Guide to Partisan Politics and Values

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Guide to Partisan Politics
from a Nonpartisan Independent

The Real Difference
Between Liberals and Conservatives
in terms of Values

Psychologist Jonathan Haidt studies the five moral values that form the basis of our political choices, whether we’re left, right or center. In this eye-opening talk, he pinpoints the moral values that liberals and conservatives tend to honor most. Even this talk may be a little slanted, because the lecturer comes across as rather liberal.



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Barack Obama: In Crucial Ways,
STILL Change We Can Believe In


Editorial by Free Music57 + politics
Owner Paul Evans

Free Music57 + politics, January 18, 2009, by Paul Evans. Featured photo courtesy of

photo of fighting between a Republican elephant and a Democratic donkey

(This is newly revised, and currently I believe it is one of the most important articles I have written.) I campaigned hard for Barack Obama in 2007. I went door to door in the small communities in northern Wayne County, OH, I made phone calls, and I entered data on the state Democratic Party website database for statistical analysis. For some time until rather recently, I had been feeling almost betrayed, as many progressive sorts of people have. I have become disenchanted with liberal sorts of ideas and now consider myself a Libertarian Republican, but support the Patriot Act and American exceptionalism, too. But basically, the Jewish Illuminati forced Obama into making MANY concessions which have somewhat ruined his presidency. These people have to be dis-empowered.

People are always criticizing Obamacare. It seems to be the national pastime. Keep in mind though, my dad always said “the test of legislation is what it’ll look like in 50 years.” YES it has real problems. I have solutions and fixes I believe would make it responsive, good legislation should anyone in power care to ask: Paul Evans if Obama should care to ask. No, Mr. President, the $60 billion dollar a year giveaway to the pharmaceutical industry to gain their backing was NOT a good idea. (Even though the “lilly white” Republicans would have done it too.)

Many of Obama’s policies in the areas of privacy, secrecy, war, anti-terror, the Afghanistan surge, most especially the failure to bring the corporate world to heal at all, the corruption of the bailout, with the largely unreported under the table giveaway of multiple trillions to Wall Street by means of “off balance sheet” transactions by the Federal Reserve: all of these, I felt were NOT really much of an improvement upon the policies of George W. Bush. The only way we are totally better off now is that science is very much in play, although as an educated Christian I view science as a religion like any other. It’s only a question of philosophical materialism versus philosophical idealism, after all. However lately, I have done a re-think, after a lot of soul searching.

At first, I tried to consider what is possible given the composition of Congress. But then I looked to what some progressives felt was the utter lack of any leadership by Obama to move the nation in a progressive direction. At least, that is what a heck of a lot of progressives have been thinking. I mean, on the last budget, John Boehner said Obama gave him “95 percent of what he wanted.” Then I was exposed to some writings, and also did some soul searching, which made me feel differently. Isn’t Obama’s behavior mainly indicative of true bipartisanship (unlike the Democratic Party, per se)? I believe Obama, like most recent Presidents has truly tried to Really represent ALL the people. Obama has done better at this than Bush, I think, actually.

Most of my own values today are more in line with conservatives. Yet I dislike strongly the tendency in BOTH parties to make the values war into a war of partisan religion. What’s going on is kind of a partisan values war instead of a war actually concerned our real values. For example: how it is that liberals might assert that for Republicans, “the right to life ends at birth,” as I once read at Daily Kos? We Republicans need to concern ourselves much more with “being our brother’s keeper” and so “loving our neighbors as ourselves,” if we wish to be truly Christian. Our society is crying out for this. And on the liberal side, NO the answer to everything is NOT bigger government and throwing money (or new regulations) at problems. Both parties have a ways to go so far as I’m concerned about “being real.” And the common man knows this and is totally disenchanted with politics because of this. Because of the partisan bullsh*t, I am basically strongly considering throwing my support to the Reform Party.

Huge Las Vegas Deals

On January 7, 2009, the ole Evans Liberal Politics (a different website at a different web address) published “Progressives (and Obama) Are Doing Better Than We Think,” Talking Points Memo Cafe, November 30, 2009. Even before that, we had brought in a new page, “Obama After One Year.” These and other factors have caused me to re-evaluate the Obama Presidency. Now, I think it really is, to SOME extent “change we can believe in,” and I believe idealistic progressives are wrong to oppose the Obama administration, NOT that I’m not idealistic and opposed to some of the policies. After doing a lot of reading and thinking, first a campaign worker, then a skeptic and oppositional in my tone, I have often stood up for Obama with in discussion with fellow conservatives. Most of them listen mainly to the propaganda on Fox news and the Rush Limbaugh Show and don’t realize that Obama is bipartisan on most issues. Did you know that the annual deficit is one-third what it was when he took office? And if a white, moderate Republican had 1.) stopped so far a general middle eastern war that might cause nuclear winter and 2.) thus far staved off global economic collapse, would we like him then?

That being said, I appreciate Barack Obama as a person. The page I had on The Daily Walk with Miracles on “Obama after one year” and other personal tendencies, like his admirable tendency to bipartisan solutions, which are not getting enough press, really are what brought me back into the fold. That being said, I REALLY wish he hadn’t been so predicatable with his economic appointments. By going with Summers, Geithner and Bernanke, Obama is doing the cautious, careful thing. Maybe, he is too much a figurehead who has little choice in that matter, short of actually risking assassination. Only thing is, those people have essentially had their hands on the economic reins for many years, and, frankly, it’s been an economic disaster. If only Obama had gone with Black or any of the better known, economists — somebody free of the Rubin school of economics — to captain the ship! The middle class is going down, Obama is at the helm, and Americans blame him for it. Hey, Barack, it’s still not too late…. are you listening? The new emphasis on “economic competitiveness” and Obama’s economic pragmatism and compromises with the G.O.P. are good news.

That great Democratic lion, Tip O’Neil, once said: “all politics is local.” It now seems to me, with the two party system firmly cemented in place, the ONLY way we are going to really move the country in a truly correct direction and make it a government which actually works for it’s people, is down in the trenches, electing candidates first at the local and state levels who actually represent us. THAT is true no matter where in the political spectrum you find your beliefs.

Nowadays, I feel, and I believe this is crucial, that Barack Obama himself is slightly more centrist and working for all Americans than is at all commonly believed. His stances on gay rights and abortion are only “givens” for a Democrat, any Democrat President must do that. First people blame Bush in the second term and his popularity goes down the drain, now Obama is “doing the right thing” and HIS popularity is going down the drain. Sigh…. Yet lately Obama has been showing a little spine. I guess hope springs eternal. For a positive look at Obama’s accomplishments, see “So how’s that hopey, changey thing workin’ out for ya?”, I used to have that on Evans Liberal Politics and I imagine it’s somewhere on the web…. The fact, is, NEITHER party is for change. But the Republicans do represent a new idea, hypercapitalism. We’ve done the whole “Keynesian” economics road for 75 years now, and lived beyond our means, and look what it has accomplished. A national debt of maybe $45,000 for every man, woman and child in America. Let’s try hypercapitalism for a while. And for God’s sake, PLEASE Republicans, DO have a platform with a fair and flat tax, and hopefully a somewhat progressive one, as even Adam Smith, founder of modern capitalist economic theory would have supportedd. Please? I mean, IF you want to grow the economy? That doesn’t even touch the manifold trillions in bank mortgage derivatives debt, I’ll do the self-serving thing there and leave that one alone (for now).

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Here, try this one on for size: Did you know that under Bush, discretionary spending was TWICE what it was under Clinton??!!! Put that in your pipe and smoke it, you right wingers! I STRONGLY feel that in these United States of America, ANY man who rises to become President, is going to try to do what is good for America, and all Americans, regardless of what his persuasions were when he took office. This is tempered on the Republican side by a slavish servitude to big money. And I feel that is actually far too true of George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and now Barack Obama too, (although I do now and trust Barack Obama’s heart). Of course, W. falsely led us into war with Iraq, and others of his policies were poorly conceived, yet, economically, it could have been worse. W’s problem was relying on the “hyper-greedy” Goldman Sachs and Rubin people. Money and profit are a GOOD thing, but TOO MUCH greed is just injustice. Remember, the Bible says it is the “LOVE” of money which is evil. Money SHOULD be just a means to an end, and not the end itself. “Don’t let money be your morality.” Remember, it was under W. that Medicare Part D came into being. I’m just saying, he could have been worse, a lot worse.

About that greed thing and how Republicans end up structurally determining the mechanisms of our new, hyper-capitalist economy and how it actually works: karma is an almost inevitable law of the universe and both Ron Paul and I are warning you, America: too much greed will come back and bite our once-great nation in the ass. Some greed is perfectly understandable. Too much greed is just injustice. God doesn’t care much for too much injustice, you wouldn’t think…. As is written in the Bible, “oh thou that dwell on many waters, rich in treasure, wide in fame, bow unto a god of gold, thy pride of might shall be thy shame.” Is that a prophecy? Can it be avoided?

One thing I’m REALLY sick of is the conservative drumbeat that “Obama isn’t Christian” or is a Muslim which is pure bullsh*t and hateful. See the video to the right, “Weekly Address: President Obama Offers Easter and Passover Greetings, White House on YouTube, 3 years ago — 2:26. You watch this video, conservatives, and then tell me the President isn’t a Christian. And IF you watch the video and you still have any doubt, email me and we can talk: paulfreedom57 AT

Americans Are Demanding Change!

A word about the “illuminati” and Masons who largely run this nation. The Jewish bankers themselves are horribly guilty of destructive, un-Christian greed which has almost destroyed this country. But to say the “Masons” who basically ARE the Illuminati at high levels are all “evil” is to say the whole history of the United States is evil, and that just isn’t so. The main complaint I have of the Masons is that their whole methodology is based on the limiting and channeling of information and disclosure. That’s just wrong in a democracy. Now that the internet is in play, in many ways trying to limit information is both impossible and counterproductive. You can’t stop the truth from getting out about most things without shutting down the internet, and that just isn’t going to happen. A little honesty would go a long way.

Watch Nickelback – Edge Of A Revolution (Main Version), YouTube music video — 4:19. Are you listening, Illuminati?

In far too many ways, we have strayed far from pure democracy, or actually never quite were one. But the People are DEMANDING change, they are FED UP, and are demanding that our representatives actually represent us. And IF those in power don’t listen, more and more most Christians, especially 30 million Christian militia, major elements of the left, too, plus the Anonymous people are going to grasp fate by the throat and take back our nation. The “recession” or “repression” is going to end, one way or another. JOKE: “Politics is the gentle art of getting money from the rich, and votes from the poor, by promising to protect each from the other.” LOL Well politics is dirty, and I DON’T like covering it, but I believe what I have written here is a good approximation of the Truth.

Liberals and progressives need to remember how emboldened the right wing is at this time and “get with the program”, even if it’s nowhere near as progressive or even liberal as we’d like. Keep in mind, Obama is a pragmatist, and the nation right now simply isn’t all that progressive. I personally support an effort to re-make the Republican Party into an organization that is TRULY the party of life (including after birth) and still the party of Lincoln, however far we may have strayed.

We all really have to work at “framing” political discussion on the internet, which is of course the only place you are going to find out the truth about what’s really going on.

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