How to Be Happy, Individually and Collectively

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— Jews, Gentiles, this is, Damn Important:
As John Mellencamp’s Greatest Hits album was titled,
this is “The Best That I Could Do.” I have been
working on it by hand on paper for awhile. These
are teachings from Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese
Buddhist, from human ecology, and my own continuing
narrative for peace, understanding and cooperation
between Witches, Christians, Jews and those of all
ethnicities. These thoughts really might really contribute
to our happiness — I hope you might read my ideas:

republished December 24, 2020

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How to Be Happy,
Individually and Collectively

Here are some ideas from human ecology,
from Thich Nhat Hanh and the Buddha,
and ideas of Peace and Co-operation,

The Truthful Patriot’s Corner (link to Home page and blog), rewritten with editing, December 24, 2020, by Paul Evans. Photograph of the author, Paul Evans, is from December 22 of this year. Ladies, I’m lonely, for friends, send email to Anyone?

I took a graduate level course in human ecology. We learned that there is a fundamental law of human ecology called the “Weber-Fetchman effect.” Basically, it states that “the base level of stimulation is proportional to the prior experience:” or — the more you get, the more you think you need.” This is the basis of human selfishness. But it doesn’t have to be.

Americans and Europeans way too much are a consumer or “consumption-baseed” sociey. Hollywood and television have made this even worse, and spread the idea or germ of the sickness of that sort of culture around the world. There are 16 million tons of “microplastic” coating the ocean’s floor. Debris, syringes and macro-plastic litter our beaches.

There is a better — and happier — way to be, individually and collectively. Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese Buddhist, teaches that loving a person involves understanding them deeply, even understanding their suffering. About 500 B.C., the Buddha taught that these things we think we need are “attachments,” and that all attachments involve suffering. And so we are rapaciously consuming and suffering, individually and as a society, while sapping what is left of the essence of the flower of the Earth’s bounty. Yet it is our attitude that is driving the Weber-Fetchman effect here. While it may be our innate tendency, it need not be.

If we have a roof over our heads, enough heat, decent food to eat (and I guess many of us today think we need a cell phone and/or PC), a few real friends, and — if we are truly blessed — a wife or husband to love us (and for us to love), why do we need more than that? Can we not see that it will involve less suffering and so make us happier if we are less materialistic? If we let “enough be enough?” That is a main part of the way forward for mankind.

And let’s let science give its input here, too: Biologists classify humans as “gregarious primates.” As such, we have various biological characteristics, but in more sociological or human terms, we only thrive when we are giving and sharing kindness, affection and caring. It is a known fact about our kind of creature, biologically. Can you see how far from “caring” our materialistic, competitive culture has become? To survive and be happy, be happy with a little less and try to be a little more caring to those in your life. In Christian terms, “loving your neighbor” should come to mean being more caring to those people who for whatever reason enter your life. And it can cost, but you can be reasonable, too.

I have thought that even this, even learning as a society to get by on less, and being more helpful and kind to each other to be happier and better adjusted, may not be enough. We are a “cargo cult.” There is abundant evidence that we were visited by aliens and even that we may have been somewhat genetically engineered. That they have interbred with us. Perhaps the pyramids were built by them and may have served as landing platforms. There are supposedly abandoned bases on the dark side of the moon (the 30 percent of the moon’s surface never visible from earth).

The peoples of the Twelve Tribes of Israel have alien blood. Keep in mind that there have been not two but three diasporas (or scatterings) of the Jews, as well as the Babylonian Captivity and the time in Egypt, and that almost everybody has this blood, at least somewhat. Remember that only three of the Twelve Tribes of Israel are Jewish.

Scientists say that all of us are descended from one man (presumably Adam) and three women who lived in North Africa. Maybe there were other humans around but those four had the genes that won out. After all, don’t Arabs also count Abraham as their father? What does this mean, witches, Irish, Germans, Chinese, Russians, everyone — we are rather closely related by race. And Neanderthals are Homo sapiens neanderthalensis and the more recent Cro-Magnon man is Homo sapiens sapiens, just a different race of the same species with the same forefathers. The aliens, when they were here, were so very far above us in their knowledge and their wisdom, rationality and caring and love. But they were interbreeding with us in a symbiotic species relationship for many thousands of years and their genes are very dominant. Mankind has reached a much higher degree of intelligence. In part due to the internet, we are waking up, we are becoming mindfully alert. And we are now fully in contact with all these different cultures and subcultures, BUT: we are NOT nearly as tolerant and accepting of those who are different than we are (as we must now be), and we are far down the path towards human destruction because of this. We Must tolerate and accept ALL our neighbors, because if we don’t, it will not be long until nuclear winter. Jesus lived perfectly and died so that we would Love and try to be kind to and help and not judge our neighbor. Anyone God brings into our lives. Time is growing short. Try harder to show some compassion towards your fellow man!

(Some of the 12 Tribes don’t agree on “stuff.” We really should, at this advanced stage in history, “be adults” and try to compromise and “get along.” All of us, of whatever ethnicity.) As Buckminster Fuller said, “Either war is over or humanity is over.”

Mahatma Gandhi, who after WWII headed the movement which, entirely by means of peaceful protest, gave India freedom from Colonial Great British rule, said, “When the power of Love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”

See Life as Sacred and IR vs. UV Light: MY LIFE’S MISSION — Peace and Understanding Between Christians, Witches and Jews, today on The Truthful Patriot’s Corner, by Paul Evans.

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