Hidden Beneath the Ocean’s Surface, Nearly 16 Million Tons of Microplastic

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— I remember as long as I have been an adult (I’m 63) watching Cleveland’s local news stories about Euclid Beach and the bacterial count; or it was the Cuyahoga River catching on Fire in 1969 (two years before I moved to Ohio), but somehow environmentalists got it into the mainstream media even around D.C. Apparrently, says Smithsonian magazine, it had caught on fire at least a dozen times before, but this time it caught a LOT of attention. And now, 51 years later, according to Outside (magazine), it has caught on fire yet again. There is, quite horribly, 16 million tons of “microplastic” on the ocean floors, and NPR says we had (in 2015) 8 million tons of (macro)-plastic around the ocean, but this is not terribly much reported in the media, is it? But on today’s featured photograph of needles an plastic Crap littering a nature preserve outside Manilla, I rest my case. We need population control, deathly badly, or is it already too late?

October 6, 2020
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As Plastic Drowns the Oceans,
Has the Time for Mandatory
Population Control Finally Arrived?

…Or is Covid-19 “Mother Nature’s
Pruning Shears”? Sadly.

The Music Critic’s Corner (Link to Home page and blog), October 8, 2020, by Paul Evans. Featured photograph courtesy of NPR (article about the 8 million tons of plastic littering the oceans). This article is hereby placed in the Public Domain, though a link would be welcome. Email Paul at sailingtokansas@gmail.com.

Do you remember the images of the oil-soaked, almost extinct brown pelicans in an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? (We have easily available Solar energy from quartz sand and mirrors available right now for 5 cents a KwHour. Enough to power the world for 36,000 years. Bill Gates is Waay into it, and Saudi Arabia invested $109 billion in the new solar in one day. Whole medium-sized cities in Italy are powered this way.) But, sadly, in America we have the oil lobby. [(The new Solar economy would be a HUGE big deal for America, a $14 Trillion growth industry, move us right back on top of the world, like after WWII, but for Everybody, not just the elite.)]

Or how about the images of dolphins with their snouts in plastic six-pack can-wrappers. Or the human lives sickening and dying as we fail the most elementary measures of disease safety because of smug Republican macho and “rugged individualism.” Same thing happened with the Spanish flu in 1918 (which at one point was killing more people than WWI. Hey, welcome to Flu season!

Everyone, lately, has totally been in the Illuminati’s face about the depopulation from coronavirus. I’m sorry. Maybe “they” have simulated the future (all possible futures) like they can on powerful computers, and there’s no way the human species makes it — at all — unless there is major population reduction. (I don’t know, but that occurred to me as a distinct possibility.) Any possible explanation for Illuminati selfishness about money, has not occurred to me. It seems very much to me like the elite are squeezing the common man ’till there isn’t any blood left, and then sending us gradually off to the FEMA camps (outside of which were stacked, as of two years ago, 5.2 million coffin liners.Perhaps this is a very rational thing, as it seems to many that a really terrible crash is due. The stock market is 70-80 percent overvalued (versus what it’s really worth) and held together by an irrational sort of market psycholgy which somehow is confident of Trump’s business leadership. Really? The man’s organization may well be charged with “protracted business and insurance fraud” and Trump himself is hundreds of millions of dollars in debt, and they are coming due in the lnext few years. It certainly is starting to look like a fool’s paradise to me! I just wish he Really cared (Trump and Some of the elite billionaires), for the suffering poor and average Joe in America. [(The latest is that Trump plans on raiding the Social Security Trust Fund big time soon. I could go on at length, effectively. I guess he actually believes that “hyper-capitalism” crap (read “trickle down on crack” – quote me.)] It is needed for me to say that some of the elite DO care, since fully 220 of them have taken the “Bill Gates challenge” and pledged half of what they oen to charity. But it’s never enough: we Must have population control.

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If humanity is to survive, ultimately we must embrace a more sharing sort of economic system. There are just too many people and too few resources to continue as we have been. If we don’t the world will just smother in a septic mass of waste and humanity will die off from mutating viral diseases(!) We cannot continue to base our economic health on a growth-based economy, it is sliding us into our own graveyard. One website which provides ideas and concrete help on how to base our own lives on sharing (things as simple as carpooling) is Shareable, which I highly recommend. Another resource is a really useful book called Share or die (Amazon.com, Kindle, $9.99). Take another look at our featured photo — that is an ecological reserve South of Manilla in the Phillipines.

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