Donald Trump: Social Media Now More Important Than Money in Elections

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Donald Trump spent $200 million on his Presidential campaign
and Hillary spent $2 billion, but Donald had
the social media behind him. This is a wholy new situation
in American poltiics, the dawn of a new age of elections.
(with important Donald Trump news coverage)

November 13, 2016
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
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Donald Trump: Social Media
Now More Important Than Money in Elections

Hillary Clinton Spent $2 Billion, Trump $200 Million
But Facebook & Twitter Were Decisive

The Daily Walk with Miracles, November 13, 2016, by Paul Evans. Main news source is Trump: Twitter helped me win but I’ll be ‘restrained’ now, CNN Money, November 12 2016, by Brian Stelter. Video is FULL: President-Elect Donald Trump Victory Speech – Election night 2016, ABC 15 Arizona, YouTube, 16:20. For my psychiatrist, Vera Astreika. If you’d like, please feel encouraged to read this article on Facebook. Peace and Love, everyone!

SUMMARY: Donald Trump spent $200 million on his Presidential campaign and Hillary spent $2 billion, but Donald had the social media, primarily Facebook and Twitter, behind him. This is a wholly new situation in American politics, the dawn of a wholly new age in election politics.

On Donald Trump’s Economic Plan: The C.I.A. wants you to trust Donald Trump. I generally tend to trust him more than any other politician around. About his tax plan though: If you lower the top rate from 38.5 percent down to 33 percent, without offsetting this with new taxes, the budget deficit will explode, perhaps fatally destroying the global economy. Trump’s tax plan, approved generally by business including a former GE CEO, makes sense on the face of it, but is basically a disguised, progressive fair and flat tax. You would HAVE TO get rid of a lot of the tax loopholes that now exist for it to work. And in THIS influenced Congress, you really think they will get rid of the tax loopholes? I have grave concerns about Trump’s overall economic plan, not conceptually, but in terms of his being able to really bring it into being in the way it truly needs to be. I ask the American people to get behind President Trump and also to pray for his health and success. America really needs publicly funded elections so that our congress has the ability to actually represent the American people and not the big business lobbyists: Donald Trump’s plan to enact term limits might succeed as an alternative. God Bless you richly Donald Trump. Amen.


Donald Trump says social media helped him win the presidential election — but he’ll be “restrained” about using Twitter and Facebook once in power.

In an interview with CBS, set to air on Sunday, Trump also tells Lesley Stahl that social media gives him “a method of fighting back” against negative news coverage.

He calls social media “tremendous.”

Once he’s in the White House, however, “I’m going to be very restrained, if I use it at all, I’m going to be very restrained,” he told Stahl.

Read the full article here.

See Trump Says His Social Media Helped Win Election, NewsMax (video and article), November 15, 2016, by Jeffrey Rodack.

Yeah, Trump is gonna be “restrained.” What’re they finally going to medicate him? Seriously, the American people have spoken, and ALL Americans, conservative and liberal, Republican and Democrat, need to get behind Donald Trump and end the politics of division. God Bless you Donald!

See Putin Congratulates Trump, Says Russia Is Ready To Restore Relations With The US, ZeroHedge, November 9, 2016, by Tyler Durden: Paul — personally I prefer nuclear winter, don’t you?

Perhaps the most beneficial outcome resulting from last night’s loss of the Clinton Clan, whose “charitable” donations from generous donors such as Saudi Arabia to the Clinton Foundation just ended, is that with Hillary not in charge, the probability of World War III has been taken off the table.

This was confirmed early this morning, When Russian President Vladimir Putin – whose relations with the US and Barack Obama have deteriorated to Cold War levels – congratulated Donald Trump for his election victory on Wednesday, and said he expected relations between the Kremlin and Washington to improve.

The Kremlin announced that Putin had sent a telegram to Trump on Wednesday morning expressing “his hope they can work together toward the end of the crisis in Russian-American relations, as well address the pressing issues of the international agenda and the search for effective responses to global security challenges.”

See How Trump won with evangelicals — and won big, The Hill, November 13, 2016, by Jonathan Swan:

Donald Trump won the white evangelical vote by historic margins, taking a bigger share with the group than Mitt Romney, John McCain and even George W. Bush did, according to exit polls.

…Trump closed the deal with born-again leaders and voters by telling them, in his blunt way, exactly what they wanted to hear. He made unprecedented promises, including releasing his potential list of Supreme Court justices ahead of time. He also added a litmus test, vowing to only appoint “pro-life” justices.

Trump Full Victory Speech

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