Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits Album 2017

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Almost all the original Fleetwood Mac personnel
reunite for a really great concert from 2017 you
will love to listen to.

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March 16, 2017
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Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits
Full Album 2017

A Contemporary Concert of All
Your Favorite Fleetwood Mac Songs

The Daily Walk with Miracles, June 23, 2017, by Paul Evans. Featured video is Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits Album 2017 | Best Songs of Fleetwood Mac, a live performance from 2017. Also see Fleetwood Mac – Preaching The Blues In Concert – Full Album, The Daily Walk with Miracles, September 12, 2016, by Paul Evans; Fleetwood Mac – 1970 L’Olympia, Paris, The Daily Walk with Miracles, March 16, 2016, by Paul Evans. All music is courtesy of Fleetwood Mac, the respective record labels and YouTube. Featured photograph is courtesy of Stevie Nicks.info and dates from the time of the 1978 album Rumours. Photos of the Statue of Liberty courtesy of Pinterest. This is dedicated to the special woman who will come into my life, see past my limitations and poverty, and finally make me happy. Email Paul Evans at paul.miracles57@gmail.com.

For more really early Fleetwood Mac see Peter Green & Fleetwood Mac – The Blues Years, The Daily Walk with Miracles, updated February 20, 2017, by Paul Evans.

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Read about Fleetwood Mac on Wikipedia. Fleetwood Mac’s best known album is probably Rumours (YouTube video).

Do You Remember
the Early Fleetwood Mac

The early Fleetwood Mac featured Peter Green (Wikipedia article) on lead guitar and vocals: what a sweet sound! Even if you are not particularly a blues lover, you would love this, for sure! “Master Eddie” (who has his own YouTube channel, highly recommended), said that “Peter Green was the best white blues guitarist of his time. His tone and his intonation is just stunning! Pure golden earwax! And his voice is amazing soulful like no other!” Many of the Peter Green/early Fleetwood Mac concerts, however, are mostly instrumental.

Amazon.com has a good compilation of digital mp3’s called Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac. If you are a connoisseur of the blues, Peter Green or early Fleetwood Mac you might enjoy Peter Green Man of the World. Documentary, a playlist of 9 videos. Everyone should enjoy Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac ~ Shrine ’69 ( Full Album ) Live In South California, YouTube – 43:32, and the next year’s solo work, Peter Green – The End of the Game (Full Album) 1970, YouTube – 35.26, which is a little more “experimental” in tone.

Fleetwood Mac – Greatest Hits 2017

dramatic 'thin' rendition of a photograph of the statue of libertydramatic 'thin' rendition of a photograph of the statue of liberty

Go Your Own Way
Little Lies
Never Going Back Again
Oh well
Peter Green
Over My Head
Don’t Stop
Like It This Way

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