Folk Music of the prophet Gordon Lightfoot

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Folk Music of the prophet Gordon Lightfoot

I became familiar with Gordon Lightfoot’s music in 1971
and he has been my favorite folk musician ever since.

Free Music57, republished October 6, 2015, January 10, 2015, videos courtesy of Gordon Lightfoot and YouTube. Gordon Lightfoot will be remembered as one of the twentieth century’s most important folk musicians.

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One day in 1971 I happened to purchase a Gordon Lightfoot LP album on vinyl. I immediately fell in love with his music and bought everything of his I could find. I was never disappointed. I think that after his stroke in recent years the quality of his compositions has declined just a little, but I listened to a performance of his from 2013 and he is singing just as well as he ever did! I especially recommend the albums “Sundown” and if you like pure, beautiful folk music at its finest, buy the 2CD United Artists Years set. This is one of the very finest folk albums I have ever heard. My very favorite song of Gordon Lightfoot’s is “Pride of Man,” which I consider to be very prophetic music. Pay attention to the lyrice, direct from the Bible, where it warns, “oh thou that dwell on many waters, rich in treasure, wide in fame, bow unto a god of gold, thy pride of might shall be thy shame.” Ron Paul warned you, America.

Visit to see digital downloads of mp3 albums by Gordon Lightfoot..

With thanks to “the King,” Paul Yuhanick, and dedicated to everyone who ever helped me.

Gordon Lightfoot
Cotton Jenny

Gordon Lightfoot
Circle of Steel

Gordon Lightfoot
Candian Railroad Trilogy

Gordon Lightfoot
Pride of Man

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