From The Federal Reserve To A New US Republic via a Global Currency Reset

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UPDATED: The U.S. finds itself in a basically untenable situation,
economically, and the cure will be painful, but the one percent
will likely be mostly disempowered and power given back to the people.

September 9, 2016

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From The Federal Reserve To A New US Republic
via a Global Currency Reset
and the “one percent” will be disempowered

This is what the International Monetary Fund
(and the Justice Department) have planned

The Daily Walk with Miracles, updated September 9, 2016, by Paul Evans, video is From The Federal Reserve To A New US Republic Via A Global Currency Reset courtesy of FYI channel and YouTube. For a basic explanation of all this, watch Currency Reset – Critical Arrests Happening NOW, YouTube, September 1, 2016, by The Daily YouTube channel. This currency reset actually has the effect of dis-empowering the ruling one percent (actually 0.1 percent, the “ruling families.”) See These 13 Families Rule the World: The Shadow Forces Behind the NWO, Humans Are Free, no date. Therefore The Daily Walk with Miracles feels that though the “cure” will be painful, it is still a necessary though painful near-future.

The Federal Reserve is NOT in the Constitution, and has been in cahoots with the investment banks which empowered the immoral, purely greed driven mortgage and derivatives crisis we are in. Even a minor hike in the Fed’s interest rates could collapse the whole rotten house of cards. Today we saw evidence to that effect, see U.S. stocks tumble on interest rate worries, The Washington Post, September 9, 2016, by Sarah Halzack and Ylan Q. Mui. The S&P was down 2.45 percent as a result of the market psychology associated with this. Of course, it could be a typical 20 or even 30 percent market drop, these things are orchestrated by the very rich as they sell high and then buy low, and make a bundle that way. But it could be the beginning of a much worse economic situation.

Watch New World Currency Backed By Gold Revealed, on the Alex Jones YouTube channel, July 3, 2016 — 18:05. Watch also Jim Willie – Coming Oil Bust Bigger Than Sub Prime Collapse AUGUST 2016, Economics 2016 on YouTube – 1:26:48, which, however envisions the current banking/derivatives crisis more or less continuing on, just with a major recession. In reality it could be worse than that. The U.S. finds itself in a basically untenable situation, economically. Traditionally, (sad though it be to say), what the U.S. has done in times of economic depression is to have a major war, which is the solution the New World Order people want. The New World Order is all about U.S. domination in “globalism,” while Donald Trump is about “America First.” We see that China, which under Bush bought $1 billion of Treasury bonds a day propping up a basically unsustainable economy, stopped buying Treasury bonds at all and is now buying gold, and the little known fact is that apparently our intelligence people believe that China now has three times as much gold on hand as we had previously thought. The worst flashpoint where the danger lies may be the Ukraine. See NATO and Russia Confrontation: Crimea The Fuse For World War III?, The Daily Walk with Miracles, August 11, 2016, by Paul Evans. Pray for peace! At any rate, oil prices are headed for a fall and gold will greatly increase in value.

The Ruling Elite and the Rapacious Greed
of the Investment Banks and Very Rich

Watch The Global Reset: All ‘heirs of creation’ included, YouTube – 11:47. Also watch Global Currency Revaluation The Truth About the Global Currency Reset – 17:22 and Collapsing U.S. GDP Growth Belies Rosey Forecasts which is from July 30 – 25:41.

If you want a real shocker read The Next Debt Crisis? U.S. to Face $127 Trillion in Unfunded Liabilities By 2027, Generation Opportunity, August 13, 2015, by Melanie Pfeiffenberger. Especially see ECONOMIC COLLAPSE: Steve Forbes predicts a Stock Market Crash worse than 1930’s, July 28, 2016, YouTube – 42.05, which describes the calculated “bubble” created by the Federal Reserve and the investment banks. Unbelievably, according to the video’s excellent sources, $552.9 Trillion are invested in derivatives, mainly based on fairly worthless mortgages, mostly by just a few huge banks. Most of these have been repackaged as what are called “CDL’s” essentially bonds, which have been (illegally) given AAA ratings by institutions such as Moody’s. This dwarfs even the U.S. national debt, which by the way now stands at $19 Trillion. The derivatives market now stands at 7 times the total goods and services produced by the entire world. When this bubble bursts, as it will, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) stand ready to institute a totally new system, with a global currency reset, but the U.S. will find itself in very hard times, worse than the Great Depression of the 1930’s. This is completely the fault of the greed of the largest investment banks in the “wild wild west” of the derivatives market.

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It is said that the main reason for the FEMA camps around the nation is the fact that very likely the U.S. will be unable to meet its obligations for example in medical insurance and maybe even Social Security. Thus, since 75 percent of Americans now live paycheck to paycheck, when many parents themselves may not able to afford housing, certainly their dependents will absolutely have to have some sort of housing and feeding, which the FEMA camps are intended to provide. Any thought that Obama was planning anything truly evil with them is not credible. All of this boils down to the strong and immoral misuse of derivative stocks, hedge funds and “CDL’s” by the global investment banks and greed about money and power, the true roots of evil. Nobody knows quite how bad it’s going to get.

Our Corrupt, Unsustainable Economy
and What Each of Us Can Do

Watch Banks Are Preparing For An Apocalyptic Financial Crisis, Global Economic News on YouTube, August 30, 2016 — 16:01.

Watch Ron Paul speaks out! Economic Collapse is Happening Now! Protect Yourself, YouTube informational video, August 29, 2016 — 16:41.

Try to remember that in this suffering world as a whole, if you have a roof over your head, heat and food to eat, you are better off than 75 percent of the world’s population. A billion people in the world, says a 2007 CIA report to President Bush, do not even have ready access to clean drinking water. Have faith in God, who will see each of us, and America, through this crisis.

What Can We Do Ourselves? Ron Paul, a 12-term Republican Congressman (retired) has correctly said that no powerful society has long survived without backing their currency directly with gold. As these tremendous forces play themselves out, the new global currency which ultimately replaces the current system, will largely be based on gold. An estimate might be that the U.S. stock markets are 50 percent over-valued, and that even worse, our currency is 50 to as much as 80 percent over-valued. It will do you little good to have removed your money from the bank, because the currency itself will not be worth much. The only reasonable thing to do is withdraw some or most of your money and put that into “liquid assets,” especially gold and silver, and perhaps jewels. If you are going to keep invested in stocks, choose stocks representing businesses which trade in essentials, such as transportation stocks, things Americans need no matter how bad it gets. Another estimate is that during this crisis unemployment may triple. I have read, with a NewsMax source, that one huge American investment bank is now $74 Trillion in debt and more than 70 times more over-leveraged than was Lehman Brothers before it went bust and precipitated the Great Recession of 2007-2008 (some say ongoing). I have seen in a couple credible YouTube videos that because the investment banks in their greed to make profits through derivatives have raided the savings accounts of banks, that there is approximately one-quarter to half a cent in savings accounts backing the money in circulation, and Treasury can’t print it fast enough to satisfy our debts and needs. Very definitely, the whole rotten economic house of cards is about to come crashing down. We can expect to see fairly short term doubling of the value of gold. If you are going to invest some of your personal assets in gold (which would very likely be quite wise), I recommend bullion rather than coins as coins start out with a 40 percent overhead (profit by the minters). Please tell your friends and contacts about these momentous changes.

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