George Winston – Winter Into Spring

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— George Winston, Winter Into Spring (CD), is unique, folksy
and almost classical, and new age,
solo jazz piano, and it is enchanting and unique.
The songs remind me of the best of the Impressionist painters.
It’s been said that George Winston’s Winter into Spring is a good
album to start your day with, I would say it’s lively and quiet
at the same time and gets your juices flowing.

April 18, 2019
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George Winston – Winter Into Spring
(full CD)

New Age piano music with heart, soul
and quiet beauty: George Winston,
from Windham Hill

The Daily Walk with Love, April 18, 2018, by Paul Evans, with video from the CD of George Winston – Winter Into Spring. Thanks to the Windham Hill and Dancing Cat record labels and to YouTube. I hope you also might enjoy a video playlist of George Winston – Longing Love (playlist), both courtesy of YouTube. This is, to simplify, “jazzy, solo, new age piano” which I hope you will like a lot. Featured photograph courtesy of 1310 News. With winter just now getting past us here in Ohio (where we’ve had snows and bitter temperatures), it’s good to remember that it won’t always be that way, eventually Spring will be warming us up once again. Maybe we’ll have another a warm April, overall! So far it’s been kind of cold and snowy here in Ohio. “Winter Into Spring” is one of the very best examples of a classical style of new age music around anywhere, though there are also elements of jazz woven into it, too. For friends, email me, Paul, at

Personal from Paul: To those who question my beliefs and faith, may point out that I have often discussed my faith on The Daily Walk with Miracles, and I feel I have a real, factual basis for my beliefs and “the hope that lies within me.” In the first place, a little over two years ago, I DIED and came back about an hour or more later, on another floor of the hospital. Secondly, good people, I ask, “why is the sky blue,” Gott im Himmelblau! as the Germans say. Scientists say it’s because of ammonia in the atmosphere from decaying organic matter. But question an honest scientist further and he’ll admit that ammonia is unstable in the presence of oxygen and so really just shouldn’t be present in our air at all. Thirdly, why is the ocean essentially a 70 percent saline solution? I DO NOT HOWEVER buy into traditional Christian morality and religion at all. Some of you will hate me for that. Well, the Pharisees hated Jesus, too. And, in all honesty, even should I be wrong, faith is the right path for people, as LOVE and compassion move mountains and are almost always the right attitude. But you see I HAVE DIED AND GOD BROUGHT ME BACK. It’s hospital-documented, and I HAVE STRONG CHRISTIAN FAITH, do YOU?

Really, let me be even more honest. The evidence will always be equivocal, and it will always be a question of faith. I believe that’s the way God wanted it. As for me, I believe. But I won’t put up with society’s bullsh*t, and occasionally I have “said too much” on this website and others, and may be considered somewhat dissident (which label I would bitterly disagree with), and so I suffer. You may not like what I write, but nobody’s making you read my thoughts, either. However if you enjoy my efforts here, please feel encouraged to share my articles. Google and the authorities do the best to keep a good audience away from here, it’s up to you to spread the news that we are worth reading.

The Music of George Winston

I was somewhat captivated by the beautiful, sweet nature of George Winston’s piano music when I first heard it back around 1990. For a short time my hometown of Wooster, Ohio had a CD store which sold that sort of thing. The beauty reminds me of my “ideal” special girlfriend I have been searching for all my life, she is “the virtuous woman” mentioned a few times in the Bible, but also someone who loves the poor and those who are disadvantaged. Yes, I do so myself long for a love in my life, but this has always involved a lot of suffering for me. I don’t really understand why the fates have been so against me finding a sweet, loyal lady. But I DO know that love and longing and need are an attachment. The Buddha taught that all attachments involve suffering. I think if mankind were more accepting of their fate and more passive, there would be much less suffering in the world. But I need a woman…. “Oh, well.” (

Watch Billy Joel sing his special song, Honesty, YouTube – 3:50. Also watch The Who, Blue, Red & Grey, YouTube — 2:47.

The Quiet Beauty
of George Winston’s Piano

Listen to the touching and dramatic quiet solace in these George Winston compositions. Hear the beauty. If you are at all inclined to new age sounds, or even if you don’t commonly listen to this genre, these songs are well worth your time and attention. Visit the official George Winston website. If you listen at all closely, you will feel the compassionate love for life and nature that Winston has. It seems to me that compassion is rarely wrong. Jesus IS compassion and Compassion is Jesus. What is so wrong is what the Judeo-Christian religious communities have done with His compassion. Judeo-Christian so-called morality is all wrong, not in their compassion but in their lack of it towards their fellow man. They give food handouts to the poor, they should be giving them good, decent housing and empowering them to make a living. They SAY they are compassionate, really they are about money and pleasure (or at least social networking) for it’s own sake, and you know in your hearts that you are not living as Jesus taught us, you are addicted to “righteousness” when Jesus said “For none is righteous. No. Not one,” and all this is so very wrong. I’m sorry, it’s just that all this “Sharia law Christianity” has hurt me a lot in several ways. I’m sorry. I apologize before God… but I have never quite got over the psychic pain all this caused me and still does. But compassion IS the nature of Jesus’ love for you. I should complain, I’m sorry.

Hey I guess if you wanted to simplify you could say that George Winston is about “solot new age jazz piano,” but it’s like nothing else you’ve ever heard. If you listen to this album, I feel you will fall in love with George Winston even if you do not generally like New Age or jazz. You would very likely enjoy listening to another George Winston album on YouTube, Plains, which is somewhat quieter and more minimalistic.

Wikipedia has a good summary (as always) about George Winston:

George Winston (born 1949) is an American pianist who was born in Michigan, and grew up mainly in Miles City, and Billings, Montana, as well as Mississippi and Florida. He is best known for his solo piano recordings; several of his albums from the early 1980s have sold millions of copies each. Winston plays in three styles: the melodic approach he came up with that he calls “rural folk piano.”; Stride piano, primarily inspired by Thomas “Fats” Waller and Teddy Wilson; and his primary interest, New Orleans R&B piano, influenced by James Booker, Professor Longhair, and Henry Butler.

It’s been said that George Winston’s Winter into Spring is a good album to start your day with, I would say it’s lively and quiet at the same time and gets your juices flowing. You can buy the mp3 album for Winter into Spring at for $9.49. Wikipedia has a nice summary discussing Winter into Spring:

Winter into Spring is the third solo album of pianist George Winston, released in 1982. It was inspired by the transition of the seasons and was the follow-up to his 1980 album, Autumn. (Originally released by Windham Hill), it was reissued on Winston’s Dancing Cat label. The album was certified Platinum by the RIAA on December 17, 1987.

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George Winston Winter into Spring

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