Editorial: Reflections After 10 Years of Blogging About Politics and Religion

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* — I couldn’t sleep last night so
I wanted to do something useful and wrote this.
I had a politics website for five years and now
this site about comparative religion, tech
(mainly Linux and AI), heath and addiction and
various topics of interest, usually with a music video,
and I tried to get away from politics, but my love
for the common man and for America meant I wanted
to help there, too. Here are my reflections
after ten years of blogging politics and religion.

republished April 25, 2020
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I wrote this for my own needs but feel
It might help many people

Editorial: Reflections After
10 Years of Blogging About
Politics and Religion

I started with ten years of college
in the hard sciences, the politics and religion so late
in my life are just because I came to love the common man
and care so very much that I wanted to help.

The Daily Walk with Love (Link to Home page and blog), republished April 25, 2020, by Paul Evans.

The whole idea behind ditching (deleting out of existence, five years of work) Evans (Liberal) Politics, was to be less controversial, to be less hated by those in power, and perhaps even find a way to make some money. In retrospect it didn’t matter. As I found out, if there’s one thing even more divisive than politics, it’s religion. It’s almost as though politics and religion are the right and the left hands of darkness (consider purchasing the Amazon Kindle book “The Left Hand of Darkness,”by Ursula K. Le Guin, 1969 – (Amazon Kindle purchase page, 50th Anniversary Edition, $10). I only remember a little while after the book was published that it was a best-seller and that it “spoke to me,” but what I’ve seen of the reviews might also justify looking into it.)

Did you know that over the last 2,000 years more people have died in wars over differences in religious beliefs than for any other single reason? This despite Jesus’ wish at the Last Supper, “That they all may be one.”(And around the US and the world we must admit that it is mainly doctrines and dogmas which separates us as a Christian people, but what we almost all of us must also admit is that we do not live the way Jesus taught us to.

Really, unless you are an evil, wicked man, probably your life will turn out OK, remember, “the price has already been paid.” I know I of all people am hugely grateful for His grace in my life. Jesus’ teachings, however are not rocket science and you don’t have to have the Bible memorized, it boils down to about four basic simple rules, which almost no one follows in America or anywhere else. Maybe if just 1,000 Christians made living by Jesus teachings a priority in their lives, and really tried, it might usher in The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. And I do know how hard people’s lives can be… I am certain God understands, too, completely and fully.

Be aware of the karma you are creating for yourself (“Thoughts become things.”), think positive but realistic thoughts, try to pay it forward in life, and, again, be sure to thank God for his Grace in your life.

“The words of the Prophets are written on the subway walls, and tenement halls.” – Simon and Garfunkel. I truly pray that the meek shall inherit. In the name of Christ, Amen.

I will say this: parents, do NOT let your children go into politics! It’s mean, and it’s dirty, sometimes illegally so, and it’s totally controlled by those billionaires who choose to oversee that area and, basically, modern politics is mostly immoral and shows a full lack of decent Christian ethics. No your son (or daughter) is not going to change the world. If he is lucky, he might possibly survive it. (Do NOT make the mistake of expecting fairness from the world.) I’ve campaigned for local candidates all over Wayne County, making opinion polls of sorts and trying to change minds… But the Democrats lost ten points that year in 2010 in Wayne County, Ohio (in that year’s elections). I campaigned for Obama’s first election but was totally disillusioned about American politics
by 2012. I stood for Donald Trump in 2016, although I did not actively campaign for him except on my site and on Facebook and Google Plus. I figured that Hillary would just be “more of the same only worse.”

Now I wonder if “they” are doing the same thing to us with Trump from the right that they did with Obama from the left. I’m scared. I’m living on minimum disability and it’s not enough to live on or even pay for an apartment, just a room, but it’s not that which matters. It matters only to me that I can be eyes and ears and provide understanding for us, the people, the common man, for as long as I am able. If you ever need a friend please send me an email to sailingtokansas@gmail.com.

I thought Obama was different. But he appointed the same dark trio of economic advisers as had W. Bush, and Bill Clinton before him: Larry Summers, Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner. Some informed left-wing people, at that point, were saying then that Obama sold out right from the very beginning, even before he took office. But I held out. Yeah, I had faith. Maybe – it is quite possible – Obama had no choice in the matter, if he wished to avoid assassination. OK, Obama got the last of our combat troops out of Iraq, and won the Nobel Peace Prize. Did anyone mention that there are 55,000 Xe (Halliburton) mercenaries there still? Or that Iraq is now so weakened that Iran has gone so far as to place intermediate-range missiles in southern Iraq, which is Shiite-controlled. And the first and official CIA report to W. Bush stated unequivocally that there was no evidence of weapons of mass production in Iraq (or nuclear program), so Bush had his lackey in CIA come up with a fake “Official report,” which was the basis of Colin Powell’s speech to the U.N. Did you know that Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi dictator we ended up putting out of power and eventually killing was a secular Muslim who hated (and was hated by) the Muslim fundamentalists and jihadists? Yeah, W., you made daddy proud. LOL, yeah, the Republican Party, the party of Lincoln, where the “right to life” ends at birth. Excuse the sarcasm. And the Democratic Party isn’t liberal any more, there is a new term which better describes them: “neo-liberal.”I guess this is sort of “Republican Light.” (Though the new class of Democrat congressmen are pretty liberal, aren’t they?)

If only our leaders had realized twenty-thirty years ago, wouldn’t microeconomic investments in third world nations (where you put in a water well, teach the villagers a craft or skill, and reap a percentage of the profits as well as having made those people have a really good concept that Americans are good people), wouldn’t that have been a hell of a lot better than the “currency wars,” which we largely have fought and mostly lost, long term, and so the US got absolutely no benefit by these conflicts, which cost thousands of American lives and untold treasure, except the ill will of those people and public opinion around the world. Microeconomic investments. Some churches are already doing this, shouldn’t our government get in on the act?

We are set on a course of automation and profitably employing artificial intelligence almost everywhere. Could we please for the love of God still let there be some future left for the common man? I fully expect a really terrible depression within about a year. George Soros, fourth most wealthy man on earth at $72 billion, just took $55 billion out of the stock market and exchanged it for “liquid” wealth like gold, silver and jewels. Ron Paul reminded us that no great power that ever stopped backing it’s currency with gold ever remained great for long. If you don’t believe me, do you think Soros and Paul might know what they are talking about? Stocks are maybe 70 percent overvalued versus what they are really worth, the investors have a totally unrealistic idea of the situation we are in, basically, we are living in a “fool’s paradise.” The attitude of the rich seems to be, “screw you, mac, I’ve got mine.”

Did you know that the Green Zone (where the US Embassy is in Iraq, just outside of Baghdad), is partially guarded by robots who – with unbelievable stupidity – have been programmed to take human life based on their own decision-making, not even under orders to do so. If it’s not too late (I think it is), for God’s sake start coming out with all new robots programmed with Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics. Can anyone think of one really good reason why the AI intelligent robots (and computers for that matter) should particularly wish well for humans or humanity? And wedon’t even recycle computers in Western society, we just mainly throw our old, problematic computers into the trash, although I used to have a friend – he owned a computer repair store – who took “broken” computers which his clients no longer wanted or couldn’t afford to repair and Trey cobbled together working PC’s from old parts and then gave those away to the poor. I miss Trey. His repair store had an electrical fire from which his business never really recovered and I don’t know where he is, but I miss him a lot. He’s a good man.

Here at The Daily Walk with Love, I love and wish to thank my visitors from the bottom of my heart. However with this many readers and people who watch our videos, I have been forced to buy business class hosting and a couple of years ago I bought a paid theme which allows you to (somewhat) view our articles on your cell phone. I had read that now over half the pages of articles online are read are on cell phones, not computers, so I felt I had to “keep up with the times.”We desperately need one or a couple investors or sponsors so that even in my own poverty, I might still keep bringing my readers the truth, insofar as I am “allowed”to tell the truth fully. There are limits, you know, which I have learned the hard way. If anyone would want to sponsor us, I would make them a nice 300px by 250px graphical ad pointing at whichever web page they wished, and place it at the top of my “sidebar” (to the right) on every single article I published. If interested, please email me, Paul Evans, at sailingtokansas@gmail.com, thanks and God Bless you all!

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