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Donald Trump 2016
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November 16, 2016
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
Justice is Coming!

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Your Donald Trump News Headlines,
News kept current throughout each day, including who is chosen
for the cabinet and how Trump’s economic policy is shaping up

November 17, 2016
Justice is Coming!

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Donald Trump in the News

All Your Latest Donald Trump Headlines

The Daily Walk with Miracles, November 17, 2016, by Paul Evans. Rather than subject you to any sort of political video in today’s article, we are providing Best of Nine Inch Nails, courtesy of YouTube. In loving memory of my father, Jack E. Evans, WWII marine officer, ASA, AFSIA, NSA, CIA and a Yale Ph.D. in Russian language and literature, a Christian man, a “New Deal Democrat” who was appalled at the neo-liberal direction the Democratic Party has taken, and one of the original “America firsters.” God Bless America!

SUMMARY: Your Donald Trump News Headlines, Donald Trump news kept current throughout each day, including who is chosen for the cabinet and how Trump’s economic policy is shaping up.

See Today’s Suggested: Full NSA/CIA – Anonymous Cooperation on The Daily Walk with Miracles: SEE, Miracles DO happen!!

photograph of President-elect Donald Trump by PBS

See Which macroeconomic theories will rise and fall in status because of Donald Trump?, Marginal Revolution, November 17, 2016, by Tyler Cowen: “It seems likely that Trump and a Republican Congress can agree on some big mix of tax cuts and spending. Furthermore, there are plenty of rumors that Trump may push on the independence of the Fed and the ten-year yield leaped upon his election. So odds are it will be a stimulus with some degree of monetary accommodation, and in that case even tax cuts for the wealthy can serve as an effective form of QE into the assets the wealthy invest in.”

More Donald Trump News

WAY COOL: See ‘It’s Time to Grow Up’: Hannity Goes Off on ‘Coddled, Crybaby Liberals’, Fox News Insider, November 17, 2016, as seen on Hannity: “Apparently, this is how the PC culture – where everybody’s a winner, everybody gets a participation trophy – and these liberals operate,” Hannity said. “We’re supposed to roll out the red carpet for sore loser liberals because their sub-par, crooked, corrupt candidate lost an election?”

IMPORTANT: See GOP braces for Trump’s $1T infrastructure push, The Hill, November 17, 2016 by Melanie Zanona and Vickie Needham:

Republicans in Congress appear ready to embrace President-elect Donald Trump’s $1 trillion infrastructure proposal — at least for now.

…There’s an interest among our members, frankly, on both sides, in doing something on infrastructure,” Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.), chairman of the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, told reporters. “But my guess is, if that gets done, it probably hitches a ride on tax reform. I don’t know that just an infrastructure bill on its own, as a stand-alone, would go anywhere.”

See Rep. Peter King Touted as Trump’s Homeland Security Advisor, NewsMax, November 16, 2016, by John Gizzi:

As Donald Trump begins to assemble his national security team, Newsmax has learned that Rep. Peter King, R.-NY, is being discussed as the President’s Homeland Security advisor.

The former chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, King, is considered one of the most respected experts in Congress on the issue of terrorism and homeland security issues.

See Jeff Sessions starts to emerge with bigger role in Trump transition, The Washington Post Politics, November 17, 2016, by Jerry Markon, Karen DeYoung and Greg Miller:

President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday to push back against news coverage describing a chaotic transition to power, saying the process of selecting Cabinet secretaries and working with the Obama administration “is going so smoothly.”

As Trump met with senior advisers to discuss potential Cabinet candidates, there were further signs that power in his transition effort was consolidating within an ever-smaller group of loyalists generally not aligned with Republican members of the Washington establishment.

See Here are the people whose names have been floated for Trump’s Cabinet, The Washington Post, November 16, 2016, by “PowerPost:” “The latest on the contenders – from rumored to named – for top spots in the Trump administration. Latest transition updates.”

See Trump appointments ‘likely’ today, Eric Trump says, The Associated Press on The Boston Globe, November 16, 2016, by Ken Thomas and Julie Pace.

See Trump On Regulation: A 70 Percent Cut?, American Action Forum, October 25, 2016, by Sam Batkins, Dan Goldbeck: “According to American Action Forum (AAF) data on, government agencies have enacted more than $972 billion in total regulatory costs since 2006 (unadjusted for inflation). These proposed cuts would – at a minimum – range from $97 (10% cuts) to $777 (70-80% cuts) billion in cost reductions, but will likely require far more time, legal battles, and political capital than Trump’s policy advisers may expect.”

I had always hoped that the American people could actually trust Donald Trump and there is some new evidence supporting that idea. See Pence removing lobbyists from Trump transition team, Fox News, November 16, 2016, by

Best of Nine Inch Nails

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