Some Favorite Music Videos of My Second Family that Really Rock

November 26, 2015
…and God Bless the Yuhanick Family!

Free Music57
Happy Thanksgiving!
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Some Favorite Music Videos
of my “Second Family”

In Appreciation of Microsoft
(…and where would we be without you)

Free Music57, November 26, 2015, by Paul Evans, videos courtesy of YouTube, Google and the respective recording companies:

Here is the first blog post of music videos I made on the old Free Music57. These are videos I have chosen as if each video were selected by the five people I recently lived with whom I think of as my “second family,” since my own nuclear family members have all, sadly, passed away. These five people believed in me when no one else would, and they have fantastic taste in music. I have chosen five songs that each of them likes, I am pretty sure, plus one video that is my personal favorite.

The last video is one of my own favorites. When the time comes, let’s hope it might be WWIII and not Armageddon, such as Cat Stevens worried about, or that Iran bowed to reality so that war might not even be necessary except on a smaller scale. Nuclear winter kills all multicellular life on earth.

Music and the Universe

Pay close attention in these videos and as you listen to music in general to the rhythm or beat of the music. Compare the rhythms of different songs as you listen, paying close attention to the ‘beat’ of the music. To a certain extent, the drummer keeps the beat, yet with various solo passages, each instrument or the singer’s voice sometimes controls the rhythm. Try to see if you don’t notice that these rhythms are almost simply yet infinitely complex versions of the very same beat. This might help you to better understand the infinite complexity and harmony of the universe. This is the way the universe is: music — something like a piano concerto, maybe Beethoven’s Fifth — would be a GREAT way to model the universe. "It’s all good."

The Night and the Earth and I

I have always loved the quiet and peacefulness of the night, and am a natural night owl. “At night you can see the stars….” (Though in the last several years I have come to love the early morning hours too… basically everythiing but around 5 or 6 p.m. works for me. Live is such a trip, and so improbable.) I also love the earth very much, and believe we must care for her much better than we are today. I need to start carrying more environmental content here on Free Music57s. I love a bright, sunny day, too. My very favorite time of day is the early morning hours just before and after dawn, but these days I am staying up late. It’s OK — the night doesn’t harm me — as long as a get enoughg sleep: I tend to have a problem with insomnia. Also, it is unusual for a conservative, but I am pretty "green,&quot and am an environmentalist. When all things are considered, we need to take care of Mother Earth, because this is where we live. (I guess my second family needs to take the next step and start recycling. At least aluminum cans. The process of mining aluminum is very destructive to the environment, and it is rather scare globally, and that mining process scars up the earth pretty badly. That would be a very cool thing everyone could do.

The Night, the “Void,” Headphones & the Internet
“Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World!”

Plug in your headphones, temporarily ‘surrender to the void’, and enjoy a great video. It’s sort of like Satan’s punishment for loving music so much and recognizing its sacredness enough to listen. But it’s not a true or real problem to become such a ‘clear headed thinker,’ for just a little while, such as happens when you have headphones connected to the internet. You just havta have faith enough. Sometimes it seems that your head is “cleared out” of spirit, yet it always comes back…like having the favor of God: not so easy to get there, and always remember “do not put the Lord your God to the test” very much at all, but I believe headphones are OK. It is my experience that our spirituality always comes back, almost as strong, just as strong, stronger, or else he never even lets being “connected up” to the internet drain you at all in the first place (this is advanced). God always turns evil into good, too. I am, I hope, an example of this, and I know that God loves me very much.

No Armageddon?

Paul Evans — I have seen signs and had inspiration that God has relented and that there might be no Armageddon soon. God is God. He can change his mind if He wants, and there are a lot of examples of this in the Old Testament. Maybe he always meant to change his mind about Armageddon, and His point was to teach us, His children, lessons. He can do as he wishes, according to His Holy Word. But understand that by this, God is changing His mind from what is in Revelations. There have been quite a few prophets in the Bible, they have never been wrong. The Bible as a whole has never been wrong, if taken it it’s proper context. But God is God. He really could change his mind, although mankind does not deserve it. He can do that. He’s God. I truly believe that Armageddon will now be avoided, and that we may now live out the course of our natural lives here on earth, with our loved ones. Everyone secretly wants that, and God understands this with His perfect, infinite Love! As in the video I chose to represent me, below, by Cat Stevens, we will soon have a much more perfect earth, in tune with the harmony of the Universe.

In Daniel Yuhanick’s personally chosen video, "Radioactive," I would say, Welcome to the New Age. It may not start with Armageddon, as Daniel thought, and the video states, but quite probably WWIII. Still, this is not Armageddon. According to God’s Holy Word, we would have a little over two years to Armageddon, but God is God, and He said we’d never see it coming, that Jesus would come back “like a thief in the night.” He can change His mind. And God and Satan are talking right now and perhaps, out of God’s infinite Love for His children, we might be spared. Maybe even Satan just had some lessons to learn. It’s like that for ALL His children. That’s why we live: to serve Him and learn lessons which make us more perfect children of God. The Bible has never been wrong yet, I need to point that out. We so strongly need for the peace talks with Iran that Obama is pushing to work out, now that the treaty is signed (or ignored)… may God grant us peace, Amen. Or else it just might be Armageddon, and as it seems, very soon indeed. And that, I am strongly afraid, would mean nuclear winter.

In terms of the New Age, it wouldn’t matter if Iran did capitulate. The genie is already out of the bottle. Mankind has already released so much radioactivity into the atmosphere and sea that the New Age has already begun! The changes to nature and the human genome caused by the release of all this radioactivity are irreversible and have really just begun. Mother earth is “running to stand still.” (the band U2)

Beware of those who kill in Christ’s name!
Those who are causing Armageddon to happen usurp God’s will.
(and we have to PAY for the next
$3 trillion war against ISIS, OK?)

Bon Jovi
Fast Cars
(Paul Yuhanick)

Spill the Wine
(Dan Hershberger)

U2 & Metallica
Rock & Role Hall of Fame
(Chris Spielman)

Imagine Dragon
Radioactive (HD)
(Daniel A. Yuhanick)

Patsy Cline
Walkin’ After Midnight
(Tammy Yuhanick)

Cat Stevens
O’ Caritas (Oh, Love)
(Paul Evans)

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