Emissions of chemical elements from the sun during and after solar flares

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— There is an apparent correlation between solar flares, emissions of particular elements by the sun, and conditions here on earth. This suggested to me a better kind of light bulb which would make life better for us.

April 5, 2020
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Emissions of chemical elements from the sun during and after solar flares

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About solar flares, emissions, and conditions here on earth: I had researched an article almost identical to this one five or six years ago for a different website I used to own. Fortunately, I do remember it well so that, without research, I am just going to re-iterate what I found out at that time. I believe I have my facts correct, and that any research anyone did on this topic would end up pretty similar to mine.

At the time I researched this, there was a significant solar flare (from the sun), which threatened to hit the earth pretty directly, so that there was quite a lot of concern. I discovered that about 1866 (or anyway right after the civil war ended), there was a solar flare which did impact the earth. It actually burnt out some of the telegraph lines. Of course, now there is much more concern, because so much on earth now is run off of the internet, and in other words, we might pray to God that our satellites are not badly impacted.

At about the time when I began my studies, I happened upon the NOAH Space Weather website. There the site provided hour by hour graphs of emissions of particular chemical elements by the sun. Right away I noticed that at the height of the flare and for a little while afterwards, the emissions of x-rays had spiked much higher than ususal. Following the news as I especially did at that time, I saw that the news cycle had gone absolutely bonkers with a LOT of bad news. (I even saw one headline to the extent that troops were headed north through North Carolina, to give you one example.)

But then, not too long after the x-rays had spiked, they fell precipitously below what is normal for x-ray emissions from the sun. I then noticed that at this same time, neon emissions went higher than normal… and things were pacific and better almost with every news article I saw that day. This gave me an idea which I still hope might benefit mankind. It suggested a “better light bulb” to me, which, so far as I had given it any real thought, seemed almost obvious to me.

Perhaps people go out to Vegas, not just to gamble, but because they love all the neon lights. So: the better light bulb — clear glass, a tungstun-argon filament, and it could be filled with neon gas. It strikes me that you could make such light bulbs with a conventional base that screwed right in where our normal “incandescent” bulbs do now. At the time I wrote this artcle (maybe five years ago), I claimed a provisional copyright on the idea, and then (so no-one could profit from an idea which might go into mass production fairly easily and help a LOT of people), then I placed the idea and my particular idea for the light bulb into the Public Domain

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