Miracle Cure: Simple Home Remedy for Some Bacterial and Viral Infections

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The simple methods presented here kill most of the bacteria and viruses
in your body, taking the place of antibiotics which today mostly
no longer work. The reason so many antibiotics don’t kill off the bacteria in infections
any more is that the bacteria have developed resistance to the antibiotics.

November 7, 2016
Justice is Coming!

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Miracle Cure: Simple Home Remedy
for at Least Some Bacterial and Viral Infections

And how to strengthen your minds
against the very worst that
the Illuminati can throw at you!

The Daily Walk with Miracles, updated November 7, 2016, by Paul Evans, A provisional and untested cure for bacterial and viral infections. Video Maryn McKenna: What do we do when antibiotics don’t work any more? courtesy of TED Talks and YouTube. Musical inspiration provided by Information Society (playlist). Arizona Gadsden Flag courtesy of Patriotic Flags Online Store. Dedicated to my friends in the Central Intelligence Agency, the good and the Christian ones: Please Share this article before they (finish) knocking the whole site down.

Robots, Bird Flu, Ebola & the Illuminati

I guess this means I am now totally against and an enemy of Obama and the whole Illuminati apparatus and the witches in general, and think you should be too. Compared to where I was for many years, this is truly “what’s black is white, what’s white is black.” They’re trying to destroy anything left that’s good in the world, starting with you and me, people.

In the world of health, little has drawn more attention than the alarming fact that most antibiotics out there no longer work. Antibiotics are designed to kill bacteria in infections, such as Bubonic plague. Other big areas of research are searching for treatments for the flu virus. Even the ordinary strains of flu kill 25,000 to 35,000 people a years, and that’s with vaccinations. But now we face Illuminati depopulation which may involve human-to-human transmissible bird flu with a mortality rate of 85 percent. “They” have (right now) the biowarfare agent developed, they control the vaccine and the treatment, therefore normally they would control who lives and who dies. But I feel green drinks, such as Zinc green Spring Mint mouthwash – even the generic ones — and also yogurt, stop most infections in their tracks.

I think the Illuminati plan on replacing us with robots. Already in Amazon’s warehouse, they use robots to fill the orders. Is Wal*Mart next? The Illuminati monument in Georgia says they want an “ideal” population of 500,000,000 (500 million people only, while there are some 7 billion now). So they just may be planning to use human-to-human transmissible bird flu (or perhaps Ebola) to wipe out most of us, the “undesirable” humans who need food and want freedom and a decent life. Robots are so much cheaper and easier to control, aren’t they? And in Iraq they are giving robots the authority (on their own decisions) to kill human beings. The next step is the Terminator movies. I am so sorry, but we’re there now. Raise the alarm. Drink Monsters, stay calm, and ask your pastor/minster/preacher/spiritual advisor what to do next.

Please share this article. Yes, its a crazy conspiracy theory. The whole last 11 years of my life have been a living hell because I opposed the witches in favor of my Christianity. I guess they might kill me now. God Bless America, Live Free or die, that’s all I have to say. Jesus, save us now!

Ironically, it all started with two Satanic doctors and a lot of witches in one Wooster “church” in 2005. And those two doctors, “respectable, good Christians” that they are, (“pillars of the community,”) they got the Christians to do most of my destruction, when it’s ME that’s trying to save the U.S. and the people around the world slated for destruction. Typical Satanic bullsh*t, isn’t it? Well I DO know that I can go to my grave satisfied that I’ve done my Christian duty. Amen.

For more along these lines see Problems in Artificial Intelligence (AI), The Daily Walk with Miracles, February 11, 2016, by Paul Evans.

Mouthwash kills germs in your mouth, right? It’s not very toxic, right? Therefore my own regimine when sick with a potentially fatal infection was one-half a capful of mouthwash twice a day, SWALLOWED. This kills almost ALL the germs in your body, so you should have food, especially yogurt, afterwards, to replenish the “good germs” you need to digest food. I have heard yogurt described as “Rid-X for your body.” Probably eating yogurt works too. Both together, I believe MUST be a pretty effective defence against bacterial and viral infections.

Watch The Rise Of Superbugs Resistant To Antibiotics, YouTube documentary video – 42:30.

The simple methods presented here kill almost all the bacteria and viruses in your body, taking the place of antibiotics that no longer work. The reason so many antibiotics don’t kill off the bacteria in infections any more is that the bacteria have developed resistance to the antibiotics. There are millions and billions of bacteria in an infection, and the bacteria (or viruses) mutate (change genetically) to varieties which no longer die due to the antibiotics. If you were a Darwinist, you would say that resistant bacteria have mutated to new varieties which non longer die of due to contact with the antibiotics. The way it is envisioned to work is that those bacteria which no longer die due to proximity with the antibiotics are selected for in the evolutionary process. This overall process means that most antibiotics no longer kill the bacteria in infections.

How to have a mind that can
resist the Illuminati witches

In late 2012 I somehow managed to get Colitis, a potentially fatal bacterial infection in my blood. I was hospitalized for three weeks and nearly lost my left foot. Treatment was with an IV drip of a couple different strong antibiotics. Had I come down with the bacterial infection today, I might have died from it, since most antibiotics have become ineffective in treating most bacterial infections. The real reason so many bacterial species are no resistant to antibiotics is that factory farms have been feeding them to cattle. It’s a shame: for short-term profits, cattle farms risk the future of mankind.

public domain photo of a presecription medicine bottle

I then went three years where the only treatments given were a couple of penicillin-based antibiotics. But it turned out that the Colitis bacteria in my body were resistant to three different penicillin based antibiotic treatments. Finally, about four months ago I persuaded the doctor to try a Mycin, which is a non-penicillin-based antibiotic. I have responded to that treatment, but how did I live through the intervening three years? I believe that drinks which are green and blue in color are the answer. Green drinks, such as green Kool-Aide, as well as green “spring mint” Zinc-based mouthwashes, kill bacteria effectively (or they wouldn’t work as mouthwashes). Simply take a capful of mouthwash and do a power swish and then swallow it. I found that this didn’t make me sick, and used 1/2 large capful twice a day, and survived the bacterial infection. (Since you need “good bacteria” in your body to digest food, it’s a good idea to eat a small meal or especially yogurt after you use the “spring mint” mouthwash with Zinc.) There is no proof that my methods work, but it should be investigated and you might want to try this at home, especially if you have no medical insurance. Oh, and never let your doctor prescribe “Amoxicillin” antibiotic to you. That’s one of the main one they use at feed lots and almost every bacteria known to man is resistant to it: it hardly ever works.

During this same three-year period I drank quite a bit of blue Power-Aide and blue (and green) energy drinks, such as Monster. These drinks, I believe, kill viruses, and this needs to be studied by the scientific community. I also think that ANY blue drink, even blue Kool-Aide, kills most viruses. The drinks are blue because the color comes from the element arsenic. Be careful, arsenic is almost a poison to humans and too much of it can be deadly. If you wanted to try a natural, arsenic-based product for about $25 for a month’s supply from HelloLife.net, try Compulsin, designed for Obsessive Compulsive disorder but perhaps effective against viruses, as well, AND attention deficit disorder, AND it strengthens the mind greatly. Arsenic is the answer. All this is pretty speculative, but the Zinc “Spring Mint” generic mouthwash I am pretty certain is not toxic if swallowed and does kill bacteria and maybe stops viruses in their tracks.


In summary, to fight bacterial and viral infections and have a really really strong and empowered mind, gargle and swallow green Spring Mint mouthwash, drink blue drinks such as blue Kool-aide, blue Power Aid, and blue energy drinks such as Monster blue zero calorie. Three to five Monsters a day for a week to ten days PERMANENTLY strengthens and empowers your mind. Nowadays I have maybe one Monster a week. The changes are permanent and powerful.

Addictions are rough. It’s one of the main ways the evil ones get at us, it impoverishes us and ruins our lives. It can even make you suicidal, along with the “holier-than-thou” attitudes the authorities throw at you which make us feel bad about ourselves and can even make us suicidal. If you’re thinking about committing suicide, please read Suicide Help or call 1-800-273-TALK in the U.S.! To find a suicide helpline outside the U.S., visit IASP or Suicide.org. Peace and Love, Paul (@deaconblues2016).

What do we do when antibiotics
don’t work any more?

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