Global Warming: Can the Human Species Survive Extreme Heat

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— Rolling Stone (on Pocket-Firefox) has a new article, “Can We Survive Extreme Heat?” This is much more than a question of casual interest. The area around Death Valley has a record heat wave underway, with temperatures around 130 Fahrenheit. Rolling Stone discusses a heat wave around Phoenix with temperatures around 115 Fahrenheit, saying we “have never lived on a planet this hot, and we’re totally unprepared for what’s to come.” As I have stated in a few articles on global warming on The Daily Walk, Conservatives refuse to believe the abundant evidence for global warming, while Democrats are ideologically wedded to a dangerous (and completely false) idea that the warming is due to an increase in CO2, probably because this is what is being pushed on them by corporate America. Now it’s getting to the point where we either face up to the truth about global warming or risk extinction as a species.

August 24, 2020
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Global Warming: Can the Human Species
Survive Extreme Heat

Global Warming and Climate Change: Either Both
Conservatives as well as Liberals Wake Up
to the Truth, or Perhaps We Are Approaching
an End for the Human Species

The Daily Walk with Love, August 24, 2020, by Paul Evans, featured photo shows an “urban heat island” in Queens, N.Y. Main sources are Can We Survive Extreme Heat?, The Rolling Stone on “Pocket-Worthy, by Jeff Goodell; Tweet Chat: Learn More About Extreme Heat and the Urban Heat Island Effect,, August 28, 2019, by Tom Di Liberto; and Global warming is increasing the risk of heatwaves, Skeptical Science, no date or author, which says:

Global warming is causing more frequent heatwaves. Record-breaking temperatures are already happening five times more often than they would without any human-caused global warming. This means that there is an 80% chance that any monthly heat record today is due to human-caused global warming. offers many resources for people across America, at the national, state and local levels to see resources available to them (as well as for government officials at these levels to see and implement).

Still, there is no real way to fully cope if you live in Phoenix with temperatures around 115, or if you are in the paths of devastating hurricanes spawned by large lenses of super-heated water at depth in oceans. The Greenland ice cap, two miles thick in places, is melting at a rate not expected until 2070. It is expected to be fully melted by the end of the 21st century, by itself raising sea levels 20 feet. This means that both New York City and Miami will somehow have to come up with about $1 trillion each just to remain viable metropolises.

Jeff Goodell on the Rolling Stone (as found on Pocket) summarizes the hazard for all of us, saying “humans have never lived on a planet this hot, and we’re totally unprepared for what’s to come.” He puts a more human face on the suffering and misery we might all soon face:

On a scorching day in downtown Phoenix, when the temperature soars to 115°F or higher, heat becomes a lethal force. Sunshine assaults you, forcing you to seek cover. The air feels solid, a hazy, ozone-soaked curtain of heat. You feel it radiating up from the parking lot through your shoes. Metal bus stops become convection ovens. Flights may be delayed at Sky Harbor International Airport because the planes can’t get enough lift in the thin, hot air. At City Hall, where the entrance to the building is emblazoned with a giant metallic emblem of the sun, workers eat lunch in the lobby rather than trek through the heat to nearby restaurants. On the outskirts of the city, power lines sag and buzz, overloaded with electrons as the demand for air conditioning soars and the entire grid is pushed to the limit. In an Arizona heat wave, electricity is not a convenience, it is a tool for survival.

My own article on The Truth About Global Warming, with Easy Solutions, published often here, flies in the face of conventional wisdom, but as someone with ten years of college in geology and earth science, I honestly believe might fix this whole problem. Liberals, and Democrats in general, seem wedded to a carbon tax, and even big business is pushing this. Actually, corporations would make a lot of money from a carbon tax, while the average American family would end up shelling out between $7,000 to $10,000 a year. (Do you like the sound of that, liberals, or can you begin to understand that this yet another giveaway to corporate America, and all the CO2 propaganda is just that, false propaganda to take still more money from average Americans.)

Please have a look at my article on global warming, but, to make a long story short, most of the global warming is caused by deforestation, use of Styrofoam, and fluoride in refrigerants and our municipal water supplies. We have degraded our environment hugely, and are in the middle of the fourth great wave of extinctions in Earth history. 90 percent of birds are just gone. There is no longer any rain-forest south of the Amazon River.

But even a massive program of reforestation, carried on at the national, state, local and individual levels might very well be enough to save humanity from being the next species to go extinct: In New England about 40 years ago, it was quite hot. (I know, I lived there then for three years.) At that time, New England was 25 percent forested. Now, New England is 43 percent forested, and in a recent winter season they had to spend $60 billion on road salt and repairs. Even if you do believe that increased CO2 causes a lot of the warming, growing trees act as a sink of CO2 from the atmosphere, and they also cool and clean the air. Styrofoam is believed to cause 25 percent of global warming. But there are alternatives to Styrofoam ice chests, and even now Wal*Mart sells double-walled hard paper cups you can substitute for the old Styrofoam ones. And sometimes when it is not too terribly hot we can roll down the windows of our cars instead of using the AC and use fans in our homes.

We can see, then, that if intelligent choices are made, including “selective cut” forestry instead of clear cut harvesting, humanity would not suffer so much, and we would no longer be in so bad a risk for extinction. For more details, read my recently updated article on global warming.

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