Establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth

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The Daily Walk with Miracles

That’s the secret, ‘being kind makes you kind, and living
like Jesus actually taught makes you like Jesus.’ Realize
that ‘Jesus IS compassion and living a Christian life
means actually being caring.

November 26, 2016
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Establishing the Kingdom
of Heaven on Earth

THIS is what God expects of you:
Simply Live Like Jesus Actually Taught

The Daily Walk with Miracles, November 25, 2016, by Paul Evans, video courtesy of Jim Croce – The Best of Jim Croce: Stories & Characters, YouTube — 59:26. Included image featuring a Robert Heinlein quote is courtesy of Pinterest. I honestly believe this to be divinely inspired.

SUMMARY: First, realize that salvation is not a question of Law, but simply of how we live our lives, if we are caring people. Really, becoming disciples of Christ is NOT that hard, and God never asks anything of you you can’t do. Simply HAVE COMPASSION, Love God and appreciate the gift of your life, actually love your neighbor as yourself (be kind and help people when you can), DON’T judge people, ever, try to love one another, and DON’T think you are better than anyone else, no matter what your accomplishments: Salvation is that simple, it’s not rocket science, you don’t have to be able to quote the Bible, and in this way you grow to be very much like Jesus himself. “Loving your neighbor” means ALL your neighbors and really this means everyone you meet, everyone who enters your life. It’s almost more of a process than it really involves a defining moment of “being saved.”

That’s the secret: you see, “As ye sew, so shall ye reap.” here is the simple truth: Being kind, makes you kind, and living like Jesus taught, makes you like Jesus. To live this way is to be happy: this is central. Also, the environment you expose yourself to a larger degree than people realize, partly determines the person you become: “the medium is the message.” And you have to have faith and live a life of love, but only as much as you can, which IS more than you think you can or should. In this life, this veil of tears, we really do have to try unreasonably hard sometimes, don’t we. May we all know God’s amazing love for us, Amen.

NONE of this is any threat to money and power, these are lessons about how to “get happy” personally and in your life, and perhaps as a society. Jesus said “there will be poor always” and happiness really isn’t a question of your external circumstances.

Another few suggestions would be to not let money be your morality and try to drop your obsession with time and living a scheduled, regimented life. Free form works best for me. And try to have a better acceptance for the situation you find yourself in in life, while always keeping your hope for a better future. Also, try to be truly empathetic and listen and respond in conversations. When you are talking with someone wise, especially the old, try really listening, do not consider your response, just really listen and respond honestly, being honest even with yourself. Do not be proud and do not lie, that’s important. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be polite and diplomatic, either.

Finally, realize that Time itself (which can somewhat be equated with Satan), and also darkness, are NOT in of themselves evil, and that Satan should be recognized as “God’s Lord High executioner” and not truly actually evil, but we MUST realize that it is written, “if ye seek evil you will surely find it.” Really to fully understand this you must make your logic intuitive and your intuition logical, and that is a question of living as Jesus taught and opening the Corpus callosum which connects your brain’s neocortical hemispheres…. When you do this, this is somewhat knowing enlightenment. The whole process, in this evil world, can be almost traumatic and involves a deep understanding of human suffering. It somewhat puts you outside of time, so that time may exist, you may keep your appointments and lead a somewhat normal life, but time becomes unimportant to you.

In the original conception of the pre-socratic concept of Logos, the whole universe was thought to be essentially caring. CARING is the sole value of Logos, and the early church equated this Logos with Jesus Christ. If God is infinite, omnipotent and omniscient, what can be outside of God? Realizing that is similar to the concept of The Great All, or the universe as “God having an experience.” I sometimes have felt that God had the idea of love and the universe began. The God particle underlies ALL matter, including dark matter. However, in terms of what is Holy, I think in terms of Life and Light and Love, the real Trinity. And photons, having no mass, mean that in some senses Light is infinite. Stephen Hawking realized that at most black holes, light is not destroyed but reflected back, because nothing perfect may ever be destroyed. God Bless and Blessed Be, everyone!

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