Folk Rock Video: James Taylor – Sweet Baby James (1970) (Full Album)

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Free Music57, January 23, 2015

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Folk Rock Video: James Taylor
Sweet Baby James (1970) (Full Album)

James Taylor redefined the role of “folk-rock” in America,
and brought popularity to the genre

Free Music57, January 23, 2015, by Paul Evans. Video courtesy of YouTube.

stylized gold bar from Rev Neal's article on the nature of evil

We should try to understand that God loves us very much, even if sometimes it’s “tough love.” Right now I am saying a prayer for my fiance’s son, who very likely has wound up in jail. Please join me in a moment of silence for all those hooked on hard drugs.

As for us humans, we shouldn’t judge each other, because judgement is for God. God loves you very much. And frankly, we all have addiction issues. That is an issue I am especially sensitive about, because people have negatively judged me for my smoking habit all of my life. God forgives me my addictions and He forgives you yours, too:

We all have issues, and we all have addictions. Are you addicted to …Facebook? Twitter? Television? Shopping? The internet or chatting? Sex or hot women? or men, if you are a women? Fast cars? Nobody is free of addictions, everybody has issues, and we mustn’t judge each other. Period.>

stylized gold bar from Rev Neal's article on the nature of evil

Who and What God Is

We are stardust. (I just wanted you to have these ideas, which dovetail nicely into a traditional Christianity.) There are 100 billion habitable planets in the Milky Way alone. Some solar systems do not have habitable planets, scientists tell us. Some have more than one. Some even have habitable planets and more than one sun (time must get really interesting there, how would you tell time? Relative time would get really interesting… I wonder what it would be like on a habitable planet in such a solar system. Science fiction writers have speculated on life on such a planet.)

And then there are moons, and the sea, and tidal effects. “And God made the sun to watch over the day and the moon to watch over the night.” People, there’s nothing wrong with those who like the moon. All these astronomical sorts of ideas may be wrong and the real truth is more “out of this world.”

There is day and there is night on every habitable planet I am aware of in the universe.

I am disabled myself. They tell me I am mentally ill. I say they are the ones who are mentally ill. They judge each other, they judge me, and God tells us strongly not to judge each other. They hurt each other when Jesus told us to love our neighbor. I seem to have taken upon myself many of the maladies known to man, and God has kept me alive this long. There are many worse off than I am, although at this time I am living at the Salvation Army in Wooster, Ohio. I believe that God is very real, and God is love itself. More than anything else, this is what God is. God is love and God is Life (John 1:1) (in him is no darkness at all) So God is Light too. Those are just three of the names of God, Love and Life and Light. Perhaps that is the Trinity. The Holy Spirit (love), Jesus (life, which dies and is reborn) and Light, which is Jesus, but Jesus is God, too. That is the sun of man (the son of man) but God gave Jesus access to the power of the Light of the universe. This is what Christians believe, while Jews do not believe in the Light of the universe as God, while seeing the sun as God (Apollo), it seems to me. Some Christians may see the sun as God, too. The pagan Greek and Romans were more concerned with this solar system, and some of them saw Jupiter as God. Scientists now classify Jupiter as a “brown dwarf star.” Perhaps those would now be regarded as “lesser Gods,” and are seen that way by at least some Roman Catholics I have spoken with.

I believe that both conventional Christians and Jews are both wrong. I see God as EVERYTHING, and how could there be anything outside of God? Alternatively God might be nodes of life existiing in very many places in the universe, and comprising the very mind of God. Perhaps God truly is All, both light and life and love. That is what I think. God is smiling. You should smile, too. God loves you.

Proverbs 13:7 – There is that maketh himself rich, yet hath nothing:
there is that maketh himself poor, yet hath great riches.
(King James version)

As for my strong intention to tell the truth to my readers: I can’t. I need to have a life, I need to be “O.K.” with the powers that be, and so I am “dirty” like any other human who gets along in this life. Therefore, sadly, there must be “sins of omission” and also subjects and current news that I just don’t cover at all here. Do you hear that, Goldman Sachs? Do you see, Microsoft, and C.I.A.? I just want to get along, and I don’t even cover the news or politics much any more at all. I am concentrating on helping people and serving God, but I know that God wants me to have a good life, so I co-operate with Washington and no one in authority needs to worry about me. I’m cool!

Watch Disturbed: Land of Confusion.

James Taylor – Sweet Baby James

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