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Februar y13, 2016

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Songs and Encouragement
For the Love of Working People

Encouragement for Working Men and Women

Rock and Folk Music for Working People

The Daily Walk with Miracles, updated and edited February 13, 2016; originally published September 14, 2010, by Paul Evans. While this has always been a fairly popular post, I felt it needed to be more widely distributed so I rewrote it and am republishing it, with more relevant songs for you, both folk and rock music:

The main painting is called “Unveiling the Statue of Liberty.” It was painted in 1886 by Edward Moran, and is courtesy of Wikipedia. The “featured image” is a “Triquetta” which is an Irish good luck charm given by a man to his lady…. The third photo is a black fist against a dark background, which statnds for the hope I have the workers will stand up for their rights eve

I have always identified myself as being an ordinary guy. Sometimes people I have known though have a hard time relating to me because I have gone to college for about 11 years and am pretty much an egghead type intellectual, and also am addicted to blogging, among other problems I have. This grieves me, yet I love the ordinary people – working class people – in my life a lot.

The people I meet and interact with in Wooster, Ohio and Akron, Cleveland and places I go around northeast Ohio are pretty much ordinary people. I have been really blessed with educated parents who took care of me, and an education from good schools such as Miami University (Ohio – class of 1980) and with an all-but-thesis of a masters from The University of Akron. I have also read many thousands of books. But my mind is not all that much unusually gifted, and my hopes and dreams are those similar to normal, working class Americans: that I might live a decent, caring life, supporting myself and making my way in a society which is NOT all that caring, in an economy where it is HARD to find a good job, and in a life which a poet once referred to as “this veil of tears.”

famous painting by Edward Moran from 1886 called 'Unveiling the Statue of Liberty' from Wikipedia

One thing that always inspired me as I made my way through life is how hard ordinary people try in life. I have learned their hopes and aspirations personally through talking with many thousands of working people, as I live my life and also doing vote canvassing for the Democratic Party, back in 2007. I wanted to bring a message of understanding and hope to them, and to my readers – however wealthy you might be. However the post was particularly written with the working class in mind: this Bud’s for you!.

I thought about how to write something that would be helpful to working people (such as myself, since I work hard on this blog), and felt that words themselves lacked immediacy and lacked the strength to inspire my readers as I want to. We have heard the speeches of politicians, we have had the encouragement of ministers of the church. So I thought, “what about some ‘music for the masses’ or ‘music for the rest of us,’ that is to say, music for ordinary, regular people,” for our enjoyment and to inspire us. For that matter, I encourage all of you to live caring, ethical and dedicated lives — and let the chips fall where they may.

Not everyone gets advantages in this life. I have known alcoholics, hard drug users, and also people of limited intelligence, who may never “make it” in this world, and it saddens me. With my mental illness, I am very likely one of these stories of trying but failing. In our society, also, I have extensive personal experience as one disabled with mental illness as to how badly the world treats people with disabilities. And I have been so poor that I often get my groceries at a food bank. I pray to our God that he might hear our suffering, and somehow reach the hearts of our leaders, that they might change this great land of ours, and remake our society into a truly caring, loving society where government is structured so that it helps the ordinary and less fortunate people. So that it helps them DISPROPORTIONATELY. Because we need the help of the rich, for without it, we will surely suffer.

As Ten Years After says in the song (below), “tax the rich, feed the poor, till there are no, rich nor more.” However at this point (January 24, 2014) I am much more conservative than that song would lead you to believe. However, I remind my fellow Christians that Jesus did not care for the trappings of this life, that he was an ITINERANT preacher, that he was poor, that he did not care for the rich, ruling Pharisees of his society, and that he helped everyone he met. The group of people who were disciples and followers of Jesus were the outcasts of society, and “they held their goods in common” (to quote the Bible – it’s in Acts).

Anyway, here are some songs in tribute to, and in caring support of, the working class, not just of America, but of the world, songs for ordinary people everywhere. I hope that they do not come across as too liberal, because they were selected in 2010 and 2011, back when we were Evans Liberal Politics. I feel that I have evolved from that point to the extent that I have deleted all that content from the blog, almost everything from before 2013.

I am now working to get the pages up to date, but the blog posts themselves are now fairly conservative, although, I hope, moral, yes, but also kind like the Jesus of the Gospels was in His life on earth, and compassionate. I want to dedicate these songs for the working class with the words with which the Stature of Liberty was dedicated. I also want to remind everyone that the playing field is not yet level, and ordinary people suffer because of the greed of rich people. When the statue was dedicated in 1886, the Cleveland Gazette issued a protest suggesting that Liberty’s lamp not be lit until the United States became a free nation “in reality”.

For so many of us, though we count ourselves lucky as Americans to have the freedoms and blessings we enjoy, our lives are hardly free. We struggle to find work, with one seventh of Americans now living in poverty. Increasingly, the government’s hand looks like a mailed fist to us, rather than the soft gloves we have hoped for. We struggle with addictions, and we struggle as we strive to take care of our families and to make our way in a society which is not truly caring. We live lives which are hard and unforgiving. And we try like hell. So do I, although I mainly make almost all of my efforts with The Daily Walk with Miracles. Hopefully Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit I strive to serve in this way, by helping ordinary Americans understand the truth about politics better, might come to understand this effort on my part and help me in my personal efforts, because I feel that this is what I do best.

I also strongly want to remind my readers that true conservatives, as embodied in the Tea Party movement hate the oppression we live under because of rich people’s greed, and because of the influence and the lobbyists who control Washington. So, you see, liberal sorts of ideas and Tea Party ideas very much have this strong wish for justice in common. We just have very different solutions in mind, but the hearts of liberals, and the hearts of true conservatives, are in this sense very much in the same place. We need to honestly listen to each other and not have such hatred for our oppositional views, because that doesn’t help ordinary Americans at all.

How many liberals have actually studied Family Values and sought to understand Tea Party solutions? And how many Tea Party types have tried in their hearts to see that liberals hate injustice, too?

Here is the dedication poem for the Statue of Liberty, engraved on it’s base. Perhaps we need to remember that, as a liberal preacher once said, so long as there is injustice, or suffering for one of us, none of us are truly free, or, to give the title of the poem by Martin Luther King, Jr., "To Justice: Injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere."

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

Emma Lazarus, 1883

On a Personal Note: We do not live in a Christian society because we are not caring towards each other. That’s my opinion, anyway, harsh as it may seem. My own experience might be somewhat in line with Walter Trout’s song below, “Jericho Road.” There are plenty of exceptions, but “God is not mocked” and someday the rich fat cats and people who just don’t give a damn will pay.

The songs below are NOT all nice, happy songs, just as the lives of working people are full of challenges and sometimes sorrow. They are .mp3’s made from YouTube videos that I like. I hope you enjoy them and might be inspired by them. ~ Paul Evans

Music for the Working Class

If you have any suggestions for music to add to this collection, I encourage you to leave a comment. My friend Betsy suggested more songs from the iconic folk singers of our time, so a few of those have been added, below:

Evans Liberal Politics logo as a link to launch one of our 'Songs for the Working Class,' John Lennon's 'Working Class Hero' "Working Class Hero:" WARNING: Obscenity — We start out with a really inspirational song to me by the Beatles’ John Lennon. — 3:52

Evans Liberal Politics logo as a link to launch old classic rock standard Rush's song 'Working Man,' a song that still gets a lot of airplay "Working Man:" by Rush, a group and a song that still gets a lot of airplay on the good classic rock radio stations. — 7:11

Evans Liberal Politics logo as a link to launch one of our 'Songs for the Working Class,' The Rolling Stones' 'Street Fighting Man' "Street Fighting Man:" The Rolling Stones sing it out from their European Tour in 1973. — 5:17

Evans Liberal Politics logo as a link to launch a really old song from the sixties, The Beatles singing 'Revolution,' a song which really resonates with us "Revolution:" The Beatles sing their old song from about 1968 or ’69, which really resonates with us. — 3:25

Evans Liberal Politics logo as a link to launch one of our 'Songs for the Working Class,' Gordon Lightfoot's moving folk song, 'Steel Rail Blues' "Steel Rail Blues:" We thought we’d break up our tribute to the working man with a mournful and moving folk song by Gordon Lightfoot. — 4:10

Evans Liberal Politics logo as a link to launch two songs by Bon Jovi, 'We Weren't Born to Follow' and 'Bad Name' "We Weren’t Born to Follow" and "Bad Name:" Not one but two great songs by favorite rocker Bon Jovi. We Weren’t Born to Follow is not known so well yet and is off of his 2009 album, ‘The Circle’. — 8:16

Evans Liberal Politics logo as a link to launch a funky and inspirational song about finding our way and God's salvation called 'Peace of Mind' “Peace of Mind”:A inspirational but funky R&B track about finding our way. What we’re all looking for. Some of us try our best to find happiness serving God, or Jesus, as we are led. — 4:39

Evans Liberal Politics logo as a link to launch old classic rock standard Rush's song 'Closer to the Heart' "Closer to the Heart:" old standby classic rockers Rush sing one of my very favorite songs. If only the people in power could take it to heart! — 3:26

Evans Liberal Politics logo as a link to launch a audio performance of The Waterboys performing their little-known song Spirit live in Glastonbury in 1986 "Spirit:" The Waterboys with Mike Scott perform their little-known song live in Glastonbury in 1986. — 7:22

Evans Liberal Politics logo serves as a link to launch Ten Years After performing their sixties hit 'I'd Love to Change the World' "I’d Love to Change the World:" Ten Years After performs this wonderful song from the sixties which has always served to move and inspire me. — 3:47

a recent patriotic and inspirational song by Kid Rock' "Born Free:" From an artist who has been around for a while, Kid Rock, with a song that is both patriotic and inspirational — 4:24

Evans Liberal Politics logo as a link to launch one of our 'Songs for the Working Class,' blues rocker Walter Trout's Jerico Road "Jericho Road:" A song about just how hard life can be for our poor, on highways where nobody cares, by Walter Trout, who in my opinion is one of our best blues/rock artists around today. — 4:34

Evans Liberal Politics logo as a link to launch one of our 'Songs for the Working Class,' Peter Paul and Mary's 'If I Had a Hammer' "If I Had a Hammer:" listen to the harmonizing in this song by folk legends Peter Paul & Mary. — 1:58

Evans Liberal Politics logo as a link to launch one of our 'Songs for the Working Class,' by folk legend Pete Seeger, singing 'Which Side are You On' "Which Side are you On:" Pete Seeger, a legend in his own time, mainly the 1940’s through the 1960’s, sings a song about workers and union building. 2:48

Evans Liberal Politics logo as a link to launch one of our 'Songs for the Working Class,' Arlo Guthrie singing a song about soldiers making it home, alive or dead, and society's indifference, a song titled 'When A Soldier Makes It Home' "When A Soldier Makes It Home:" Arlo Guthrie of Alice’s Restaurant’s fame sings a song about our soldiers making it home, alive or dead, and society’s indifference to this. 7:38

Evans Liberal Politics logo as a link to launch a sermon by Trinity United Church of Christ Pastor Reverend Dr. Kevan Franklin on 'Enlightenment and Unity' "Enlightenment:" Rev. Dr. Kevan Franklin of the Trinity United Church of Christ (my good friend here in Wooster, Ohio) speaks about enlightenment and Jesus’ last wish that we might find a way to be united in love. — 14:40

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