How to Live Longer, Healthier Lives

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— Eating a diet rich in 1) yogurt, 2) goat’s milk cheese,
and 3) red wine was discovered in one of the old southern
“Soviet” (Russian) Republics, to achieve longer, healthier
lives, with many living to be over 100 years old.
This was a scientific study with a fun, easy diet
so it would probably work for you!

June 7, 2020
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How to Live Longer, Healthier Lives

A diet rich in yogurt, cheese & red wine is statistically
proven to greatly improve health and longevity

The Daily Walk with Love (link to Home page and blog), June 7, 2020, by Paul Evans. featured photo is of unknown origin. Who says hobbies have to cost a lot? Collecting digital photographs is free, and you also get to choose what kind you like!

We are NOT going to junk this article up with a lot of photos or videos, we know whereof we speak, and we are going to simply tell you what the truth is about eating a diet rich in 1.) yogurt, 2.) goat’s milk cheese, and 3.) red wine as discovered in a southern “Soviet” Republic, for longer, healthier lives. These days, Probiotics (Wikipedia) are all the rage, but they are basically NOT terribly safe OR proven effective, as the Wikipedia article states. About 5 years ago, scientists did a survey of the various ethnic groupings in the world, and found that there was one former Soviet Socialist Republic, now a theoretically free nation (I believe it was either Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan), where MANY of the citizens lived to be over 100 years old. That should be even long enough for a 60 year old guy, such as myself. Anyway that is a LOT longer than the world’s average lifespan, isn’t it? Then, zeroing in on just why those people lived so long, they found that they all had THREE THINGS in common: they consumed yogurt, goat’s milk cheese and also red wine. I don’t know if the wine is absolutely necessary (maybe juices could substitute and it’s important to stay hydrated and drink enough water, although good juices can substitute for water). The Bible suggests that a person of high Spirituality should avoid wine and strong spirits altogether, in the Old Testament. I would think that cranberry juice or any red grape juice would be a perfectly acceptable alternative. A person I look to for guidance in these matters described to me how YOGURT is “like Rid-ex for your stomach.” It kills the bad bacteria while replacing them with all good bacteria, which you NEED in order to digest food.

Do you remember Heidi, the novel and Disney film? Heidi was dying of tuberculosis and went to Switzerland, to her grandfather’s, and he nursed her back to health, using a diet (quite likely) high in Swiss cheese. So I would surmise that a diet rich in yogurt and with appropriate amounts of Amish or traditional Swiss cheese would be very healthy indeed. (…Even if you want to skip the wine and replace this with juice. In the actual study, those people in fact consumed goat’s milk cheese, but given the ideas we get from that novel and film, Heidi, I would think any quality kind of Swiss cheese will do quite nicely.)

I also enjoy consuming a good GENERIC multivitamin/ multi-mineral supplement tablet (such as Equate) perhaps twice a day. Why TWICE a day? My sister Katharine, who was a great veterinarian who has sadly passed on, told me that when you consume a vitamin or supplement, the goodness gets used up in a few hours. So if you REALLY want to be healthy, take a good, wide-spectrum multivitamin/ multi-mineral supplement TWICE or even THREE times per day! But IF you do that, be sure that the AMOUNTS of the various nutritional elements are NOT too high, because TOO MUCH vitamin nutrition this way is TOXIC (poisonous). So try to establish a good and moderate level, but take it twice or three times a day. The goodness of most vitamins is gone after two hours or maybe three hours, and having had a pill just once a day does not do that much good. Do the best you can, work out some compromise (hey, this is what pill cutters are for!). I have especially enjoyed a vitamin which has Chromium picolinate in it, because a physiologist at the Cleveland Clinic taught me, correctly in my case, that consuming chromium essentially reverses diabetes (article about this on The Daily Walk with Love), or at least helps it a LOT. (I was also taking DHEA at the time). I know with only moderate exercise, I lost 70 pounds, the health of my legs returned to almost normal, and I now have non-diabetic HgA1C readings, basically under a regemin which was noteworthy only for DHEA and Chromium picolinate, both of which are available separately at any good drug store for about $9 to $13 each. (Chromium may reverse SYMPTOMS of diabetes, but you should realize that there currently is no cure.) Other people swear by Magnesium and also Vitamins A and D. I want all four in my supplement, and you should demand no less. Vitamins which are going to have all these are called “wide-spectrum multivitamin multi-mineral supplements.”

These days, there are LOTS of supplements and also vitamins which cost considerable amounts of money. I personally am becoming strongly interested in natural, homeopathic cures and medicines much more than any fancy sort of pill. A simple $9 Equate multivitamin/ multi-mineral supplement is the ONLY such medicine I am currently taking, other than what my psychiatrist insists I need in that regard, and I have also started taking DHEA again, too. Caveat emptor. I firmly believe, also, that effects on the body of supplements are just now becoming understood. This is the argument I have made: that ontogeny affects phylogeny (primarily our ability to reproduce). Studies about that issue, and also probiotics and vitamins/supplements are in their infancy. It’s probably safer and best to stick with mother nature: YOGURT and Swiss cheese, some fruit juices and a wide-spectrum vitamin tablet a couple times a day will do for me!!

Also in their infancy are studies about which yogurt and cheese to consume. I read one article which claimed that most yogurts are basically the same. The ones such as Dannon activia were scientifically found to have no better effect on the body than simple basic fruit yogurt, of which I am somewhat partial and do like Dannon.

See Health benefits and health claims of probiotics: bridging science and marketing, British Journal of Nutrition, Ger T. Rijkers et. al., 2011.

See “Snake-oil,” “quack medicine,” and “industrially cultured organisms:” biovalue and the commercialization of human microbiome research, National Institute of, October 30, 2012, by Melody J Slashinski, corresponding authors Sheryl A McCurdy, Laura S Achenbaum, Simon N Whitney, and Amy L McGuire

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