David Crowder’s Illuminate & Christian Comparative Religion

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— REVISED AND UPDATED:The best theological
thought I understand of is explained here, with
a cool playlist from the Christian
contemporary artist David Crowder based on the song
‘Revolutionary’ from the album Illuminate, with
some ideas on Christian comparative theology (religion).
The basic idea is that the same reality of Light as
source of all and most Holy pervades most
religious thought. In that sense the Egyptian sun god Ra,
the Greco-Roman Apollo and the Judeo-Christian God YWH
represent the same reality, which is discussed below.

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revised January 9, 2020
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REVISED AND UPDATED:The best theological thought I understand
of is explained here, with a cool playlist from the Christian
contemporary artist David Crowder based on the song
‘Revolutionary’ from the album Illuminate, with some ideas on Christian
comparative theology (religion). The basic idea is that
the same reality of Light as source of all
and most Holy pervades most religious thought.

Illuminate is a great album from the Christian contemporary artist
David Crowder, with an important discussion by me,
(Paul) on Christian comparative theology.

The Daily Walk with Love
(Link to Home page and blog), republished January 9, 2020, by Paul Evans, video courtesy of Marmota Radio, David Crowder Band, and YouTube. The featured photograph is one rendering of the Greco-Roman God of the sun, Apollo, and is courtesy of ThingLink – Geekshizzle.

Let me say this again, because I think that the new website title and emphasis on the new age might confuse some of my readers. I am a spiritual and somewhat charismatic Christian, who has also studied comparative religion now for almost 40 years. A lot of what I do here at MIR: The Land, Mother Earth & Peace involves understanding other philosophical and religious ideas from a Christian point of view: This is what comparative religion does. If true knowledge and understanding are enhanced by reviewing significant truths from other religions, can our Christian faith be harmed? Won’t we only gain by exposure to other world religions and philosophical ideas from down through the ages? Some of this involves being exposed to philosophical and religious views which might increase our overall understanding, right? How could that be wrong if our Christian faith is strong?

SUMMARY: Here is Christian contemporary artist David Crowder with a playlist based on the song ‘Revolutionary’ from the album Illuminate, with some important ideas on Christian comparative religion. These ideas illustrate and cast light on the Greco-Roman and Egyptian origins of Christianity. Overall, this article falls under the category of Christian comparative religion. The accompanying David Crowder band album “Illuminate” was chosen because in the middle ages, an Illuminated manuscript or Bible was where a manuscript Bible, generally handwritten and with beautiful calligraphy, was often elaborately annotated, decorated and with marginal notes. These Bibles are considered quite precious today.

This is not meant to in any way negate anything in the Bible, the Holy Word of God (the Bible). But it is at least interesting to see about origins and explanations, isn’t it? I do know that Christ died for me and loves me very much. (That doesn’t excuse the near-rape of our land and the native people, does it. How do YOU want to be judged?? Please excuse the rather frequent republication of this article: the music is excellent and I feel the discussion makes important points which I have not seen discussed elsewhere on the internet. A photo of the Greco-Roman god Apollo or here) might also be of interest.

Please see Here are some Real Proofs that God is Real (and that He Loves you), The Daily Walk with Love, September 2, 2017, by Paul Evans: Here are philosophical and material proofs of God’s reality. May you find personal peace of mind: God can forgive anything, he wants to meet you halfway and He Loves You very much.

Please see Pope Francis on “the God of Mercy”, The Daily Walk with Love, January 31, 2019, Pope Francis on mercy and forgiveness – he “noted how God is waiting for us to open the doors of our hearts to him, and said that we must have the certainty that God waits for us as we are, not as we are told we ought to be.”

Please if interested see Internet Time and Earth Time: Is Time Ending?, The Daily Walk with Love, September 1, 2017, by Paul Evans: Is Time itself ending? This whole set of phenomena may have something to do with the internet connecting us in a simultaneous reality (when the synchronization errors are fixed), while time everywhere on earth is separated into 24 arbitrary and basically “not real” zones of time. Reality now increasingly exists at the same time everywhere in the world, basically because of the Internet. Also, as noted by technologists, this internet reality (virtual reality impacting “real” reality) here on earth is so strong an influence partly because the “line” between virtual reality and “actual” reality seems to be blurring. This is a new phenomenon here on earth. Many faithful Christians believe that, in a sense, “time” is basically the same sort of thing as Satan, and to me, spending most of my days online writing or talking with people, time has little meaning. The rock group Chicago expressed it well: “Does anyone really know what time it is? Does anybody care? If so, I can’t imagine why…” I believe that this phenomenon of one, connected and mindful, time-independent reality will be happening more and more all over the world.

See my recent article from this year, “The Internet and One World,” and watch Carlos Santana – Primavera: “es la Primavera, por los neuva era“, or “it is the dawn of the New Age,” in a different sort of translation.

David Crowder’s enduring rendition of faith, hope and Unity is well expressed by our Featured “Peace and Love” photograph.

Some Thoughts on Christian Comparative Religion

I see The Great God YWH as having three manifestations, “three personas in one God”: Light and Life and Love (the Holy Spirit), and that this is the Trinity, this is “what is Holy” in the living universe. Comparative religion and physics works too. In a sense, it’s ALL alive! Every particle and sub-particle in the universe is underlain by the God particle (except photons, which have no mass and are a kind of unworldly, Holy particle). And everything has mass, charge, motion and vibration in various frequencies. That is the biological definition of the Life. As the Bible says, ‘God is Life.'” Evil in a better understanding is not even “dark matter,” or the darkness (yin) but rather is seen as a flaw in the fabric of space-time, not the dark matter itself. That is why eastern understandings of yin and yang as complementary and not oppositional are basically correct. The darkness (dark matter, the night) is not itself evil, but this “wrong” space-time continuum intimately associated with it. Jesus uses the term “darkness” as a sort of metaphorical reference to everything that is wrong in the world, not the actual night; he often stayed up and prayed in that dark night, did he not? So Life is one of the three manifestations of God, One God in three personas. The local representative of that Light of the Universe who is God is our sun. The sun, says Edith Hamilton in her book on mythology, is basically (in terms of comparative religion) the same as the Greco-Roman (pagan) god Apollo. Equally, the phrases “son of man” and “sun of man” are used in the same sentence by Jesus in at least one of the Gospels. Truly, in one understanding of God, He is Light, all the Light of the Universe. In that understanding, God, or at least what is Holy in the universe, is Light and Life and Love (the Holy Spirit, though of course water is very special): this IS the Holy Trinity. Some Wiccans and many Christian witches, I think (since I am Christian and not so well versed in these matters), see God as “all the Light of the universe,” whom they call “The One.” They refer to the “local representative” and power of that God as Light, Jesus the sun, called “The God” by the Wiccans. They think of the Holy Spirit in terms of the Earth-Moon synergy. In mythology, the planets from Jupiter inward to the sun are called The Olympians, who are now said to rule this solar system. The “old gods” are called the Titans, everything from Saturn (the Roman name, called Cronos –think time — by the Greeks, on outward. To some extent and by many Christians, Saturn (Satan) is thought to be quite evil (but compare the first chapter of Job to the last chapter of Job). Well, this is about the best I can do to set it all out for everyone in one paragraph. Please share this article if you think it may have changed your thinking in any important way or that perhaps your friends would like to read it.

My studies of comparative religion over the last 37 years have shown that the same very real reality underlies all religions and mythologies. It’s all “different flavors of the same ice cream.” Equally, in Egyptian times, during the second dynasty reign of Akhenaten, Ra was worshiped as the sun god over all. This was, incidentally, about the same time the Hebrews were in Egypt, mostly as slaves. Thus, Ra would be, historically, the linear predecessor of our Judeo-Christian Yahweh. (He is not the same god, you see, but it may be through Ra that YWH was revealed to the Hebrews.) Both the Egyptian and the Greek ancient cultures were remnants from the earlier Minoan civilization centered on the island of Thera, which more or less blew up because of a volcanic eruption. There are those who speculate that the Minoan civilization on Thera was in fact Atlantis. God Bless and Blessed Be the name of the Lord!

A truth directly inspired by Jesus: Knowledge with understanding worked by Love through Faith is Power in The Holy Ghost. This is an idea and truth from my teacher, Paul Yuhanick, about faith held by many Christians: Read your Bible to know God!

The daily Bible verse at The Official King James Bible Online for Thursday, September 29th, 2016, date of original publication, is Psalms 23-4 — “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

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