Finding Personal Peace and Mental Ability

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All this has to do with the dominant hemisphere of your
neocortical mind. Everything, all your struggles, are a question
of left vs. right brain identity and the battle of the sexes:
left brain, yang, words and logic, IQ, Jesus, sunny days, men
versus right brain, yin, intuition, Satan, EQ, feminine side,
(in the cultural depths of this society’s thinking).
Here’s how to awaken both and gain mental ability.

July 20, 2017
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Feed Your Head: Finding
Personal Peace and Mental Ability

Open Your Corpus callosum
to Even Up the IQ and EQ

The Daily Walk with Miracles, republished July 20, 2017, by Paul Evans. Video is a great playlist based on Jefferson Airplane – Somebody to Love, on YouTube. Also watch Eye in the Sky [full cd] — THE ALAN PARSONS PROJECT. The featured photograph comes from a Russian wallpaper photography site, You can easily get spyware loaded there, so be careful. The main general warning about Artfile is to always just click the rectangular photos and never the smaller, square photos, and to stay sexually moral in what you click. Do that and you’ll really love the photographs you get. God led me to rewrite and republish this article and I think it really is of major importance.

SUMMARY: It all has to do with the dominant hemisphere of your neocortical mind or brain. Everything in our society are a question of sexual identity, and it’s IQ (smarts with words and logic & yang) vs EQ (emotional intelligence & yin). Here’s how to awaken both. When they are connected up, then you have both IQ ability and EQ ability, and then yin and yang are complementary and not oppositional. Also, it IS OK if either yin or yang is dominant in your life, so long as your left brain and your right brain are at peace. I would question whether you would want to think of yin, EQ, inuitive thought in terms of darkness, but I AM saying the Chinese thought of it this way. Intuition, even for a man, should NOT be thought of in any way as being evil. I cannot stress that enough. Being one way more than the other is in NO sense morally wrong. It may be highly influenced by genetics and also the way you were raised. In some ways, IQ is fully inherited, but engaging in activities such as using a computer raises it, and EQ may most certainly be learned.

Everything, all your struggles, are a question of sexual identity and the battle of the sexes: left brain, yang, words and logic, IQ, Jesus, sunny days, men; versus right brain, yin, EQ intuition, Satan, the darkness, and apparently that’s the female, feminine side too by this society’s thinking. I would also say that I do NOT accept society’s ideas about the “rightness or wrongness” of being one way or the other among men vs. women. It should be perfectly acceptable to be a man yet basically yin, or to be a woman and yet be mainly yang. Doesn’t that make sense? So the right-brained, yin side is probably also the side which involves emotional intelligence. However a LOT of women are getting quite logical these days, for example taking careers in computer science and the like. And when a man can get intuitive, he can understand a lot more of the world and make important contribution which he could not otherwise. You get things like charismatic Christianity.

There IS a fairly simple way to find personal peace and get away from this, to make your logic intuitive and your intuition logical: open your corpus callosum (which connects the hemispheres of the neocortical brain). You connect up your hemispheres by often holding your breath and bearing down, as an exercise, quite often, and once that is open your logic becomes intuitive also and your intuition logical. This also helps deal with any schizoid thought or bipolarity issues you might have. However a partly open corpus callosum is a difficult situation and the basis of much or our mental illness. Of course there’s a lot of training you can give your mind, too, and it’s partly a question of your education and how you were raised. Peace and Love, everyone!

The whole thing, all the struggles in your lives, all of current events all over the world, it’s ALL totally (essentially can be considered as) a battle of the sexes (or yin/yang identity). Absolutely every event in your lives and in the whole world should correctly be analyzed and interpreted through that lens, and then I think you’d begin to understand. In “respectable” families, far too often, the man is a lap dog for the woman. If you’re a Christian and want that sort of a marriage, there does need to be some kind of submission by the woman for it all to work out. And LOOK OUT for selfish mothers. (Look what happened to Jesus.) Look out, men! But we’ve made the whole “battle of the sexes” struggle WAY too prominent in our society (and also made the whole yin/yang conflict essentially out of nothing, for yin and yang are correctly viewed as complementary and NOT oppositional). When the Bible says “God is Life,” it means it. Yes, life is a little different at night versus during the day, but it’s the same Life which is sacred. This means our society and our culture is sick. I feel this so very strongly and know of it’s absolute truth. Please feel invited to send me an email: and we can start to get to know each other. Honest, it would be good to have a few more friends, maybe especially any computer geeks who might like to talk shop.

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