of way, and so very sick, morally. Various economists and this website have shown you definitely that, for the rich themselves, self-interest now dictates that you really need to alleviate the suffering of the poor, as well as the bifurcation of the middle class. One would have thought that, between you, you had a brain.

Best of Vegas

I honestly would have thought you had more sense, that’s why I have continued “preaching” at you, essentially, for nine years. Look, you have managed to loot the savings accounts and put that money (OUR money) into your typically risky, failing investments to the point where there is, according to NewsMax partner MoneyNews, 1/4 to 1/2 cent now in the savings accounts left for every dollar in circulation. You think a $20 Trillion dollar national debt is bad? There is now, unbelievably, some $552 Trillion in (risky, ill-conceived, and essentially “un-leveraged”) derivative investments, CDL’s and what should be considered to be junk bonds, and that amounts to NINE TIMES the total value of ALL the goods and services produced by the entire world in a year. Then there’s housing, which now is basically too expensive for the average man to afford, and has been for some time. Because of your greed in your housing investments (just as in 2007), you are creating the financial atmosphere for a HECK of a lot of mortgage defaults. Also, with rising housing prices, fewer and fewer of us can afford to buy a new home, ever, and that hurts the economy

Maybe it is the housing bubble which will trigger financial disaster, perhaps it will be the removal of the U.S. dollar as sole reserve currency (by the IMF, today), or maybe it will happen in when the Fed is more or less forced to raise interest rates, or lose any credibility it has around the world. So far it’s greedy masters have not let the Fed do this. See Fed Leaves Rate Unchained: Signals December Hike, The Daily Walk with Miracles, September 22, 2016, by Paul Evans, where I have a very scary excerpt from The Sovereign Investor:

See Are Stocks 80% Overvalued? New Evidence Shocks Wall Street, The Sovereign Investor, September 15, 2016, by JL Yastine:

“U.S. stocks are now about 80% overvalued, says Andrew Smithers, the chairman of Smithers & Co. He backs up his prediction using a ratio which proves that the only time in history stocks were this risky was 1929 and 1999. And we all know what happened next. Stocks fell by 89% and 50%, respectively.

Even the Royal [Bank] of Scotland, [which you may take as conservative economic gospel], says the markets are flashing stress alerts akin to the 2008 crisis. They told their clients to “Sell Everything” because “in a crowded hall, the exit doors are small.”

When Should We Fear
This “Global Currency Reset”
and Dollar Collapse, and Is It for Real?

Paul Evans: This is very real, folks. There are a LOT of web sites, some of them bogus (be careful in loading these from searches), which say that the “end” for the U.S. dollar was going to be September 30th or in October (of 2016), and a month-old video from Ron Paul is calling for a dollar collapse on about December 31, 2016. NewsMax sent out a newsletter to me this morning (9-30), which warned, “On 9/30/16 The IMF will officially add the Chinese Yuan as global reserve currency. According to Reuters, this move paves the way for the IMF to place the Yuan on a par with the U.S. dollar.” So does our currency, as well as the stock market, utterly crash very, very soon? Maybe. However, basically (judging from the available articles on the net), this has been known as something that’s coming since 2013. The Fed is sometimes secretive, and sometimes misleading in its signals. But sometime this year there is definitely going to be a raise in interest rates, and yes, the stock markets might well collapse should the interest rates go up as much as 0.50 percent.

The DOW precipitously fell 400 points four days before the last Fed meeting just on Chairman Janet Yellen’s statement that an interest rate hike in September, (2016) “shouldn’t be discounted.” And the under-cutting of the petrodollar is well under way, with signs that oil may now plummet to a new low of $10 a barrel before long, partly do to the emergence of new solar technologies. Well we all know what happened at the September meeting of the Fed, they caved to investor pressure and left interest rates unchanged, but the Fed has signaled that almost without fail there WILL be an interest rate hike sometime this year. Expect chaos to ensue. Well we all know that this, with an attendant market correction, would have been about the only thing which could have saved us.

Watch ALERT, ALERT, WATCH Deutsche Bank Hangs By A Thread On Eve Of Jubilee, News Channel 428 and the very Christian Dollar Vigilante, YouTube, September 30, 2016 — 4:17, which is shown here. Much of Europe’s big money cycles through Deutsche Bank. This cycle’s Lehman Brothers looks like it’s going down really, really soon and taking Europe and the rest of the world with it. For more perspective from the mainstream media, not as precise and documented, see Deutsche Bank: How stable is Germany’s biggest bank?,, September 30, 2016, by Peter Ryan, who says (without documentation or figures):

Investors are starting to flee Germany’s biggest bank amid growing speculation that it might need assistance from the German Government.

“Deutsche Bank is clearly a canary in a coal mine,” said Dr Cary Leahey of Decision Economics.

Dr Leahey did not see Deutsche as another Lehman Brothers — but said Deutsche had massive potential liabilities including a $US 14 billion penalty from the US Justice department stemming back to the subprime mortgage crisis.

If an interest rate hike doesn’t cause total economic collapse, (OR the lack of one), and if the housing bubble doesn’t trigger it, then the precipitous drop in oil prices and profits will also be a factor in destabilizing the market and perhaps collapsing it. Then too, the growth and flourishing of other national economic powers, and the establishment of the yuan as a competing “reserve currency” are factors. But it’s coming, and we know this, the only question is when, and very likely when this year.

The Currency Wars,
The Collapse of the Dollar
and the Loss of American Power

See Steps to The Global Economic Reset & U.S. Dollar Collapse, Global Currency Reset, March 15, 2014, which is a YouTube video. Ron Paul claims that no major economic power suvived for a long time as such which did not base it’s currency on gold. It has been primarily corporate control over most of the economy which is the sole reason that the United States didn’t go over to a gold backed currency a hundred years ago, when for example William Jennings Bryan (1860-1925, Wikipedia link) was a nominee for President. (Bryan was a populist Democrat who ran for President three times and backed a silver-based currency as better for the common man). However, it is even claimed by conspiracy theorists that Lincoln’s assassintion was because he stood against corporate control of the U.S. It has been realized that eventually we should change over to a gold-or-silver backed currency, and also stand up for what’s right, not just what is profitable, for that long! Yet there was never much chance for it so long as the banks and big corporations were “calling the shots.” For more information read Wikipedia’s History of the United States dollar. And the main reason simply was that such a currency might interfere with big corporate control and profits.

All the global currency wars and the huge global push for world domination (the “New World Order” George H.W. Bush set in strong motion) and all those (basically bogus) derivative investments accomplished is to make the “end” for our status as the world’s main super-power and the consequences of the dollar collapse in the United States worse. It became just a postponement of the inevitable. Shamefully, the many of the very rich have known this for well over a year (almost two years now) and have been buying up private stocks of gold so that they will not suffer when the economy utterly collapses. I will just note that in 1932, private stocks of gold were actually confiscated by the government in return for a fraction of their worth. We may well need to resort to that, it might ease the sufferring of “ordinary” Americans (which is going to short-term be even worse), and it will be bad. Donald Trump very likely will not take office before all this “goes down.”

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Yes, on the one hand, the United States still accounts for some 22 percent of the world’s trade, but the Euro and Yuan (China) are muscling in, China’s GDP has actually surpassed ours, and we have already held our status as the global reserve currency for 94 years, which is historically about as long as any nation has. If nothing else, all over the world, nations have pulled out all the stops on producing oil and the devaluation of petroleum and oil stocks might pull the stock market down, by itself. Once the dollar loses status as the sole “global reserve currency,” perhaps starting today (with the co-equality now of the Yuan), the United States will be basically be unable to just print money or go deeper in debt, to prop up a basically unsound economy which is already so far in debt. Many off the U.S. “enemies” such as Bush’s “Axis of evil,” in fact, were nations which had just before stopped using the dollar as their national currency, in terms of overseas trade and national-level dealings. So we actually went to war with them over it, essentially. The use of the dollar as reserve currency around the world has formed the basis by which we borrowed so much money, of course basically just digging our own “grave” deeper. The dollar may well soon, very quickly, totally collapse, along with the stock market, and you will see economic and social chaos. Logically it is something that is pretty certain sometime this year. There is a new, global currency, already proposed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which is to be based mainly on gold, it is said. In other words, the biggest coalition of economic planners in the world is already quite certain this will happen to the United States. We tried to push the “New World Order” agenda all over the world, when we should have looked after our own and made our own nation strong again. This is essentially the position Donald Trump takes with his slogan, “America First.” However, I see economic collapse as probable before he leaves office. I just hope and pray then that he “does the right thing.”

The Undeniable Truth:
Our Economy is Badly Unsound
and Will Soon Collapse

All the economic planners in the United States seem to know how to do is print a whole lot more money, engage in our fanatical currency wars, go deepeer into debt and do the whole “bubble economy” routine. But this is a much worse situation than we’ve seen since 1929.

The evidence suggests stock markets are over-valued by 50 to 75, or perhaps even 80 percent, as is the U.S. currency. This is a LOT worse situation than a 20-30 percent “market correction,” as the Russia Today video, below, and multi-millionaire Jim Rogers, (who recently gave up on us and relocated his family to Singapore), relate. It will almost definitely be worse than in 2007-08. This is also much worse than a simple situation of “market psychology.” One way or another (housing bubble, the derivative/junk bond catastrophe, or oil devaluation, the growth of several national economies around the world, or all of these factors), we are ALL going to suffer big time because of you rich folks and your insatiable greed. Junk bonds, CDL’s and derivatives are NOT going to save the situation, and just printing more money and going still deeper in debt will not be possible. Sad but factually undeniable.

Watch [WARNING] RON PAUl : Economic Collapse & Financial Market Crash 2016 (JULY 2016 Pls Share), YouTube — 20:23. Ron Paul has always claimed that no major society or nation which did not base its currency on gold has ever prospered or even survived, long term.

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