Five Finger Death Punch – House of the Rising Sun

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December 23, 2014

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Five Finger Death Punch
House of the Rising Sun

Free Music57, December 23, 2014, resources by Paul Evans, video courtesy of SFDPVEVO, Five Finger Death Punch and YouTube:

Five Finger Death Punch Resources

From the Companion music video by Five Finger Death Punch, Five Finger Death Punch Far From Home Music Video.

[[Read the Wikipedia articles on Five Finger Death Punch and their lead singer Ivan L.Moody.]]

Visit Five Finger Death Punch’s official website. Visit Five Finger Death Punch’s Facebook page.

Five Finger Death Punch does have a view that violence can solve problems, and supports our troops in their videos. This might be seen in the title and content of their latest album “War Is the Answer.” The whole concept of ‘perpetual war’ is not something we support totally here at The Daily Walk with Miracles, since some kind of overall victory for democracy and freedom is the objective for patriotic Americans as it always has been. Regardless of whether you personally support our military objectives in the middle east, the band’s songs sound great and it is always good to send a tribute to the troops out to the public. The troops risk their lives and the fortunes of their loved ones, too, to sacrifice whatever must be so that the world can be a better place. It’s good to understand what the experience is like for them, and “Far from Home” and the featured video here, “House of the Rising Sun,” really communicate this message well.

In this video there is a strong message of what it’s like to be outside the mainstream understanding of war and working for the United States in any approved sense. As “robin hoods” or outsiders to the corridors of power, people like me are subject to approval and support by those who hold power. As a Democrat I have sometimes felt that my very liberal ideas have at times been held against me. This is a shame since my own upbringing was as the son of a New Deal Democrat who fought in World War II and who even served in the intelligence community. But with greater understanding of current events and an overall vision for the future, I now take a strong position not just as a liberal but as a Democrat too. This is a new position for The Daily Walk with Miracles in any official sense, but I am at home and hope for the understanding and approval of official Washington.

We are well aware of shortcomings and “wrongness” within the Democratic Party and its positions, but still see it as a positive force in the world. At the least, it is the lesser of two evils. At it’s best, the Democratic Party offers an insightful vision for what is possible and good for America.

Visit’s collection of resources on how to support our troops.

Five Finger Death Punch
House of the Rising Sun

See Creative Family Values: a Plan for America on Three Structural Levels – the family, the individual churches and the nation as a whole, The Daily Walk with Miracles, ongoing, by Paul Evans. This is a real solution for America, and one that both right and left, as well as money and power, should strongly consider before dismissing it out of hand. This solution would work, please have a look.

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