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December 7, 2015
Justice is Coming!

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God is Life: Be Grateful for Life!
Change Your Heart!

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Free Music57 + politics, December 7, 2015, by Paul Evans. I need to insist, this is a teaching blog post or article, it is informational and thought provoking, it has NOTHING to do with politics.

The daily Bible verse at The Official King James Bible Online is Psalm 119:105 — “NUN. Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

We are alive, we are blessed. Life is a gift for which we are grateful. Here is a video that will show you conclusively that a habit of gratitude is a worthwhile and good thing. and #God bless #Wooster #Ohio. I believe it is folly to think the U.S. or the world will be “liberated” from the Masons, Mornons, Bilderburg Group, Illuminati or in America, oversight from many of the Christian churches and policy direction from the National Policy Council, as well as the Center for American Progress (CAP). I personally am grateful indeed for the government’s forbearance with some of my formerly radical positions. I’m “turning over a new leaf.”

Free Music57 + politics has the best in streaming rock, alternative, Christian rock and other great music and #YouTube #music #videos. We are THE Un-official music blog of the C.I.A. This is true even though my heart is to some extent with #Anonymous. I hope that any mass protest is nonviolent. ALL of us are patriotic Americans here. Historically, revolutions have solved nothing and fixed nothing. Is Hitler’s Germany better off today? Did Red China gain much from her revolution? “The only true revolution is a revolution of the heart.” Turn to Jesus, people. There is no point to tearing our great nation apart. #Peace #Love Acceptance and #Unity brothers and sisters. God Bless us each and every one. Amen.

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