Thinking About Becoming Roman Catholic

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So, Roman Catholicism: The thing is to root out
the so-called “Christian witches” LOL. I’ll have to learn to submit
myself to the priests somewhat, but basically I do feel
this is probably the esoteric center of Christianity
and the faith I want to encounter for
the rest of my life. Thanks to Father Steve
here at St. Mary’s in Wooster, Ohio. So be it.

December 17, 2017
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
Justice is Coming!

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Thinking About
to Becoming Roman Catholic

Of Course, I will Have to Properly
Learn How to Genuflect (lol) and Be
Properly Submissive. That doesn’t come to easily
for me… “Oh, well,” for me
it’s the right faith.

The Daily Walk with Love, December 17, 2017, by Paul Evans. Photo is of stained glass windows at The National Cathedral. For all my new special new friends, and for Trey Santangelo, my special friend who owns a computer repair store in Wooster. Email me, the owner Paul Evans at and let’s be friends! Be sure to check out the menu of featured pages down lower on the sidebar and on “the website below the website” at the bottom of all posts and pages: be there or be square! Dedicated to my special new Catholic friend Wendy.

A strong and good Daily Bible verse at The Official King James Bible Online is Acts 2:21 – “And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

I’m thinking seriously about becoming a Roman #Catholic. I like #Pope Francis, though I don’t like his seeming support for #globalist positions. I’ve been to a few Masses and had their #communion and it was wonderful. For a Christian, there is little more moving than the grace and beauty of a good Catholic mass. Basically, if I were to analyze what I see going on with the Catholic Church, what I see is this: Basically 30 percent of them are #witches (whatever that is, really, isn’t this about the same as a spiritual, charismatic Christian? But not really, lol). [(I think some witches are spiritual Christians who Actually try to live like #Jesus taught and also don’t mind oral #sex. I personally think of myself as a spiritual, charismatic Christian, just one who is open to ideas from all world religions and tries not to judge people.)] Some 40 percent of Catholics are basically good decent and sometimes simple Christian souls, perhaps somewhat ignorant in some of the more esoteric questions around us, while generally being good Christians (or they wouldn’t be allowed in the Church). And some 30 percent of them are right wing #Fundamentalists who make it their business to ferret out the witches and persecute or destroy them. (I want to point out here that I have never belonged to any coven or received any sort of instruction from any witches, all right?) Sort of the idea in discussing this here is the basic existential absurdity of life inherent in Monty Python’s Life of Brian, YouTube, full movie – 1:33:43 (enjoy). I repeat, I am a spiritual, charismatic Christian and no kind of witch, but I am starting to receive instruction from Father Steve here at our local St. Marys so hopefully it will be “official” before too much longer. I think they are sort of “grandfathering me in.”

So that’s the name of that tune, as Baretta (S2 Ep7) used to say on the cop show. All the internal fighting seems to me to be a bit needlessly self-destructive for the purposes of the spread of the “one true faith,” don’t you think? I agree with their basic position on abortion (and – somewhat – on the submission of women, lol, I’ll pay for saying that…), though I would disagree on the official church position on spiritualism. Partly I feel that the position on spiritualism is somewhat just cover for what goes on in unspoken ways. I edited a book on spiritualism and there’s a lot of truth to it. And I do love Mother Earth and so the ideas floating as a subcurrent of the Virgin Mary and those ideas are appealing, too. But I would urge Catholics and others to support Donald Trump in his position about the Paris Climate accords, which is a bad deal for America and for the future of the world. The CO2 tax was an atrocious idea, which would only serve to enrich big business and hurt the common man, and would in no way go at all far in fixing any global warming (full coverage at the link).

I’ll have to learn to submit myself to the priests, somewhat, and this is in some slight conflict to the faith I had back in 1979 when I was baptized as a Lutheran. The main tenant I will have some problem giving up is the #Protestant idea of the “priesthood of all believers,” to which idea I feel a lot of identification. It goes along with my populist political beliefs. This is true although the priests I have known were indeed learned, educated men who indeed were Holy, although of course only God Almighty is truly, really Holy. I feel I can learn a lot from the priesthood and I believe I will have little problem submitting myself to them. I personally do like the Franciscans a lot, especially, although I’m certainly no priest who has to “choose,” about that sort of thing. I really wish everyone could just drop these doctrinal differences — which only serve to divide the church, overall — and get back to living as Christians in the model of the early Christian church. I think that might come closer to promoting “the Kingdom of Heaven on earth,” don’t you? Basically I do feel that the Roman Catholic church is the esoteric center of Christianity and the faith I want to encounter for the rest of my life. So be it.

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