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You Super-Rich investors and bankers are just too greedy,
as housing, derivates, foreign economies, the Fed and interest rates
are about to karmically hit back big time. New housing starts are down
7.2 percent while housing prices rose 5.1 percent over a year ago.
It’s the investment banks’ seemingly congenital greed over mortages and profits:
You sunk us in 2007 over raising mortgage rates way too high, and are about to
cause something even worse, now. You will trigger a really terrible depression.
The situation is far worse than in 2007-2008.

October 1, 2016
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
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Economic Collapse Coming Soon
Housing Trends, Mortgages, Greed,
Will Soon Trigger a Bad Depression or Worse

Get Prepared, Imminent Economic Collapse
Is Going To Be Much Wo4se Than 2008

The Daily Walk with Miracles, updated 3:09 a,n, October 1, 2016, by Paul Evans, video is JIM ROGERS says Get Prepared, Imminent Collapse Going To Be Worse Than 2008, YouTube — 4:32. (The country music sampler provided for your listening pleasure while you see just how bad it’s going to get is a playlist dedicated to all the ladies out there is Dwight Yoakem’s The Heart That You Own. Ladies, I’m Paul, the owner here, I am 59, 5’10” and 175 lbs., “single and looking.” Email There are strong signs, for example, that our currency and stock market are going to come crashing down about the very beginning of October of this year: it look like the collapses’ trigger will be Deutsche Bank, which handles most big money in Europe — read below to get the details.

Watch WAR, ALERT US Carries Out Its Threat Against Russia, Israeli News Live on YouTube — 25:41.

WARNING: See Rubio, DeMint, Cruz: It’s essential that we keep the internet secure, free and open, The Daily Walk with Miracles, September 30, 2016 — 25:41: One Day left for Open internet? Our freedom and national security is at stake. Obama, Google and FB and other international interests are pushing for a global and corporate control of it. The Daily Walk with Miracles must soon renew it’s domain and as at grave risk to being “removed” from the internet by evil forces which have oppressed us in various economic ways. It’s now or never to save the internet, and free speech. It is absolutely essential that the Senate passes Senate Bill 3034. Call your Senator NOW at 1-202-224-3121, and tell your Senator you KNOW he or she will do the right thing and keep the internet free, open, and out of the hands of foreign, despotic governments.

The United States of America:
1776-2016, R.I.P.

Greed has destroyed and now will “finish” our once glorious nation. You had 240 years to develop some sort of “caring capitalism” for our people. You chose greed and possessions, and didn’t really worship God or Jesus, you lived as though you worshiped money, or capitalism itself. God is not amused, as ye sew, so shall you reap, and “the chickens are coming home to roost.” You could still perhaps “pull it out,” but I see no evidence that you will start behaving and living or changing anything important about the way you live, or the way you order the United States, economically. Karma is an inevitable law of the universe. You’re “about to get yours,” but it’s a damned shame that all of us, even those who live decently and “get it,” are going to suffer, too. The patience of God has it’s limits and you’ve surpassed that a long time ago, frankly.

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The economic collapse of the United States has actually been inevitable since 2008, and the investment banks and most of the big corporations since then have only made the prospects for our full economic collapse worse. Even the Royal Bank of Scotland, the economic gospel of conservative investors, has directed its patrons (as reported by The Sovereign Investor), to “Sell Everything” because “in a crowded hall, the exit doors are small,” with evidence that stocks are now 80 percent over-valued. See First Soros Now Jim Rogers Predicts Trillion Dollar ‘Biblical’ Crash, YouTube — 15:36. Also see Banking System Collapse – Global Financial Meltdown 2016-2017, X22 Finacial Report, YouTube, September 28, 2016 — 13:03, which mentions the United States gold imports from Switzerland are up 82 percent this year.

For inspiration, watch U2 — Silver and Gold, Rattle and Hum version on YouTube — 6:28.

All the present trends and economic statistics indicate that an economic collapse of the entire U.S. economy is now inevitable. Very likely it will happen sometime this year. You super-rich jerks (most of the investment bankers and their super-rich clients, and some of the big CEO’s) are making the same stupid error. About three days ago the fact came out that for August, housing starts are down 7.2 percent while housing prices rose 5.1 percent over a year ago. It’s your seemingly congenital greed over mortages and profits: You are about to trigger a really terrible depression. The situation at this time is far worse than in 2007-2008. The economy, as led by the investment banks and super-rich, have put America in a huge economic hole into which they are going to drag the whole nation. Even now, it’s really bad. 75 percent of Americans are now living paycheck to paycheck. In my own state of Ohio, one-quarter of our children are at risk of real hunger every month. You KNOW this but you just cannot bring yourselves to contain your greed. Sadly, all of us are going to pay for that, and it’s so absurd in an existentialist sort of way. Various economists and this website have shown you definitely that, for the rich themselves, self-interest now dictates that you really need to alleviate the suffering of the poor, as well as the bifurcation of the middle class. One would have thought that, between you, you had a brain.

Best of Vegas

I honestly would have thought you had more sense, that’s why I have continued “preaching” at you, essentially, for nine years. Look, you have managed to loot the savings accounts and put that money (OUR money) into your typically risky, failing investments to the point where there is, according to NewsMax partner MoneyNews, 1/4 to 1/2 cent now in the savings accounts left for every dollar in circulation. You think a $20 Trillion dollar national debt is bad? There is now, unbelievably, some $552 Trillion in (risky, ill-conceived, and essentially “un-leveraged”) derivative investments, and that amounts to NINE TIMES the total value of ALL the goods and services produced by the entire world in a year. Then there’s housing, which now is almost too expensive for the average man to afford, and has been for some time. Because of your greed in your housing investments (just as in 2007), you are creating the financial atmosphere for a HECK of a lot of mortgage defaults. Also, with rising housing prices, fewer and fewer of us can afford to buy a new home, ever, and that hurts the economy

Maybe it is the housing bubble which will trigger financial disaster, perhaps it will be the removal of the U.S. dollar as sole reserve currency (by the IMF, today), or maybe it will happen in December (15-16) when the Fed is more or less forced to raise interest rates, or lose any credibility it has around the world. See Fed Leaves Rate Unchained: Signals December Hike, The Daily Walk with Miracles, September 22, 2016, by Paul Evans, where I have a very scary excerpt from The Sovereign Investor:

See Are Stocks 80% Overvalued? New Evidence Shocks Wall Street, The Sovereign Investor, September 15, 2016, by JL Yastine:

“U.S. stocks are now about 80% overvalued, says Andrew Smithers, the chairman of Smithers & Co. He backs up his prediction using a ratio which proves that the only time in history stocks were this risky was 1929 and 1999. And we all know what happened next. Stocks fell by 89% and 50%, respectively.

Even the Royal [Bank] of Scotland, [which you may take as conservative economic gospel], says the markets are flashing stress alerts akin to the 2008 crisis. They told their clients to “Sell Everything” because “in a crowded hall, the exit doors are small.”

When Should We Fear
This “Global Currency Reset”
and Dollar Collapse, and Is It for Real?

Paul Evans: This is very real, folks. There are a LOT of web sites, some of them bogus (be careful in loading these from searches), which say that the “end” for the U.S. dollar is going to be September 30th or in October, and a month-old video from Ron Paul is calling for a dollar collapse on about December 31, 2016. NewsMax sent out a newsletter to me this morning (9-30), which warned, “On 9/30/16 The IMF will officially add the Chinese Yuan as global reserve currency. According to Reuters, this move paves the way for the IMF to place the Yuan on a par with the U.S. dollar.” So does our currency, as well as the stock market, utterly crash at the very beginning of October? Maybe. However, basically (judging from the available articles on the net), this has been known as something that’s coming since 2013. The Federal Reserve meets in December on the 15-16th, and that could well trigger market shock, but there is a lot of time till then: Merry Christmas! Watch a speech by Fed Chairman Janet Yellen at a meeting of minority bankers from September 29, 2016 (Thursday), to perhaps get a handle on future prospects, but do not expect to get many details. The Fed is sometimes secretive, and sometimes misleading in its signals. But sometime this year there is definitely going to be a raise in interest rates, and yes, the stock markets might well collapse should the interest rates go up as much as 0.50 percent.

See Fed Leaves Rate Unchained: Signals December Hike, The Daily Walk with Miracles, September 21, 2016, by Paul Evans. The DOW precipitously fell 400 points four days before the last Fed meeting just on Chairman Janet Yellen’s statement that an interest rate hike in September “shouldn’t be discounted.” And the under-cutting of the petrodollar is well under way, with signs that oil may now plummet to a new low of $10 a barrel before long, partly do to the emergence of new solar technologies. Well we all know what happened at the September meeting of the Fed, they caved to investor pressure and left interest rates unchanged, but the Fed has signalled that almost without fail there WILL be an interest rate hike sometime this year. Expect chaos to ensue.

Watch ALERT, ALERT, WATCH Deutsche Bank Hangs By A Thread On Eve Of Jubilee, News Channel 428 and the very Christian Dollar Vigilante, YouTube, September 30, 2016 — 4:17, which is shown here. Much of Europe’s big money cycles through Deutsche Bank. This cycle’s Lehman Brothers looks like it’s going down really, really soon and taking Europe and the rest of the world with it. For more perspective from the mainstream media, not as precise and documented, see Deutsche Bank: How stable is Germany’s biggest bank?,, September 30, 2016, by Peter Ryan, who says (without documentation or figures):

Investors are starting to flee Germany’s biggest bank amid growing speculation that it might need assistance from the German Government.

“Deutsche Bank is clearly a canary in a coal mine,” said Dr Cary Leahey of Decision Economics.

Dr Leahey did not see Deutsche as another Lehman Brothers — but said Deutsche had massive potential liabilities including a $US 14 billion penalty from the US Justice department stemming back to the subprime mortgage crisis.

If an interest rate hike doesn’t cause total economic collapse, and if the housing bubble doesn’t trigger it, then the precipitous drop in oil prices and profits will also be a factor in destabilizing the market and perhaps collapsing it. Then too, the growth and floushing of other national economic powers, and the establishment of the yuan as a competing “reserve currency” are factors. But it’s coming, and we know this, the only question is when, and very likely when this year.

The Currency Wars,
The Collapse of the Dollar
and the Loss of American Power

See Steps to The Global Economic Reset & U.S. Dollar Collapse, Global Currency Reset, March 15, 2014, which is a YouTube video. Ron Paul claims that no major economic power suvived for a long time as such which did not base it’s currency on gold. It has been primarily corporate control over most of the economy which is the sole reason that the United States didn’t go over to a gold backed currency a hundred years ago, when for example William Jennings Bryan (1860-1925, Wikipedia link) was a nominee for President. (Bryan was a populist Democrat who ran for President three times and backed a silver-based currency as better for the common man). However, it is even claimed by conspiracy theorists that Lincoln’s assassintion was because he stood against corporate control of the U.S. It has been realized that eventually we should change over to a gold-or-silver backed currency, and also stand up for what’s right, not just what is profitable, for that long! Yet there was never much chance for it so long as the banks and big corporations were “calling the shots.” For more information read Wikipedia’s History of the United States dollar. And the main reason simply was that such a currency might interfere with big corporate control and profits.

All the global currency wars and the huge global push for world domination (the “New World Order” George H.W. Bush set in strong motion) and all those (basically bogus) derivative investments accomplished is to make the “end” for our status as the world’s main super-power and the consequences of the dollar collapse in the United States worse. It became just a postponement of the inevitable. Shamefully, the many of the very rich have known this for well over a year and have been buying up private stocks of gold so that they will not suffer when the economy utterly collapses. I will just note that in 1932, private stocks of gold were actually confiscated by the government in return for a fraction of their worth. We may well need to resort to that, it might ease the sufferring of “ordinary” Americans (which is going to short-term be even worse), and it will be bad. Donald Trump very likely will not take office before all this “goes down.”

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Yes, on the one hand, the United States still accounts for some 22 percent of the world’s trade, but the Euro and Yuan (China) are muscling in, China’s GDP has actually surpassed ours, and we have already held our status as the global reserve currency for 94 years, which is historically about as long as any nation has. If nothing else, all over the world, nations have pulled out all the stops on producing oil and the devaluation of petroleum and oil stocks might pull the stock market down, by itself. Once the dollar loses status as the sole “global reserve currency,” perhaps starting today (with the co-equality soon of the Yuan), the United States will be basically be unable to just print money or go deeper in debt, to prop up a basically unsound economy which is already so far in debt. May off the U.S. “enemies” such as Bush’s “Axis of evil,” in fact, were nations which had just before stopped using the dollar as their national currency, in terms of overseas trade and national-level dealings. So we actually went to war with them over it, essentially. The use of the dollar as reserve currency around the world has formed the basis by which we borrowed so much money, of course basically just digging our own “grave” deeper. The dollar may well in October, very quickly, totally collapse, along with the stock market, and you will see economic and social chaos. Logically it is something that is pretty certain sometime this year. There is a new, global currency, already proposed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which is to be based mainly on gold, it is said. In other words, the biggest coalition of economic planners in the world is already quite certain this will happen to the United States. We tried to push the “New World Order” agenda all over the world, when we should have looked after our own and made our own nation strong again. This is essentially the position Donald Trump takes with his slogan, “America First.” However, I see economic collapse as probable before he even takes office.

The Undeniable Truth:
Our Economy is Badly Unsound
and Will Soon Collapse

All the economic planners in the United States seem to know how to do is print a whole lot more money, engage in our fanatical currency wars, go deepeer into debt and do the whole “bubble economy” routine. But this is a much worse situation than we’ve seen since 1929.

The evidence suggests stock markets are over-valued by 50 to 75, or perhaps even 80 percent, as is the U.S. currency. This is a LOT worse situation than a 20-30 percent “market correction,” as the Russia Today video, below, and multi-millionaire Jim Rogers, (who recently gave up on us and relocated his family to Singapore), relate. It will almost definitely be worse than in 2007-08. This is also much worse than a simple situation of “market psychology.” One way or another (housing bubble, the derivative/junk bond catastrophe, or oil devaluation, the growth of several national economies around the world, or all of these factors), we are ALL going to suffer big time because of you rich folks and your insatiable greed. Junk bonds, CDL’s and derivatives are NOT going to save the situation, and just printing more money and going still deeper in debt will not be possible. Sad but factually undeniable.

See From The Federal Reserve To A New US Republic via a Global Currency Reset, The Daily Walk with Miracles, September 9, 2016, by Paul Evans. Here is one very interesting link in this article: Watch New World Currency Backed By Gold Revealed, The Alex Jones Channel on YouTube — 18:05. Mr. Jones says we are in a perfect “hell-storm of debt.” Actually, many of the super-rich have known about this and have been accumulating gold for a few years, now. Watch The Secret Global Reset Agreement, Veterans Today, The Forbidden Truth on YouTube — 13:53.

Watch [WARNING] RON PAUl : Economic Collapse & Financial Market Crash 2016 (JULY 2016 Pls Share), YouTube — 20:23. Ron Paul has always claimed that no major society or nation which did not base its currency on gold has ever prospered or even survived, long term.

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Get Prepared, Imminent Economic Collapse
Going To Be Much Worse Than 2008

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