“God is Life:” The Truth of the Third Force

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The Daily Walk with Miracles

Rush hits all the high notes in this YouTube playlist
including a full discussion of what is actually sacred
(Life, the Third Force), as explained from science, comparative religion,
the Gaia Hypothesis, the Bible and Eastern thought,
reconciling science, Christianity, witchcraft and spiritual beliefs,
and what is Holy and what is evil
and “virtual theory” in fixing the flaw in Time.

October 20, 2016
Justice is Coming!

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“God is Life:”
The Truth of the Third Force

The Third Force of Life, Duality
and The Doctrine of Coexistence: Some Ideas
Including The Gaia Hypothesis and eastern philosophy
and what God considers Holy from the Bible

The Daily Walk with Miracles, October 20, 2016, by Paul Evans, (email paulfreedom57@gmail.com), video playlist is courtesy of TemplesofLamneth2112 and YouTube. The content in this article, absolutely so far as I have ever been acquainted with it, is absolutely the truth, is partly an attempt to “reconcile” Christianity, spiritualism, Christian witchcraft and more pagan beliefs, and has not been “spun” or written from any point of view other than the scientific truth and the truth of Christianity and the Bible, as well as these other beliefs such as spiritualism and witchcraft. But first an foremost, this is a strong attempt to “get at” the truth underlying all religions. There are deep secrets here, just for our readers. This is dedicated to my psychiatrist, Vera, with the video OFFICIAL Somewhere over the Rainbow – Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole, YouTube music video — 3:47. Please share this article with your friends and contacts.

SUMMARY: Rush hits all the high notes in this YouTube playlist, with a full discussion of what is actually sacred (Life, the Third Force, as explained) and what is Holy and what is evil. These are ideas from a 37 years of study of comparative religion, the Bible, Eastern Thought (Zen Buddhism and Taoism) & the Gaia Hypothesis, and we provide also a discussion of “virtual theory” in fixing the flaw in Time. Overall, I have shown on The Daily Walk with Miracles both that God is in fact strongly Love, a very real “thing” or force in the universe, here we show strongly that He is Life, and finally, as Christians (or spiritualists or Christian witches or some Wiccans) take it as a matter of faith that He is Light, too (and I see water as also rather Holy). That is my idea of what the Trinity consists of. But my current emphasis in my thinking is on God as Life, and I feel that this is the most sure and known reality about God. Watch Louis Armstrong: What a wonderful world, YouTube music video – 2:16: “the bright blessed day, the dark sacred night, and I think to myself, what a wonderful world!”

The Proverb of the day at Bible Study Tools website (for October 20, 2016) in the New International Version is Proverbs 29:14 — “If a king judges the poor with fairness, his throne will be established forever.

The whole yin/Satan/darkness and yang/Jesus/light thing is overblown by forces for good and evil in our society. Moreover, I feel that Jesus is very likely a man, the most Holy man ever but still just basically a man. It is the God who is Life who is the Supreme Force for good that Jesus drew his power from. The early church never claimed Jesus was anything but a man until the Council of Trent (the First Ecumenical Council) in 325 A.D. Before this they claimed no such thing. Probably they were looking for an edge over the remnants of pagan Rome, and so seized on the whole idea that Jesus was or is God, but I honestly don’t think so. However there IS some identity transcendently with God who is Life by the whole “Body of Christ,” His spiritual succession down through time.

As to my own life and my own Fate, I do realize not to expect fairness, for as is written, expecting fairness is like expecting the lion not to eat you because you didn’t eat the lion. Yet I want to point out that He said to me, also, that “intentional injustice is to be avoided.” Jesus said, “For none is righteous. No. Not one.” Keep it in mind, all ye so-called righteous Christian and witchy people. By way of introduction to this article, let me make very clear that I am in NO way any kind of witch, I am a spiritual and charismatic Christian man with a strong faith. I never belonged to any coven, nor received any instruction from any witches whatsoever, I have not done much reading on the topic of witchcraft nor dated any witch. While I HAVE belonged to a few Christian witchcraft online societies, this was purely out of an interest in my own studies of comparative religion. However I feel, as I make clear in this article, that being a witch is a cultural choice within the context of worshipping that Life which is sacred, and that they are not necessarily evil at all. What I share in common with my brothers and sisters who may believe in this way is a special appreciation of THE SACREDNESS OF LIFE, in terms of life on Earth. As the Bible puts it, “God IS Life.”

My own Christian, charismatic faith is very strong and has sustained me through a lot of hard times, mainly caused by the intolerance of those who wrongly judged me and hurt me, in direct contradiction to what Jesus says our behavior as Christians should consist. As Christians, Jesus calls us directly to love ALL our neighbors as ourselves. In His own life, he made no exceptions, helping the Samaritan woman when Jews were not even supposed to speak with Samaritans and even the Roman Centurian whom, as such, was an enemy of the Jewish people. Here are a couple deep secrets: Being kind, makes you kind, and living like Jesus taught, makes you actually like Jesus.

I also feel that I am not entirely unqualified to write an article speaking about the Gaia Hypothesis, since I have studied comparative religion on and off for 37 years, was a Unitarian-Universalist for 24 years, before I became truly Christian, and I have had 11 years of college training in geology, earth science, geography and environmental/ecology coursework including a graduate-level course in human ecology, and have a B.A. (1980) from Miami University (Ohio) in geology.

Here is my own personal “code” of Christianity: I consider myself a Christian man, spiritualist, charismatic, unorthodox. I don’t like doctrine at all, just as Jesus disliked the teachings of the Pharisees. I simply feel, if we truly want to consider ourselves Christian, all we need to do is believe in Jesus, love God, be humble and appreciate the gift of our life, (and Jesus wanted us to especially love our neighbor as ourselves [I mean actually]), and don’t hurt and judge people, no matter what it costs, or at the very least when you can. Sorry all you doctrine people, I’m sure in my own mind it’s as simple as that. But I find that few people actually do this. It’s not rocket science and you don’t need to have the Bible memorized, just a very strong familiarity with the Gospels. Always you need the Grace of God in your life. Always remember that salvation is a free gift, but it puts you in a covenental relationship with God or that Life Force, and that this can cost you, even up to your life. Really. This is MY code for living, as Jesus has led me to believe.

All these fine, Christian people who DON’T follow the teachings of Jesus and who have, hugely, treated me evilly in my life. God is perhaps giving you this one chance to repent and to help me have a better life.

Here are some established facts and some interesting theory about our Earth and something about the sexes and the strong influence descent has in the different cultural views of Life by various societies. Although we present here a “different,” comprehensive, comparative religion sort of view of the Holiness of Life, a Bible verse we must strongly keep in mind is: “1 Corinthians 13:2 — “And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.” The word “charity” in the Bible is used almost synonymously with “Love,” although it is used as a larger concept than we think of charity today. “Blessed be the name of the Lord.”

photo of the author Paul Evans on a date from 20112 with a patriotic peace sign

The Bible says simply, “God is Life.” Now Bill Clinton may have based his whole Monica Lewensky defense on the basis of the definition of the word is, but when God says IS, He straightforwardly means, God IS Life, and that THIS is the force Jesus, true Christians, as well as, I believe, witches and many religions draw upon. That means, frankly, that our society’s obsession over light and dark is WRONG and that these (the light and the darkness) are much more like the eastern conception of yin and yang, and that light and dark are complementary and not oppositional. This full complementarity, then, is correctly believed by the Hindus, Buddhists, Zen people and almost all of Eastern thought. When Jesus uses expressions like “the darkness” and “the Prince of darkness,” he is mainly speaking metaphorically about everything that is wrong, or evil. It also should be kept in mind that Jesus was teaching the Hebrews of that time and placing the religious thought and values He gave in terms so that this simple, agrarian people could understand His teachings as part of their religion, and I feel we need to place Bible teachings other than His direct words in a much more modern context. I also strongly believe there are different “levels” in which divinity (Life force) and evil (like hate and death and war and ignorance, too) express themselves.

What evil basically does NOT find its expression in is that level of divinity present as “the gods,” or planets such as Jupiter verses Saturn, for example. I made this mistake for almost all of my life, and have some mistakes to clean up in such posts of mine as Dawn of the New Age: The Terms of Peace Between God and Satan, for example.

Fixing the Flaw in Time

In terms of the evil who is personified in Satan, this is much more real and existent in terms of TIME, or an evil IN dark matter, but not the dark matter or the darkness itself, in other words it is strongly present in a serious flaw in the fabric of space-time, a problem in time on earth. However, to some extent, this wrongness finds it’s expression in our modern society in its obsessions over time and schedules. As the rock band Chicago said, “does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody care? If so I can’t imagine why.” (Yet we all have to live our lives and keep our appointments, don’t we?) See especially a very good article I have strong faith about, Internet Time and Earth Time: Is Time Ending?, in which I note that some beliefs are simplistic in thinking that when Jesus comes again, Satan and time will basically end. What ends, and what is being highly altered and changed (AND fixed), in a virtual sense, in the world we live in right now, is not time itself, but our perception of time. (Whoever started measuring time started the whole mess.) The internet is imposing it’s virtual reality of a mindfully aware simultaneous Now onto the 24 arbitrary and increasingly “not real” zones of time on earth. In that sense, time actually (may be considered to be in one sense) ending and the world is being fully changed and altered for the better. This is owing to the very much planned and diligent efforts of computer geek programmers around the world: God Bless you folks. In a very real sense, the internet, in connecting all of humanaity in a “simultaneous, more mindfully aware Now” sort of reality, is healing the flaw in the fabric, or “fixing” Time on earth.

I do want to simply note that, the only time Jesus got seriously pissed off, it was over the evil use of money, and that I personally have had some $200,000 stolen from me and been homeless five times in recent years. I believe this is partly owing to my tendency to be “too truthful” here on this site and thus, persecution from the government as well as my own Christian brothers. Well I intend to offer and eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, and would hope those in authority might now offer me a better life. As to “fairness,” fairness about my own life and my fate, I know very well not to expect fairness, for expecting the world to be fair is like expecting the lion not to eat you because you didn’t eat the lion, but add to that the caveat God has for you that “intentional injustice is to be avoided.” Maybe or else. Sanity is a “mean statistical ‘norm’.” Be tolerant of those who are “different.” That goes ESPECIALLY for such institutions as the the Roman Catholic church and the conservative Christian community.

The Gaia Hypothesis
and Earth’s Life Force

The Gaia Hypothesis, named after the ancient Greek goddess of the earth, shortly stated, is that the entire earth functions in all it’s systems and “ecosystems,” as if it were a single living organism — (which the hypothesis labels as Gaia, goddess of earth)). [Ecosystems are large scale ecological communities, essentially the plants and animals as well as the mineral and organic environment which sustains them, considered on a larger scale.] Gaia, Lovelock and Marguilis (the originators of this hypothesis) found, has one over-riding function or purpose or design: to maintain life on Earth in a “homeostasis,” or steady-state.

One example of Gaia’s “feedback loops,” which keep life in a homeostatis: For example, if the ocean temperature becomes too warm, (as it is now, at depth, while surface layers are oddly not much changed in their temperatures) the ocean reacts by precipitating CaCo3, or limestone ooze. Since this is an “endothermic” or energy consuming reaction, the process lowers the ocean temperature. This subsystem thus is what scientists call a “feedback loop” and part of the overall bio-chemical “system” of Gaia, or Mother Earth. The problem in relying on Mother Earth to save us altogether is that these feedback loops take 100 years or more to effect the changes which sustain the Earth, and so cannot save us in the short run. We have damaged and degraded the environment so much that we risk our extinction as a species and also that of most life on earth. See my article, “Global Warming: What is the Truth?, which was updated September 9, 2016.

The Gaia hypothesis is a formal, scientific “hypothesis” which as you might imagine, is quite controversial, and was proposed about 1975 by Lovelock and Marguilis. It has been strongly attacked by both materialist, mostly unreligious men from the “mainstream” scientific community, as well as those who count themselves as conservative Christians, but it has never been at all fully disproven (nor in most of the main claims it makes), in any major detail. In fact, Lovelock and Marguiles just received a major award in 2014 in recognition of their contribution to science, in the main with their Gaia hypothesis. Since its proposal, The Gaia hypothesis has been one direction of a major change in the way the Earth is viewed, scientifically.

Did you know that we are in the midst of the fourth great wave of extinctions in earth history? We must take much better care of our planet, for example planting forests instead of deforestation, which cools the air as well as cleans it. New England thirty years ago was 25 percent forested and the temperature there was quite warm. Now New England is 43 percent forested and the authorities have had to spend $60 billion on salt and winter road clearing expenses. Want to slow down Earth’s global warming? Plant forests and practice safe, selective cut harvesting and forestry and the Earth will cool down nicely: Plant some fast-growing trees like pines and we’ll do much better by Mother Earth’s health and our own chances for survival as a species.

The Bible states quite straightforwardly that “God is Life,” and this would mean that Earth’s overall Gaia system is (like) a “single celled” organism in the universe as a whole, like an “oasis in space,” (as Preston Cloud called it), and The Gaia hypothesis a conception almost as if Earth were itself a living organism, in a universe of similar live systems, which we might think of as “cells in the mind of God.” But even conceived of just as Life on Earth, we find that witches generally conceive of Gaia as female and have their genetic heritages handed down as a matrilineal matriarchy, while the Judeo-Christian culture sees Life as patriarchally descended (patrilineal descent). Truth seems to me that Earth is more feminine in the Spring, when there are flowers, and more male in the Fall, with Earth’s Life going to seed. (OK, admit it guys, the ladies rule. Yeah, OK, we’re stronger, but then they can leave us, and then where would we be?) So our view of the God who is Life is, really comes down to a question mainly of how descent is reckoned in these different cultures. It is the same God, the same Life, the same “force” and sacredness, in reality. And what sex exists for the fully living pith of a growing tree? Surely we can all see that Life is sacred and comprises an irreplaceable heritage that we all need to respect and preserve and reverence. “Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Rush – The Earthshine Playlist

From the Fifth Dimension, Age of Aquarius 1969, which has the following prophecy:

“When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then Peace will guide the planets, and love will steer the stars.”

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