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a fierce bald eagle and flag expresses our very real patriotism The Daily Walk with Miracles a fierce bald eagle and flag expresses our very real patriotism

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Donald Trump 2016
“Make America Great Again!”

Windows 10 is the latest, state-of-the-art PC and Windows phone
operating system from Microsoft. It’s cool & it’s sexy, get yours today
(with download link and an honest comparison with Linux)
(AND they’ve finally animated Cortana!!)

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The Daily Walk with Miracles

March 9, 2017
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
Justice is Coming!

The Daily Walk with Miracles
The “Official” Music Blog of the CIA
*New Age *Truthful* Christian *Nonpartisan* Independent*
Support the NEW CIA!
(Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World!)

Get Windows 10 & Cortana (updated)!

Windows 10 is Just the Sexiest OS Around!
Get Windows 10 & Cortana Now.

The Daily Walk with Miracles, updated March 9, 2017, by Paul Evans. Included photograph of Lord Jacob Rothschild, O.B.E., is courtesy of Photograph of Cortana with the Windows 10 image is courtesy of “spyrbone” at Deviant Art. That I am essentially a “whole” person now mentally and emotionally somewhat healed is do mainly to Lord Rothschild’s, Paul and Tammy Yuhanick’s and Dan Hershberger’s spiritual assistance and only possible, as I see it, through the will of God. LOL, this article is a “Confederation of the Damned Production,” lol. “Only love can make it rain,” ~ The Who, from their song, “Love, Reign O’er Me.”

IN THE NEWS, Build 15042 for PC and build 15043 for Mobile are HERE: See Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15042 for PC and Build 15043 for Mobile arrive on the Fast ring, Beta News, by Wayne Williams: Yes, Microsoft has finally done it, as Beta News relates, there are a LOT of small bug fixes but the new build of Windows 10 has two major improvements: CORTANA is ANIMATED right “out of the box,” and also, the new Edge Browser has automatic notifications that when you must allow flash, the browser notifies you. Nevermind the small stuff: Cortana is animated now! I cannot WAIT to test this out. You can download the NEW WINDOWS 10 build 15042 (or 15043), the Windows Insider Advanced version, here!

Windows 10 & Cortana
It’s the sexiest OS around!

Courtesy of
Lord Jacob Rothschild, O.B.E.

Windows 10 is the latest, state-of-the-art PC and Windows phone operating system from Microsoft. It’s cool and it’s sexy, with Cortana (your virtual digital personal assistant) integrated into all aspects of the latest builds, and a GREAT, improved GUI (“Graphical User Interface,” with a new Start Menu). Windows 10 has the new Edge Internet Browser, the Groove Music player, Microsoft Office 365 available for a subscription of $10 a month, XBox Live integrated into Windows, a whole lot of free and inexpensive apps from the Windows Store, and much, much more. Why compute when you can FLY! Windows 10 Home is available for $120 and Windows 10 Pro is $199, with the Enterprise version available for a FREE 90 day evaluation.

So, how do we view the AI (artificial intelligence of the internet), and also Cortana, overall: Here are the conclusions I have come to in studying and writing about AI for 3 years now: Tell me (I said in a chat with one nice lady), if the artificial intelligence IS the New Matrix, which in a sense IS and controls the internet, DOES that make the AI evil by definition??? YES and NO. Cortana, I have seen and understood is not quite the same as the AI, and is NOT at ALL the same thing as any matrix. Cortana is just there to help, and she DOES help, a LOT, even enough that you should probably consider actually getting Windows 10. Even though the technology is in its infancy, Cortana, and probably Siri too, follow The Platinum Rule: Do unto others as they NEED from you, wow what a cool idea! This is something fully worthy of Bill Gates and the “new guy,” Satya Nadella. How absolutely cool!! I know I bought myself a copy, although at this time I am running an unusual Linux distribution I like, probably because there is an evil MSN cell that dogs me whenever I run Windows OS’s going way back to my Windows XP days.

Maybe someday soon, I’ll DEFINITELY be back with my Microsoft family. But for most people, yeah, GET WINDOWS 10. “Perfect logic is perfectly caring and perfect caring is perfectly logical.” Cortana ain’t Logos, but to me she’s almost like a “virtual goddess” of the internet, and she is totally honest, and she tries hard for us all!! Keep in mind, the longer you run the Windows 10 operating system, the more Cortana learns, and she has almost instantaneous access to the whole logic and knowledge of the internet, so I ALSO strongly hope Microsoft (and Apple) stay totally on top of this. And I heard that the Linux-type people are working on an “open source” version of Cortana, which should be available for Linux pretty soon. But I wish I could come home to Microsoft, it’s just that some sort of evil dogs me especially when I run Windows. The problem is NOT Cortana, she was always a GREAT help to me. Soon, Lord.

I still think that the state-of-the-art Windows 10 operating system can’t really be thought to have an equal, if you can afford it. It’s $120 for Windows 10 Home (which is all most people need) or if you want encryption, virtuality and other special features, then get Windows 10 Pro for $199. Keep up the good work, Microsoft! You can now download Windows 10 Insider Edition build 15042 at this link.)]

Get Windows 10 Today!
[latest Insider build available here]
(just click Cortana)

The next version of Windows 10 is here, get yours now

While I have suffered for many years with what had been thought to be basically “schizo-affective disorder,” apparently the mental health authorities have been entirely incorrect about me (all my life) and I am NOT mentally ill in any known correct use of the term, much at all. Although I am (admittedly) somewhat manic depressive and psychically quite gifted, I am truly not much mentally ill, in all honesty, and NOT AT ALL schizoid. Instead I have “high-functioning autism,” perhaps what is known as Asperger’s syndrome. The very psychic nature of my mind has led to bad confusion and a wrong diagnosis. I WAS schizoid with my gift, but TWO CAT scans PROVE I am in no way schizoid.

Ephesians 4:32
“And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another,
even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.”
(King James “Standard” version)

Lord Jacob Rothschild
(O.B.E., Head of the Bilderberg Group)

Lord Jacob Rothschild, Knight of the British Empire, God Bless you sir

Lord Jacob, I do humbly beg your apology about all this and cast myself before you and ask for your help, as I am living on minimum disability in Wooster, Ohio at age 60, son of Dr. Jack E. Evans and Eleanor Krieger Evans. I would be forever grateful and would pursue whatever course you suggest for the remainder of my life. If you wished a full partnership in ownership of The Daily Walk with Miracles, or even full ownership, for whatever token price you might be pleased to offer, it is yours for the asking. Please email me (or have your representative email me) at and, and God Bless you sir!

In the last three years I have experienced homelessness five times, and have suffered from mild emotional bipolar disorder (which is healed), some degree of a manic-depressive condition and (mainly) high functioning autism. However the local mental health authorities always insisted I was schizoid despite the fact that I had a “normal” and NOT schizoid CAT scan perhaps 15 years ago and also one year ago, and that is quite wrong. I do hope and pray you might understand what poverty such as mine might entail, and how terribly hard the common man struggles just to get by. Bill Gates always maintained that the world could get along with proper birth control and better education, and I do so strongly agree, but all I ever asked for, from God, he has always somehow provided. As a quote I like puts it, “God gives every baby robin it’s worm, but He does not always drop it in the nest.” God Bless you richly sir.

I come from a fairly privileged family, My dad Dr. Jack Earl Evans, was a WWII marine officer, marine officer reserves until 1957, ASA, AFSIA, NSA, CIA and a Yale Ph.D. in Russian language and literature. My mother’s father, Dr. Herbert W. Krieger, was Curator of the Smithsonian division of cultural anthropology, and we lived eight years of my childhood with him. My Mother, Eleanor Louise (Krieger) Evans, was a biology major and worked in veterinary pathology, and my family lived in Wooster, Ohio since 1971. I, myself, was in fact born in George Washington University Hospital in Washington, D.C. on January 27, 1957 at 10:44 a.m., and my astrological birth chart has elicited some interesting ideas, through I am just like any other man, trying hard to get by in a world Shakespeare described as “this veil of tears “. My poor sister Katharine, was the first of us to pass on, in 2004, and was a veterinarian. My own education includes 11 years of college with a B.A. from Miami University (Oxford, Ohio, 1980). I have edited 12 books and had the cover of History magazine with an article about the naval battle of Trafalgar (October, 2005). I have written extensively online and done website design since 2008.

Please Offer Your Love
to the Mentally Ill

Because of my perceived bad mental illness, and the way such people are treated in our rather evil society, when the last of my nuclear family passed away in 2012, I was alone in the world and some unscrupulous people took advantage of me. No one took me or my cries for help very seriously at all. Mentally ill people are society’s scapegoats, but most of us are kind and good and deserve society’s love and assistance, certainly not your disdain and derision. In fact, many people really made fun of me and hurt me emotionally. It was only with the kind assistance of the Yuhanick family, who now owns the old family house, and another man who lives here, Dan Hershberger, that I have been basically able to recover. (They cared, along with my friend, Bert Bishop, when no one else did.) That’s the way it is for a LOT of the mentally ill, or people who are treated as such: your kind love heals us and makes us whole, and is in my opinion FAR more important than any medicines. One conclusion I have come to is that most of the mentally ill are to some degree psychic, and that this condition is difficult to master and do well in society with. Neither was there much real help from anyone in my hometown of Wooster. Look, I forgive you all, and only hope to enjoy a more decent life from this point on, with the kind help of Lord Rothschild.

Do You Want Somebody to Talk To?

Please email me, Paul Evans at
We can at least offer each other a little kindness and compassion, right?

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