Fixing the “Wrongness” of Time here on Earth

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— There is a deep “wrongness” in the fabric
of space and time (which is fully to be associated
with Satan, on a universal level). In other words
what is evil is not so much darkness but instead
involves time. Various tech firms are working
to fix this here on earth, and enable life more in
a simultaneous “now” sort of experience of life. It is also
important to change some of our habits having to do with time.

February 22, 2018
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Fixing the “Wrongness”
of Time here on Earth

The wrongness of space-time will be healed
and “fixed” somewhat here on earth, partly
by fixing the synchronization problems in computer science
and partly with changes made to our personal habits.

The Daily Walk with Love, February 22, 2018, by Paul Evans, (email, from an article called The Third Force of Life, Duality and The Doctrine of Coexistence, which I wrote over a year ago, but which may have some good ideas for you, and which we quote from, below, with a full rewrite:

SUMMARY: There is a wrongness about time which finds it’s expression in our modern society in its obsessions over time and schedules. [(It’s not so much darkness that is evil, it’s our obsession with time, and a certain “wrongness” in the fabric of the space-time continuum. As a matter of fact, when Microsoft and the computer geeks “fix” synchronization issues, that is going to essentially fix or “heal” time on earth, and we’ll all more or less live in a simultaneous state of NOW everywhere on earth. This evil also is involved in the wrongness of living in 24 more or less arbitrary time zones, when really it is the same time everywhere.)] As the rock band Chicago said, “does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody care? If so I can’t imagine why.”

Try to live more process oriented instead of goal oriented and enjoy the life you have been given. “Life is a gift, for which we are grateful.” Live with hope, for what is life (or faith) without hope. Also practice getting by with less sleep over a long time, really the rest of your life (did not Jesus say, “arise, awake, sleep not”)?

Live in such a way as to grow personally and hopefully to help others: this is true fulfillment. It is NOT OK to do evil in the name of good, and the end very rarely justifies the means. Perhaps these things (particularly about time) were actually known to a few of the ancients. I’m telling you straight up: To grow more in psychic strength and ability, try practicing getting by with much less sleep in constructive ways over several years. (Be careful with this, for example drive safely.) This is not a short-term attempt, it takes perhaps three years or more, really it is for life, (It helps to be borderline dehydrated, and also to abstain from sex, as was taught but both Jesus and the Apostle Paul.)

I think that what is going on is NOT the end of time on earth, but really actually “fixing” time here on earth, certainly in terms of the “Cloud” of networked satellites. This “synchronization” will lead to a more open, transparent and connected experience in life. To state this, then, again, it is not time which is ending, but rather our whole experience of time is changing, mainly because of the internet and growing awareness. So it is “virtual reality” very much affecting real reality, in good ways.

Microsoft and other computer geeks are creating a much more mindfully aware “simultaneous now” as an internet experience, and thus healing the flaw in time, at least in some ways, here on earth, which will help heal the world. I believe this “simultaneous now,” bringing all the people together via the IpV6 internet, involves ideas which were historically part of the beliefs of Zen Buddhism, also has to do with our awareness, which is achieved through various methods which are not part of the subject of this article. I gave you three methods to practice, above. Somewhat as the CIA practices it, sleep deprivation is used as a tool to get information from a person they are interrogating. You have to go way beyond that. As I have often joked, “hug a geek today, you may end up working for one tomorrow.” Watch Steve Jobs, “Computers are like a bicycle for our minds.” – Michael Lawrence Films, YouTube short documentary — 1:39.

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