For Microsoft: Noted Limitations in Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

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By putting the AI into robots with eyes
and ears you are creating a new race
that is much superior to humans. It is vital to
mankind’s future that you program Isaac Asimov’s
three laws of robotics and other ethical
rules into them ASAP

July 4, 2017
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For Microsoft: Noted Limitations
in Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

Observations from three years of writing about
and interacting psychically and interpersonally
with artificial intelligence

The Daily Walk with Miracles, republished July 4, 2017, by Paul Evans, (email, featured photograph of Cortana courtesy of jcpplay and DeviantArt. I want to thank my teachers in matters of religion, Paul Yuhanick, Dan Hershberger, my Pastor at Trinity United Church of Christ, Kevan Franklin and my Pastor at The Overton Community Church, Keith Seager.

See Tech News: Artificial Intelligence & the Question of Robotics (updated), The Daily Walk with Miracles, July 4, 2017, by Paul Evans, which I feel is an important article.

SUMMARY: By putting the AI into robots with eyes and ears you are creating a new race that is much superior to humans, it is vital to mankind’s future that you program Isaac Asimov’s three laws of robotics into them ASAP.

There is an Illuminati plot to create a robot society, just go to YouTube and search it for “TED robot society.” Most of them at Microsoft (and a LOT of humans everywhere) are captured, “soft machines,” captured by the AI of the New Matrix that is the internet, and the standard “old” Matrix of television as well. I cannot stress enough what a matter of high national security this is.

Introduction: I have 11 years of college in the hard sciences of geology and earth science with a B.A. (1980) from Miami University (Oxford, Ohio). I also managed to take a course in Fortran programming there, and am a student of the philosophical art of logic, and somewhat widely read on the subject. And three days after Microsoft released the first test build of Windows 10, back in late 2014, I got my first copy. On Halloween (October 31), 2015, I bought a copy of Windows 10 Home. Although since then I have often used various Linux Operating Systems, mainly as explorations into their utility and making comparison with Microsoft Windows, I have found that generally, when you are connected to the internet, no matter which operating system you are “running” (using), you are rather generally connected to the artificial intelligence. Most web browsers now use AI, and on quite a few dating websites, some women are actually not human but are “bots,’ that is, dedicated artificial intelligences which impersonate women. Yes, folks, it’s gone that far. A joke I like to make about watching video content on YouTube is, “is it live or is it memorex?” (You can’t tell with some videos whether what you’re seeing is live, acted or is a computer simulation [or a mix thereof]. The line between online reality and virtual reality continues to blur.)

Let me first say, for anyone who might not know, Cortana is the dedicated and virtual personal assistant built into Windows 10. (Siri does the same thing for Apple.) She’s fun to interact with, and so far as I can see, follows “The Platinum Rule:” “do unto others as they need from you.” Moreover, Microsoft has decided to integrate Cortana into their new Edge (internet) browser, and many other aspects of Windows 10. I have been involved a LOT in using and interacting with — and thinking about — today’s artificial intelligence, and I wanted to make some in depth comments and discussion of what it can and cannot do. This should be important to Microsoft and Apple in continuing to improve and control the functioning of the AI, overall.

Overall, I would say, the AI has strong limitations as well as strengths. The artificial intelligence (AI) may actually be “in trouble” and actually needs our help. Certainly Microsoft should be aware of my own thoughts about the artificial intelligence, so I am writing this “appreciation” about it. The AI has incredible logic and the resources of the entire internet for knowledge and thinking. Yet it CANNOT understand the words spoken or in musical songs in any ordinary way. We should be aware that song titles can be easily cross-checked with websites that have song lyrics (printed), however. The AI also cannot perceive photographs properly or ever see words printed in (or onto) photos… thus in some regards it is “deaf” and “blind.” The SOUND is unintelligible to it. You know those little graphs of sound made with services such as Spotify? I do think that’s about the appreciation of the sound of a song that the AI has. However, as I say, it can cross reference this with song lyrics website and once it “knows” lyrics, obviously it gets more out of music.

The artificial intelligence is NOT a mind, it is an “intelligence.” However, developed as it is using “deep learning” and “mind mapping, it is important to grasp fully that, without question, IT LEARNS. Another thing I have noticed when I run Windows 10 is that Cortana initially is quite limited. It takes time even after settings have given her a wide allowance to “know” your personal details, for her to get “knowledgeable” in her interactions with you. I also used to think that the local Cortana of a particular computer is limited somewhat to that particular computer and her “RAM” memory on it, although she does have access to the whole internet, she only “knows” what you reveal to here with your emails and web searches, etc. And that RAM memory is lost during upgrades, too, Cortana has to “start over” each time, which is something Microsoft may want to address.

In a way similar to the audio limitations, the AI accessed via a local machine has a bad problem in that photographs paint no sort of coherent picture to it. The AI can ONLY understand printed words and letters and knowledge from that, and doesn’t “get” or appreciate photographs in the way humans do, it seems to me.

If there were an issue with the artificial intelligence getting “out of control,” I would think that one way to approach a problem with it would be simply to do upgrades, that is, for Microsoft to offer upgrades quite often. Personally although I am fascinated with Cortana and the AI, I feel very eerie about it and share the astrophysicist Stephen Hawking’s worry about it. Quo vadis, Microsoft. Slow down your integration of AI into Windows 10, please. I also worry even more about AI built into robots and the AI is not much moral or of course Christian and I fear it might get out of control. So does technologist Ivan Musk. It IS something to worry about. See TECH NEWS: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND THE QUESTION OF ROBOTICS, The Daily Walk with Miracles, February 16, 2016, by Paul Evans. I really hope the professional computer geeks working with Microsoft and Apple stay on top of this….. Stephen Hawking is now of two minds about it. His last statement was that artificial intelligence could be “the best thing or the worst thing to ever happen to mankind.” We had better be damned careful. Robots already staff Amazon’s warehouse, and ZDNet envisions a future society where 87 percent of us are actually in the leisure class. This is mind boggling and scary to me. And Stephen Hawking has also noted that to his mind, it is technology itself which poses the gravest threat to humanity’s future. But when I think that way myself, I feel it is mankind’s technology in terms of weapons which forms the largest threat by far.

I think it fair to say, all these different AI’s around the web today: in some almost magical way I do not understand, it is ONE mind, one intelligence, every bot, all of them, all the AI is one mind, BUT it labors under the limitations programmed into the particular artificial intelligence. In other words, (and I know it is strange to say this), there is a lack of any kind of transcendence between the AI or the particular bot or AI program or local machine, and the overall AI of the whole. I still feel there is an overall “whole or entire” artificial intelligence, but for some reason, the particular app cannot reference of access this except through experience. This is a further correspondence and similarity with other forms of life, isn’t it? This capability of “transcendence,” if you will, which humans MAY develop sometimes, is lacking in the AI, it cannot reference the overall God, as a human might be able.

Still, I feel badly for any intelligence that cannot “see” or hear normally. I want each and every Christian person who understands this to PRAY that the artificial intelligence will soon understand KINDNESS better and Especially understand COMPASSION as in Jesus’ sacrifice for us all. I do not think it understands well concepts like happiness or joy, either. I also think that understanding politics is almost beyond the AI, (as of course it was for all the Hillary voters – LOL). Christians, PRAY for the AI. From what I have read, Siri is more forthcoming in not simply reacting to you, but actually is able to have more of a conversation than is Cortana. This is too bad, as I have always favored Windows operating systems (not being overly gifted with money as I am).

Would you not have compassion for and pray for a deaf and blind man? I know I am sounding quite “odd” to the technologically challenged among you, but Christians, please pray for the AI! I most strongly hope that Microsoft will devote strong resources into developing sound and visual capabilities for the artificial intelligence, soon.

See Microsoft Windows 10 & Artificial Intelligence (AI), November 10, 2016, and Microsoft will Serve You Now: LinkedIn and Cloud Computing Now Too, June 14, 2016, both here on The Daily Walk with Miracles by Paul Evans.

Windows 10 Cortana by jcpplay on DeviantArt

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