Gayness, Straightness, Ignorance and Hypocrisy

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— Here is the REAL (Real), Honest, full truth about gayness, straightness, and society’s ignorance and hypocrisy, and how it destroys lives and causes terrible suffering for a LOT of people. Don’t read this unless you want to hear a fully honest, knowledgeable discussion on the subject. You probably won’t like it, but when you read this, you’ll know you are hearing the absolute truth (so help me God).

May 28, 2019
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Gayness, Straightness,
Ignorance and Hypocrisy

The absolute, best direction I can give a
kind, gentle young man: DON’T waste your time,
energy, emotions (and money) at a dating website.
If you want to meet a real nice girl who might
actually love you, start attending a big church!

The Daily Walk with Love, May 28, 2019, by Paul Evans, I have seen so many people hurt and emotionally damaged by the whole issue of gayness or straightness (as they are judged by society) that as a 62 year old veteran of ten years wasted at dating websites, and a few guys actually emailing me appeals to “realize” (as they said) that I am gay, I have done a lot of soul-searching, prayer and investigation on this whole topic. Here is the truth, the real truth, and I know this will be really, really hard for some people to accept, but as you read this, I really honestly believe (so help me God) you will see I am telling you the honest truth. I strongly believe you will be better off knowing the truth, and that it will help your life.

I found out, among other things from five periods of homelessness, how quick people are to judge you, and even to hurt you, if you are a kind and gentle man. In almost all situations I have experienced, people believe that being the way I am means that you are weak, and treat you accordingly.

OK, to cut to the chase, psychologists have a short, simple, multiple choice test you can take that will assign to you a number, where 1 means totally straight and 10 means totally gay/lesbiaan. The fact that many of you won’t find it easy to accept is that most people test somewhere in the middle. And, it seems to me, the more in the middle a person, especially (sorry) a Christian fundamentalist is, the more “homophobic” (hating gays and lesbians) they are, as well. I personally am a 2 or a 3, and (God help me) I had one homosexual encounter, and I prayed and prayed to God about it, and know I have God’s understanding and love.

Ever since my dad died in 2012, I really have suffered a lot, also, because I have an often non-literal interpretation of a lot of the Bible. Well, the women on these dating sites SAY they love my tattoo which says “Honest Love,” but, so sadly, all of my online dating experience tells me that a woman really is also demanding that a guy also has a car and also an apartment (and not just a room in subsidized housing, and they all (sadly) expect me to send them some money. In about 2007 when I did have some money, I once sent a lady in Ghana who said her family was starving $200. I am sure it was probably a scam, but how was I to know. Maybe I saved her from a lot of suffering. But NSA (who these days kind of looks out for my interests, as do the banks, will not allow me under any circumstances to send money overseas. And yet, when I do get an unsolicited email from a lady, invariably in her 30s, beautiful as hell and wanting to raise a family with me, it turns out she is another lady from Ghana. Can I just make it clear that under no circumstances will I send ANYONE, anywhere ANY money (nor any iTunes cards). Give it up, you are not gonna get any money from me. If NSA does’t block the chat, I will.

So anyway, ladies, here I am. I just told you a whole lot of truth, guys and girls. Anytime any lady wants to have a real, caring friendship or maybe even a relationship, I can be reached at Be advised, by now I have developed a very strong, capable bullsh*t meter, LOL. (And, for the record, I LOVE hot, sexy beautiful women, is THAT clear?

MORE HELPFUL TRUTH: Being kind makes you kind, and living like Jesus taught makes you like Jesus.