“God wants us to Live in Peace & Unity” Inspirational Video by Joel Osteen

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You have to have Faith, but before faith is hope.
Today’s Joel Osteen video is all about having hope,
and God’s unmerited grace,
stopping worrying and “turning it over to God”
, with a sermon by Paul Evans.

August 31, 2017
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
Justice is Coming!

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Joel Osteen 2016 –
“God wants us to Live in Peace & Unity”

Joel Osteen 2016 – One touch of God’s favor
can bring “unexpected sunshine”
so “turn it over to God”

The Daily Walk with Miracles, updated August 31, 2017, by Paul Evans. Video is courtesy of “God wants us to Live in Peace & Unity” Greatest Inspirational Video by Joel Osteen, YouTube — 27:13. Text of this article is courtesy of Joel Osteen and YouTube and The Daily Walk with Miracles. Featured photograph courtesy of Wikipedia. Secondary, included video playlist by Billy Joel based on his Allentown, courtesy of Vicki Smith and YouTube — 26 videos. God Bless Donald Trump: He’s gonna bring back the “iron and coke and chromium steel” and factories back to America. Now if Congress could just shake itself loose from the “Clinton Cartel” and pass a decent health care law for ALL Americans (but DON’T just remove the common man’s healthcare protections, give us something “real,” GOP!!

The Daily Walk with Miracles is for Sale: See Investment Opportunity in The Daily Walk with Miracles, The Daily Walk with Miracles, July 31, 2017, by Paul Evans.

Paul on What Really is Happiness & Success: I am grateful and thankful for my own spiritual salvation. This came totally unexpectedly, and I realized it and became fully saved in this Spirit in a “process oriented” sort of way. (I always have thought in terms of process theology rather than in terms of one defining moment of salvation, anyway, but now I know my Saviour and I am so very fulfilled and happy.) I always loved and cherished this spiritual source, I have been a strong spiritual Christian for years, yet I had no hope for this salvation, not this way, not for me, as I thought. To know salvation is to know happiness. While my “external circumstances” such as poverty remain, yet I am now thinking in terms of a passage I once heard Joel Osteen say which more and more resonates with me. “You don’t get success and then know happiness. You get happiness and then get success.” Wow, how profound! To know salvation IS to know happiness AND success.

Paul Evans: A very special and powerful Joel Osteen video is “Never Give Up” Greatest Inspirational Video by Joel Osteen — 29:36; and also watch Don’t Worry, Have Faith…., YouTube — 25:32. When you give in to your fears, you are giving those fears and all sorts of negative things and consequences power to come into your life. Negative (or positive) thoughts which are given speech are even more powerful: as the Bible states, (Proverbs 18:21),”the tongue has the power of life and death.” However, keep in mind that mostly, actions do speak louder than words. I’m just examining the positive and negative aspects of the Law of Attraction. If you did not know about it, study that law and see its huge power in all of our lives. You are “sowing” your future by your thoughts, whether positive or negative. Your thoughts and emotions bring a future into your life which have the power of a universal karma to them.

a stirring verse from Psalm 113 which entreats us to reverence and worship God, blessed be the name of the Lord

Your thoughts and emotions are what is fully reflected in your speech and actions, and fully create what happens to you in your life. This is a huge part of the overall “logic of the universe,” (Logos), or how it works for all of us. As the spiritualists and charismatics say, “thoughts become things.” (See Galatians 6:7)– Even with your emotions and attitude, and maybe especially in those areas, “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.” The full consequences of that simple verse are often overlooked. In a person’s life, the only thing that can top karma like that is God’s grace. So many times I have failed God, and always His kind mercy and grace have sustained me, somehow. Remember that God can forgive anything, and that you can change your life by following the “formula” of these teachings. This is NOT merely trying hard or (only) some kind of positivity, although it involves that. You really must change your whole mindset and emotions and put them on a positively directed course. Watch Dire Straits, Why Worry — 7:30, one of my very favorite YouTube music videos.

New Thought & the Law of Attraction

If you can make an effort and simply TRY to follow my ideas here and incorporate them into your life, God will create you anew. God does not ask anything of us that we cannot do, as Jesus said, (Matthew 11:30), “my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” In a large and very real sense, though, you create your future with your attitude, emotions, speech and efforts. The attitudes and emotions do, it seems to me, underlie your speech and actions, so that is particularly what you must “work on.” Just try this, your life WILL get better. These ideas are not at all original with me, of course. I came to begin to understand them in 2008 when I edited a book on spiritualism, but these ideas are a part of my newer, charismatic faith, too. Did you know that, according to Wikipedia, one-quarter of all Christians are now charismatic, in most if not all denominations?

Positive thinking, a positively directed life, training yourself in a positive mindset and emotions, and positive speech will change your life a lot for the better. Emotions and attitude are the hardest thing to change, which is why all mental illnesses are called “emotional disorders.” Your emotions underlie your thoughts and speech, right? And I know this is not easy when your life has treated you evilly or you have had a hard time. You DO have to change your whole mindset. My spiritualist friend in Cleveland always said, if you can change your behavior for 30 days, then you will have changed your life, permanently. Prayer and God’s Word will also very much help a better future come to pass in your life. Have HOPE for the future, have FAITH and KNOW your life is in God’s hands. He WANTS you to be happy and He will reward your effort to lead a positively directed life.

Faith without Works is Dead
John 3: 17-18

What else does God want from you to reward you with a much better life? Watch Love Your Neighbor As Yourself – Give a little Love, YouTube — 4:27. Loving God and being grateful to Him, loving your neighbor as yourself (I mean actually), much patience, not judging people and acceptance of your outward circumstances (while having hope that your life will get better), are the bywords for a better experience in your life. Remember that a kind word, or kindness in general, can remake a suffering person’s day or even life. Moreover being kind, makes you kind, and living like Jesus taught will make you like Jesus, to a certain extent.

These three things, understanding the Law of Attraction, praying and reading God’s Word, and following Jesus’ command to love your neighbor as yourself (not in speech, but in deeds, for God is no kind of hypocrite), are central to success in life. As to loving your neighbor as yourself, see John 3: 17-18: “But whoso hath this world’s good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him? 18 My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth.” And for those “philosopher types,” (such as myself), who put their faith in cogito ergo sum, in training your mind in speech and words and logic, I have found that this only leads to ability with words and logic, unless directed by God, and NOT happiness or a better life, which are the gifts of God’s grace. God Bless you all, and Blessed Be the name of the Lord!

Joel Osteen on YouTube

Watch Joel Osteen 2016 – #Miracles Out Of Mistakes, YouTube — 36:47 and also see Have Compassion for Your Brother, Even As God Loves You, The Daily Walk with Miracles, August 10, 2016, by Paul Evans and Beauty: Getting Past the “Maya” of Your Mind and Thinking with Your Heart, The Daily Walk with Miracles, August 25, 2016, by Paul Evans. You have to have Faith, but before faith is hope. And exactly as my friend Paul Yuhanick has related to me, Faith without understanding can actually be evil. “Get understanding, that’s the principal thing,” as Solomon said. Today’s Joel Osteen video is all about having hope. Main video, below, is courtesy of Joel Osteen and YouTube. May God Bless you abundantly. I was a sinner lost in my own hell, I even actually died in a hospital. See Dying, Coming Back to Life and Having Faith, The Daily Walk with Miracles, July 19, 2017, by Paul Evans. Yes, God brought me back, and I don’t think he’s through with me yet. I am exceedingly grateful to God. See The Unmerited Favor of God, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, August 11, 2016, by Billy Graham. Featured image courtesy of www.creationswap.com.

Also recommended is Joel Osteen 2016 – Just start again. It’s not over. – YouTube sermon – 27:32.

Joel Osteen
“God wants us to Live in Peace & Unity”
(“Turn it over to God”)

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