Escaping the Straight Jacket of Society’s Logical Slavery

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This is about changing yourself into a more mutually aware
person, less egotistical and more in touch with what yoga
called the Self, with a capital “S.” The higher “Self” that is a shared
One-ness where we are more mindfully aware and more free, too. Escape the
logical straight-jacket of your selfish egoism which society puts there.
It’s not that hard. Here are some of the basic ideas.

November 12, 2017
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Escaping the Straight Jacket
of Society’s Logical Slavery

Are You the Genuine Article
or a self-enslaved Hypocrite?

The Daily Walk with Love, republished November 12, 2017, by Paul Evans, (email Video is a Mix (playlist) based on Boy George’s Karma Chameleon. This article mainly is discussing ideas from yoga and Buddhist philosophy as far as I understand it. I thank God for all you good people (my readers), I’m working hard so that I can deal with my issues and blog for you, God Bless you kind folks. I especially want to thank my new friend, Maud. Amen.

ESCAPING THE STRAIGHT JACKET OF SOCIETY’S LOGICAL SLAVERY: This is about changing yourself into the mutually aware “Self” that is a mindful, shared One-ness. I was walking our dog Arby recently when I realized there was a limitation in my logic I had not quite escaped yet. I was lonely that morning without anyone to chat with as yet, and I thought about how hard it is for us “yuppies” or to a lesser extent maybe us hippies to find a date, which reminded me of a Euell Gibbons book, “Stalking the Wild Blue-Eyed Scallop,” ($3 plus shipping Amazon paperback). I think this book, like one of Jesus parables, speaks at more than one level, it’s the nature of a parable, a metaphor for something else. My only reproach to God was, “you coulda made it easier…” His answer was “not and given you free will, I couldn’t.” Everything is limited by the logic of everything. Part of the problem is that society concentrates on making you self-conscious. That’s because they teach you early on that “it’s not things, it’s the appearance of things too.”

Actually that’s dead wrong. To escape this problem, you should not think about yourself, not consider your “self,” your ego, at all. (Especially this is true to the extent you have given yourself up to your neocortical mind, and if you are well-directed. In the mind that is your true Self, you are in a situation of limitlessness).

You will not ever satisfy your “self” (small “s”), your ego, no matter how much wealth and possessions you may accumulate. You can only escape your ego (your “self”) by living un-selfishly. It is this which puts you more in touch with your neo-cortical minds, your “Self” (our higher minds). And it is nothing to be afraid of, believe me, you will still fully be there, more so in fact — you would be much more mindful — and you definitely should work on raising your awareness, all down the path you take to the Self. It is our ego which pins us into the logic of society. Don’t consider your self at all, just live life, Do the things you do, let it be about “der ding an sich,” as the Germans say, the thing itself, and not the appearance of things. Do not be conscious of yourself, basically at all, be conscious but aware and still. Be genuine and good. If you have something on your mind which is something from your past, an issue to settle, settle it rapidly, it will not trouble you again. It is to BE, rather than to be your self.

See Brand “New”: The Jesus Model, The Daily Walk with Miracles, April 20, 2016, by Paul Evans. Ask yourself, “what does Love require of me.” Make it habitual to behave in the ways you should and then you may not consider your self as much at all. These are “the beautiful people,” if Christian and well-directed. (It has nothing to do with looks or money….)

Boy George – Karma Chameleon

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