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The Daily Walk with Miracles

The Daily Walk with Miracles

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Help for you
“Just be yourself” but have no deceit

Help for All Our Friends,
Christian or Secular or Whatever You Believe

The Daily Walk with Miracles, February 26, 2015, by Paul Evans (@DeaconBlues2016 or seawolf57, email me at, YES video courtesy of YouTube:

God’s grace is a free gift for all who repent and believe in His son. However living in a covenantal relationship with God is NOT free and may cost you even up to your life. Think of the many millions who have suffered and died for their faith in Jesus and God over two thousand years. Christians, you will not have to suffer these terrible fates much longer, for He is coming soon. Repent, ye heathen, and call on his Holy name, Jesus (Immanuel – God with us) and God promises you a hopeful future and a true reward in heaven. Amen.

Psalm 46 – a prophecy

Psalm:46:9: He maketh wars to cease unto the end of the earth; he breaketh the bow, and cutteth the spear in sunder; he burneth the chariot in the fire.

Ps:46:10: Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

Ps:46:11: The LORD of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Selah.

I try really hard here to give you all the Help that I can think of and pray might be a real aid in your life.

Read your Bible daily to put on the armor of God and know Him. Read Psalm 46, and Psalm 23 here on our website.

When the LORD JESUS gives you a direct verbal command! (don’t even think about disobeying)
– think on this

self reliance (be basic, simple and not mysterious)
– real time

–> Note on “jots and tilde’s”, inspired by the Bible’s directions on
how to pronounce words when you read the Bible!
– just say the words quickly, simply and caringly and they are taken care of and are OK.

TIP – You should do everything in life this way, simply and quickly (but with care)
and it will all be taken care of by THE LORD and all will be OK, (all will be well with you)

– Remember Christ’s Love for you, and that He understands if you mess up (kindness)

–> silently ask Jesus (for confirmation) and think on this

Fear of THE LORD
Is the Beginning of wisdom.

Agape faith is love. All you need is love. (Agape love)
– But you also need FAITH. The real problem is false pride due to selfishness – have hope (choices)

(The Perfect Drug? Drink Water.)
Drink up to 8 Glasses of Water a Day!
(for a lot of people)

Help for All Our Visitors

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!
Blood of Christ, Shed for You!
Body of Christ, Given unto You

At the time you become a Christian, you might think you need to make a new set of friends in your life. That’s the advice I was given, and it didn’t turn out all that well. (I do think that, generally, this is the belief about what to do in this situation, I’m just saying it didn’t work well for me.) However, I personally can attest to how hard this situation can be on a person, emotionally. From my own experience, it’s best to be cautious about severing ties with or turning against your old friends. Also be careful about new friends you let into your life, because you don’t really know if you should trust them, either.

If, as I did, you love your old friends, just ask yourself a few questions. Didn’t I always feel at home with them, and have good peace of mind, too? Do I all of a sudden have to lie a lot to them? You’ve known your old friends a long time. Has their behavior suddenly changed? Maybe they are going through changes, too.You shouldn’t have to lie much to anyone, but maybe you have to take into account the circumstances they are in. This can be true, for example, in work situations, like if they have a new boss. The fact is, it takes a while to satisfy yourself as to whether you should trust anyone.

However, appearances can be deceiving. If your old friend suddenly seems pretty ‘dark’ to you, sometimes that old friend can in reality still have your best interest at heart. Yes, ‘trust but verify’, as Ronald Reagan said to Gorbachaev before he got the Russian leader to dismantle the old Soviet Union. However I have made several bad mistakes in this regard, by kicking old friends out of my life. Sometimes I got so angry at them, I gave them no choice except to cut their ties with me. I really miss a few old friends whom I turned against me. Don’t even think about making quick judgments about your new friends, either.

It can get pretty complicated. It’s all too hard sometimes. Sometimes you need a place or a friend you can just relax and be epathetic with. Maybe this is someome with whom you can share your inner thoughts and have a few laughs, and lose your fears about life. If you have such a rare friend, you are very lucky.

We all have regrets, and sometimes it really hurts inside. I hope at least that, in their hearts, some of my old friends that are out of my life can forgive me. I also hope my new friends — the ones who truly are trustworthy — can make allowances for the hurt and pain I feel, because of my past troubles. I know that I love them all and wish them the best.

I now try my very best to tell the truth about things, no matter what ‘side’ — liberal or conservative — it supports. I still have a few liberal ideas, too, but in other areas I am conservative in my views. I am still working on reading the whole Bible, particularly the Old Testament, which I don’t know well, and generally I know I need to read the whole Bible at least once. I am so fascinated by it when I do read it that I may never get through the whole Bible, but I know I need to make time for it. Only then will I begin to have a handle on just where the overall Truth about life lies. I have been told by knowledgeable Christians that at first, the best and easiest way to read the Bible is as if through the eyes of a child, without thinking about it, just reading. I learn more about what’s true in life from it every time I read a passage, in the Gospels or anywhere in the Bible. Until I do read the a lot more of Bible, or even all of it, most of my understanding is from the Gospels. Please keep this in mind when you read any religious content on our site. I do the very best I can for you. Working on The Daily Walk with Miracles is to help people and also to atone for my past sins, as a form of repentence, and serve God the best that I am able to.

CARING: Yeah, that’s what I’m about!
Caring as an Active Verb and in my Heart.
Shouldn’t Congress & Everyone Else be About Caring Too?

As to the Perfect Drug, there is none but faith. The tiniest grain of faith in a person can move mountains, as Jesus taught.

Paul Evans: I’m nobody, fairly ordinary, though blessed with many advantages in life (and a few special burdons, like almost everyone I know) that I am grateful for. “Life is a gift, for which we are grateful.” I used to think that maybe God didn’t care about pedigrees, and that being of spiritual descent was all that mattered to God. I may have to re-think that. I do know Jesus loves me, and that’s all I’ll ever need. I’m just a schmuck, and a schlemazel, and a little bit of a schlemiel, too. I’m just ‘working out my salvation in fear and trembling’ like anyone else. It is normal and wise to fear the Lord, but as for the world, fear is our enemy. To be worried or better, “concerned” and careful is a good thing, but generally counterproductive. As FDR said, "all we have to fear is, fear itself.”

To end a lot of the controversy about me, let me just say again what my own dad told me about my “pedigree.” I am Paul Earl Evans, son of Jack Earl Evans. His stepfather, he said, was originally named Solson E. Levensky, and was a very famous carreer marine officer. However, he ran into a lot of prejudice in the old Marine Corps because they did used to discriminate against those of Jewish descent. “Skipper,” as we used to call him, changed his name to Solson Earl Evans. You drop the “L,” add an “A” in place of the first “E” in Levensky, and then drop the final “KY.” What you get is “Evans,” the twelfth most common surname in America.

Dad was working for the C.I.A. mostly in the 1950’s. They showed him an original of his “real” birth certificate, which had the name of his “real” father, an Irishman named Galen Gough. Dad’s name on his “real” birth certificate was John Gough, too. As I said, only the C.I.A. knows for sure. I might add that you might want to check out some of these names on, which is owned by Halvor Moorshead, who also owns History magazine, the same History magazine in which in November of 2005 I published “Trafalgar: 200 Years Later” as the cover article. (I got lucky, I wrote a great article but Mr. Moorshead did a slight rewrite and edited an otherwise fairly dull effort with wonderful illustrations and other interesting material that really made an otherwise OK effort perhaps remarkable. I would be happy to add Mr. Moorshead as co-author.

Dad died on May 3, 2012 at the age of 87. I wrote the obituary for our local Wooster paper, The Daily Record. He got an incurable bacterial infection (which was passed to me, or else somehow I was by some evil force similarly infected, although I am surviving so far). Dad lived the last few years of his life at a fine Christian nursing home, Westview Manor, which I would be very happy to go to some day if they accept Medicaid. Very likely a nurse gave dad an injection with a needle that had not been disinfected, and dad paid a high price for that. But it HAD TO BE just an accident, nobody was to blame, and I have only the highest praise of Westview Manor.

There were four of us in my nuclear family: Jack E. Evans, Eleanor Krieger Evans, my mother, and Katharine Krieger Evans, my sister. I almost feel as though mom especially lives on in me, and since I live in a wild natural area, I feel her presence with me all around the property, as if she were somehow present in the nature around me.

Mom’s dad was Herbert Wilhelm Krieger, who became for decades curator of the Smithsonian Department of cultural anthropology. The family name among those people may actually have been “Kruger” before Ellis Island, as I have seen on at least one old document, although I have dozens that say “Krieger.” We just called him “Grand.” His wife was Louise Schaele which is usually misspelled Schoele (with or without an umlaut) on the documents I have seen. Her ancestors were English and German and not with Jewish names at all. She suffered from bad mental illness since my mom was eight years old. However her malady was mania NOT schizophrenia and I feel that I was badly misdiagnosed with the latter in 1977 or 78. That started a fateful time of a great deal of suffering for me, but it really started a little earlier than that, in the spring of 1976.


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