Donald Trump at CPAC 2017 (with Latest Donald Trump news)

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In a defining speech at CPAC 2017, Donald Trump,
the face of the New Conservatism, outlined his Agenda for America
(with latest Donald Trump news).

February 28, 2017

Donald Trump 2017
“Make America Great Again!”

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Donald Trump at CPAC 2017:
with Latest Donald Trump news

Donald Trump IS the Face and the Head
of the New Conservative Movement
(with Latest Donald Trump news)

The Daily Walk with Miracles, February 28, 2017, by The Washington Post and Paul Evans, with main source of Donald Trump hasn’t changed. Conservatives have. And CPAC just proved it., The Washington Post, February 24, 2017, by Aaron Blake. Video of Donald Trump’s CPAC 2017 speech courtesy of 5 News: All News Nation and YouTube – 50:18. Photo courtesy of Salon.

The Daily Bible verse at The Official King James Bible Online is 2 Timothy 4:7 – “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:

Donald Trump and CPAC 2017, making America great again, photo from Salon

Paul Evans: HERE (in this speech at CPAC, 2017), is Donald Trump’s agenda, and what the modern face of today’s conservatism truly looks like. Donald Trump IS about conservative values. He’s also about a big tent. The speech started out with a little dig or two at “the fake news media.” He spoke about representing the people and the blessing of the First Amendment, and speaking his mind. He was about America that has “Freedom, security, and the rule of law.” There was also a mention of Bernie Sanders, and the fact that Sanders was RIGHT about trade, and a “thank you” to the Sanders people who did in fact support Donald Trump (and there were a LOT of them). In other words, Donald Trump is a President for ALL America. Donald Trump’s Presidency is going to be about America putting its own citizens first, “America first,” with a withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and also fixing the failed NAFTA trade agreements. We will see positively crafted, individual trade agreements from now on. It is about AMERICAN oil, American steel, and American industry. It’s about “substantially upgrading” our military so that nobody messes with America. It’s about as Donald summed it up, “peace through strength,” AND “obliterating ISIS.”

This is about the United States starting to turn things around and “start winning again.” It is about getting the bad people out of America. It’s about making” the GOP the “Party of the American worker.” This is NOT about just a simple plain “whiteness,” but about a return to our real, traditional American culture. It is also about rebuilding our infrastructure and our inner cities. It is about putting the crooked lobbyists and the evil regulations industry out of business. It IS going to be about protecting the safety of the American people and the betterment of their lives, so it is about supporting American law enforcement, too. (And there was a nice “thank you” to the NRA.) It is also about the United States FINALLY standing up to Iran. AND it’s about fixing our failed healthcare system. At CPAC, Donald Trump gave us a shining endorsement of conservatism and the American flag. And President Trump noted that ALL Americans are “EQUAL before Almighty God,” and thanked American evangelicals for their help.

The Washington Post:

The President Trump we saw Friday morning at the Conservative Political Action Conference was born six years ago on the exact same stage, when he first addressed the annual political conference.

“It’s nothing different,” White House chief of staff Reince Priebus said Thursday. “If you go back and watch the tape of President Trump . . . that was the Trump agenda.”

See President Trump Forces a Reckoning Among Conservatives, TIME Magazine, February 24, 2017, by Sam Frizell:

In a sense, there was something familiar about this bundle of contradictions. Past CPACs have found hard-core libertarians side by side with family values traditionalists and foreign policy hawks. But the first gathering of the Trump Administration was more contradictory than most.

In large part that is due to President Trump, …On the campaign trail, Trump said that he opposed spending cuts on major government programs like Medicare and Social Security and wholeheartedly rejected the free-trade mantra that has guided market-oriented conservatives for decades.

“I don’t think he’s the future of the conservative movement,” said Matt Batzel, a regular attendee and the national executive director of American Majority Action, a conservative organizing group. “What I think Republicans should do is bring in the Trump Democrats, have a big tent, and form a new coalition that embraces Trump populism but is fundamentally still conservative.”

Paul Evans: Was Batzel LISTENING while Donald Trump made this speech, you have to wonder? Donald Trump is now NOT “the future of the conservative movement,” he IS the face of the New Conservative Movement, Trump is where it’s at in American politics today. Traditional conservatives need to realize this at a deep level.

See Donald Trump is remodelling the right, The Economist, February 24, 2017, by Reuters.

See Once suspect, Trump now a hero at conservative ‘Woodstock’, Christian Science Monitor, February 24, 2017, by Peter Grier.

Donald Trump Latest News

See Here’s a poll number that will make Donald Trump smile, The Washington Post, February 27, 2017, by Chris Cillizza: The Post first noted that Donald Trump is bringing out “mixed” numbers as to his approval rating, but did notice that he is polling a 51 percent approval rating according to Rasmussen. However, according to an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll:

Almost 8 in 10 (77 percent) respondents said that Trump would bring about real change with 40 percent saying that it was “very” likely he would do so. That is, broadly speaking, a good thing for Trump considering how much people dislike Washington and politics more broadly.

48 percent of those polled think it will be “the right kind of change,” (including 89 percent of Republicans), while 23 percent think the change will be of the “wrong kind.” 21 percent of people feel there will be no major change. Gee, where have they been living?

See Trump says Obama is behind protests against him, USA Today, February 28, 2017, by William Cummings:

“No, I think that President Obama is behind it,” Trump said, “because his people are certainly behind it and some of the leaks, possibly come from that group, some of the leaks — which are really very serious leaks because they’re very bad in terms of national security — but I also understand that’s politics. And in terms of him being behind things, that’s politics. And it will probably continue.”

See Full Transcript: President Donald Trump’s Exclusive Interview with Breitbart News Network in Oval Office, Breitbart, February 27, 2016, by Breitbart News: “Trump vows big spend on defense, infrastructure.”

Also see, for “inside” ideas, CPAC 2017 Top Donald Trump Advisor Steve Bannon RARE Remarks 2/23/2017 latest trump news, YouTube, February 23, 2017 – 23:44.

Donald Trump CPAC Speech 2017

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