Evil Done as a “Taboo” Against Cigarette Smokers

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Evil Done as a “Taboo”
Against Cigarette Smokers

The Savage Hypocrisy
About Addiction in Our Society

The Daily Walk with Miracles, updated July 17, 2016, by Paul Evans. Featured photograph courtesy of cigarettezoom.com. Over the last five years my own life has been made an increasingly unlivable hell by so-called “righteous,” politically correct “healthy” people who essentially have punished me for my smoking of cigarettes. I have been shunned, had money stolen from me, and even been thrown in mental hospitals because I refuse to “knuckle under” and quit smoking.

What this constitutes, in any sociological analysis, is what is called a taboo. Sociology is the social discipline which studies Western culture, and social customs and habits. (When you apply the same social analysis tools to other cultures — either other modern cultures or cultures known only from artifacts — that is the realm of “cultural anthropology.” My mother’s father was a cultural anthropologist for the Smithsonian, and in addition I took a general anthropology course in college, so I am not ignorant about what I am writing. Society at large is not admitting it, but they are deliberately ruining as much as possible the lives of all those who break the taboo and smoke or abuse any other sort of drug. This mistreatment — that is the only word that occurs to me, I can certainly say that my own personal life has been terrible in some regards because of the smoking taboo — used to be more hidden, but now the taboo is pretty much in the open and “in your face.” Now those in power are blatant in their (mis)treatment of those of us who smoke. It is one of those “things” that are shot full through modern culture but not much ever spoken of. That makes it something which is “tabboo,” that is, not talked about but shot all through so very many aspects of life today. Society at large is not willing or able to take the step of making cigarettes illegal, but seemingly delights with self-righteous glee over the punishment of the “morally corrupt” smokers.

I have suffered a great deal because of the taboo against smoking, which seems especially extreme here in my home state of Ohio. In essence what seems to be strongly happening, is that society, setting itself up as “God,” has made a dichotomy (splitting into two groups) of people: so that there are two groups of people at large in the world, “healthy” people who are to be trusted and empowered, and and then anyone at all who have addiction issues. Increasingly people who smoke cigarettes are automatically included in the addicted group. Once you are labeled as any sort of “addict” the possibility of a successful life is greatly lessened and you are somehow included as among the “evil” or immoral category. And twenty years ago in America, such a labeling and abuse were virtually non-existent.

I will likely smoke till I die. In the first place it’s not illegal and I enjoy it, secondly I’ll be damned if I’ll let my life be dictated by a bunch of hypocrites who have their own addictions including for example Facebook, cars, money and power itself. Remember Christians, as he said “judge not lest ye be judged and in such a manner as ye judge others so God will judge you.”

This discussion is to make younger people or more innocent people aware of the growing taboo against smoking, so that they might be aware of it and have more effective reactions to it. It does seem to me that smoking is a poor subject for society to have a taboo against. Really if you want a “taboo” maybe a taboo against not tithing would make more sense, don’t you think?

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