Google Says It will Use Debian Linux, plus Cool Linux Apps to Make Your Linux Great

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— I love to experiment with computers
and operating systems, and over the last three or four
years I must have installed various “distributions”
or “distros” of Linux (operating systems) perhaps 35 times
(honest). I tried all the real popular OS, and lately I have
been using some of the lesser known distros and was sometimes
pleasantly surprised. Well I also have done a LOT
of experimentation with various Linux apps, multimedia, office,
graphics, chat, everything, really, and here are my ideas
on those for you. What’s best about Linux is that it’s all absolutely high quality and mostly all FREE,
as are almost all Linux apps!

October 28, 2019,
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Cool Linux Apps to Make Your System Great

Here are the Coolest Linux Apps
You’ll be Sure to Want!
“Open Source” leads the way!

MIR: The Land & Peace, October 28, 2019, by Paul Evans — email me at Which Linux you should use (and there are a couple of hundred you can choose from), is strongly suggested by how you use your computer, and that’s what today’s video is about, in language and with a voice we can all understand, “Best Linux Distros | Choosing The Right Linux Version For You“, courtesy of YouTube and “FREE your mind.” This is a video from mid-2017, a little old, but we chose it because of the emphasis made towards the principles to use in choosing the right distro for you, not just what is “hot” at the moment. If you like the facts, truths and ideas here, please share this video with your friends.

In addition, I discuss my own favorite (free) Linux apps, tried and true, for the general Linux user, for the budding developers out there, and even for you gamers. These work with almost any Linux you might install. If you can find it via the “Synaptic Package Manager,” make use of the Arch User Repository, or AUR, which offers 600,000 free apps and scripts, something that Microsoft and Apple will never, ever, be able to compete with. It is not for beginners however. Not all apps work with every distribution of Linux (although most of them do, and using the wrong combination of packages from AUR can really mess up or even “break” your machine. There is stuff in the AUR I have this sneaking suspicion might actually have been put there by aliens, no kidding, whole new programming languages never so far even explored. However the apps we suggest below work fine, as discussed, whether you get them as offered by your Linux distro or (often in a more complete and up to date version) from the AUR.

It is beyond the scope of this article to make many suggestions about which OS to get, but I will offer sosme of my favorites over the last couple of years. You are probably going to want to experiment with at least a couple of these before you settle in with your own favorite distro of Linux. The old tried and true OS many techies start out with, historically, is Ubuntu, and even though its use is quite a change from Windows, it is intuitively fairly obvious. Linux Mint, with either the Cinnamon or the MATE desktop is a great choice because it is quite similar to Windows in its appearance and use and gets seamless updates fairly often. Basically for the same reasons I would also suggest Manjaro Linux, especially for the budding rebels among you! It’s pretty secure, it offers timely updates which keep it safe and includes cutting edge technology, as well as offering perhaps 9 or 10 different versions. Solus and Peppermint Linux are two newer distros which are very good too, though not as well known. Debian Linux, which originated even before Ubuntu, is great, I often test out new versions, and Google has chosen Debian as its new OS, too.

Did you know that ALL of the 500 largest supercomputers use Linux as their OS? The business class hosting I use for my own website is Linux, too. (I still say Danica Patrick was the best GoDaddy girl ever, right guys?) Generally, Linux now makes up 3.6 percent of all personal computer’s operating systems, and almost all are free. Belatedly, Microsoft has realized that it has a problem and is moving into “open source” (free) computing on it’s own. I have read that the next version of Windows Microsoft is planning will use what is basically a Linux kernel. I only hope that Linux will not be spoiled by this influx of money into many of the distributions, although I will admit that Microsoft has been making many of the right moves in the last year or so.

Well lookit me, you wanted to know which are the coolest apps to use with Linux, and I have just been rambling on with this and that all about Linux… OK, here goes: One of the main things Windows 10 and also Apple offer is their much balyhooed artificial intelligence. But if you really must, here’s how to get it for your Linux computers. It works with just about any distribution of Linux I have tried it on, and is totally open source (free). Just open the Synaptic Package Manager and search for the word “caffe.” If you see “Caffe (CPU)” and install it, with several other little apps which come with it, that is said to almost instantly increase your computer’s intelligence and also to give it deep learning capabilities. If you watch the “details” view of the code being installed, it has thousands of lines of code, but only six lines are recognizable as having a commercial source, and these are ID’d as from Google. Still, it is all offered as open source, yet I offer this as a warning: Do Not, when installing Caffe (CPU) and the associated (CPU) apps, EVER include any of the similar Caffe (cuda) code, as that might very well “break” your machine.

For open source office apps, I know there is Open Office, which everone knows is pretty good, as well as a couple of newcomers, but I have always used LibreOffice and never had a problem with it. It handles all the Windows format documents, too.

For media players, both music and video it is hardly possible to beat VLC, with it’s symbol of the orange and white traffic cone, lol. I also like Clementine, which organizes your library, handles most of the usual formats of audio files, and also offers several free radio subscription services. Rhythmbox is very good, too, but (it seems to me), too often is easily hacked, something they need to work on. With evil geeks hacking their way into almost any computer, it is imperative that you have your music, videos and documents backed up somehow, at least to a good 32 or 64 GB flash drive (USB stick), and probably somewhere in the cloud, too. I always had relied on Microsoft’s OneDrive, but mine got hacked and I lost 26.6 GB of music files, a life’s collection, and it really hurt… Now I assiduously keep a USB stick up to date with all my music, and also rely on a backup to Google Play Music. No hard feelings intended, Microsoft, but that was a lifetime’s collection of the music I love….

See What to do First with Your New Linux Mint (Updated), (which is fairly where the idea for this article comes from), with most of the same apps suggested, and Linux, Windows 10 & Artificial Intelligence (AI) — Updated, all on MIR: The Land, Mother Earth and Peace.

Best Linux Distros
Choosing The Right Linux Version For You

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