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The Daily Walk with Miracles

February 11, 2017

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Telling it Like it is:
Huey Lewis & The News

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The Daily Walk with Miracles, republished February 11, 2017, by Paul Evans. Videos courtesy of YouTube. The daily Bible verse for July 30, 2016 (original date of publication) at The Official King James Bible Online is Mark 11:26: “But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses.

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“Huey Lewis and the News is an American pop rock band based in San Francisco, California. They had a run of hit singles during the 1980s and early 1990s, eventually scoring a total of 19 top ten singles across the Billboard Hot 100, Adult Contemporary and Mainstream Rock charts.

“Their greatest success was in the 1980s with the number-one album, Sports, coupled with a series of highly successful MTV videos. Their worldwide fame expanded when the song “The Power of Love” was featured as a key track in the film Back to the Future (in which Lewis had a cameo appearance), became a number-one hit, and was nominated for an Academy Award.”

I DO forgive you good folks, but Huey Lewis is “regular folks,” who made the music business pay, I really love his music. If there’s ONE thing I’ve learned in the last decade, suffering from homelessness a FEW times lately, it’s how absolutely UNCOMMON the common man is! You rich folks born with a silver spoon have no idea how hard we try and try and struggle just to get along. Right now 50 or 75 percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, in danger with the slightest unexpected big expense of real homelessness. I just turned 60 the other day, I’m single and looking, so if there’s ONE lady out there who might value an educated but now very common man, maybe somebody who “gets” life and might like an uncommmonly common man, please shoot me an email to C’mon, I dare you ladies! Just somebody kind and Christian (or even witchy) and loyal, OK? Smokers preferred!

Download high quality digitial mp3 albums by Huey Lewis and the News from or get your music in iTunes format from Apple music, which states that “Huey Lewis & the News were a bar band that made good. With their simple, straightforward rock & roll, the San Francisco-based group became one of America’s most popular pop/rock bands of the mid-’80s.” Stop by the official Huey Lewis and the News website or visit them on Facebook and take a look at his photos there.

Huey Lewis & the News
I Want a New Drug

Huey Lewis & the News
Power of Love

Huey Lewis & the News
Hip to be Square

Huey Lewis & the News
Do You Believe in Love

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