Dying, Coming Back to Life and Having Faith

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The Daily Walk with Miracles

My own concrete, real, hospital-documented
dying and afterlife experience, coming back
and about having faith

August 26, 2017
Justice is Coming!

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Dying, Coming Back to Life,
and Having Faith

For me, the “afterlife”
is proven beyond doubt and this gives
me courage to carry on

The Daily Walk with Miracles, August 26, 2017, by Paul Evans. With video of Collective Soul’s Greatest Hits courtesy of YouTube. Sharing some heartfelt emotions from my Facebook page. Let’s everybody get along and be friends: Email Paul Evans paul.miracles57@gmail.com. Please Share this article!

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I am Paul Evans, 60, owner of The Daily Walk with Miracles. I have been faltering… about 12-14 months ago I literally died. I was in a hospital ward, they came around to do a bed check, I was not breathing. They tried to resuscitate me and pounded on my chest and did CPR, but I did not respond. The only thing I know is that I went to sleep quite normally that night (though with some breathing difficulty) and then found myself sometime later waking up in a table in the ER, on another floor of the hospital. There are records of this at Trinity Hospital in Dennison, Ohio.

I do want to make this into an opportunity for evangelism. It’s just a fact that, the scientists and doctors say, that within 10 minutes of you brain not getting oxygen, your brain is supposed to turn into mush. I don’t quite know where I was, but I was SOMEwhere… I feel it must be like another dimension, which we are normally kept from accessing. This makes me certain that there IS an afterlife, God is real and he loves you all. I am not the only one this has happened to. You do read the occasional news item where somebody wakes up in a morgue just before they are about to be embalmed. God is REAL and so is his love and care for us. There were just some things in my life God wanted to be really sure I changed. I just pray that you all realize this, and try to live more in line with Biblical principles. Amen.

I worry about everything, but now I see that I should simply have faith in God. All my life I was an agnostic seeker. I know this seems impossible but even after I died and have come back to life, faith in an afterlife comes hard for me. (This is like the Sadducees, right?) But a fact’s a fact, and I am trying to stop worrying now. It’s all in God’s hands as it was from the beginning. I now believe that the very essence of mental illness lies in not believing in any kind of afterlife. I KNOW better. THANK YOU JESUS!!

See Reasons to Have Faith, The Daily Walk with Miracles, April 25, 2017, where I say:

Let me just try again to give reasons for the faith that motivates me: First and foremost, I have died and come back to life about an hour later, a year ago, and my brain is certainly not the mush which scientists claim it should be. Scientists claim that the “gray matter” or thinking cells of a brain, deprived of oxygen for over ten minutes, essentially die. Well, manifestly this is NOT always true, but WHY? Secondly, the astrophysicists also tell us that there is about a one in 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 chance (one in 1 followed by 28 zeros, 28 powers of ten or “orders of magnitude,”) that a universe could exist at all which would sustain life as we know it. This strongly suggests it was created, and 90 percent of astronomers believe in God.

And why IS the sky blue or the ocean a 70 percent saline solution? (The sky is blue because of ammonia from decaying organic matter, yet ammonia is unstable in the presence of oxygen and so shouldn’t much be present in the atmosphere at ALL.) Then there are those pesky photon particles, with a given charge and size and properties, yet having no mass, and so sometimes I actually stare at the sun, yet I am not blind. (Anyone seeking advice about this please email me Paul Evans at paul.miracles57@gmail.com before you try it on your own, please.) Photons thus are a kind of impossible, miraculous particle, aren’t they? MAY-Be photons are a more fundamentally different sort of particle which is not in fact even matter as we know it. By this view of the universe, yin is matter (ALL matter) and yang would be Light itself. But really, I empathize with “spiritual-but-not-religious” people, as I once was myself, or even agnostics. I just feel when 90 percent of astronomers believe in God, who am I to question that, and even the very fact that I am alive motivates my faith. But it IS a question of faith, I am not gainsaying that. Yet my own faith is secure, nor would I try to bring up a 5 year old child or deal kindly with a simpleton or a very old person in any kind of way but as a Christian. It’s ALL alive, the whole universe, and it has a logic to that life, and the sole value of it is CARING. Have faith people!!

See Tales of the Dead Come Back: How Modern Medicine Is Reinventing Death, National Geographic, September 4, 2014, by Simon Worrall:

They can fly through walls or circle the planets, turn into pure light or meet long-dead relatives. Many have blissful experiences of universal love. Most do not want to return to the living. When they do, they’re often endowed with special powers: They can predict the future or intuit people’s thoughts.

See Ohio man dies for 45 minutes, then comes back to life, New York Daily News, August 22, 2013, by Tracy Miller. Personally I don’t know how long I myself was gone. I think it must have been about an hour. The point is you can’t just end and disappear into nothing, and then come back. I believe the afterlife must involve usually being in some other dimension, such as heaven or hell. I myself have been psychically gifted ever since my 30th birthday in 1987. Perhaps the essence of mental illness for an intelligent, feeling man is to believe there is no afterlife. I KNOW there is. I feel for sure there is a heaven or hell that one day we’re going to go to, and that we should live our lives accordingly. ~ Paul.

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