Better, Alternative Drugs and Treatments for Major Illnesses

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— While Big Pharma is pushing drugs which aren’t effective,
and often have terrible side effects, Dr. Spreen and the Health
Sciences Institute are offering better alternative treatments
for major types of illness, with no side effects and which
have a very low risk of causing death. I certainly am not
trying to step on Big Pharma’s toes with this. And there are plenty
of “new” pharmaceuticals here to profit with, it’s
a “win-win” scenario. And it’s about time. You owe it to
yourself and your family to read this.

October 13, 2020
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Better, Alternative Drugs
and Treatments for Major Illnesses

Better Alternative Treatments
for Chemotherapy.
Nausea, Diabetes, Arthritis, Alzheimers,
High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Insomnia and More

The Truthful Patriot’s Corner (Home page and blog), republished October 13, 2020, by Paul Evans, summary courtesy of Dr. Allan Spreen, Chief Medical Adviser, Health Sciences Institute, extracts and conclusions from the video by the same title as this article “DEAD ON ARRIVAL”: What’s Suddenly Killing America’s Seniors?. Some of the claims people make about the evil done to them by doctors and pharmacological products may seem hard to believe. However, I have heard very much true reports from level-headed people I have met, and these people seem truthful and with no deceit on the subject.
Did you know, for example, that, because of the harsh drugs schizophrenics are forced to take (which are kind of like highly addictive terribly strong barbiturates so that — even if your mind has become totally stable and NOT functionally mentally ill at all, as I have read in nonfiction books does happen sometimes late in life — the poor people taking these drugs die, on average, 12 years younger than do the background population. I guess a lot of us just commit suicide, admittedly. I’m 62 now… thanks, guys….

These days I feel that going to a “typical” hospital ER or even to most MD’s, however hard those good people may try, is something I will avoid for the future. I am very much opting (even though the guys and gals at Wooster Community Hospital are great!) I am going to take my future, such as it may be, for holistic medicine and herbal/supplemental cures, about which I know little other than some near-miraculous tales from friends and acquaintances. Certainly this article might be quite helpful regarding several important diseases, and I do hope and pray that you at least read it. For friends, email Paul Evans at

Weed is NOT harmful, the medical community knows this, and if they say otherwise, they are lying. Deaths due to marijuana in 2004 — 19, all weed and something else, there has never been one single documented case that held up of marijuana alone causing one single death. Deaths last year due to alcohol — 88,000, and it is alcohol, not weed, which is the gateway drug. Weed should immediately be made legal nationally, and a full amnesty from jail or prison be announced for all those poor, nonviolent offenders whose only crime involved marijuana…. of course there are some major entities totally opposing this, although the Federal government would make $30 billion a year taxing it and regulating it.

Dr. Spreen discusses seven major classes of drugs, commonly used for treatment of seven major types of illnesses in America, which often have deadly results, are toxic in major ways, and have easy, often natural replacements, without major side effects, some of which are actually in use by the medical profession now. The drugs Big Pharma pushes have terrible, often overwhelming toxic effects or side effects, whereas the treatments Dr. Spreen proposes, after extensive research, have very little or no side effects, almost never cause death (sudden or otherwise), and uniformly have better results in the treatment of these major illnesses. We give you the findings below in condensed form: these are just my notes from watching Dr. Spreen’s video which I highly, strongly recommend you watch. You will also be offered there a free encyclopedia of these and many other cures, which is absolutely free if you subscribe to the Health Sciences Institute newsletter. This does cost some money but is not excessive and if you watch and perhaps re-watch Dr. Spreen’s video you can get the replacement treatments for your illness and write those down, anyway.

Big Pharma desperately Doesn’t Want you to watch Dr. Spreen’s video, they are making many billions off of their drugs, many of which should have never passed FDA approval. (And over years of taking mental illness and diabetes medicines, it seems to me that the older medicines (which are available in generic, low-cost versions, do at least as well and have fewer side effects than do the expensive, full cost medicines. Congress, for it’s part, recently extended the copyright on new medicines to 25 years, sucking out more money that most of us just don’t have. The FDA does receive money when drugs are approved, and the whole is corrupt. Here is a short summary of the video, under the heading of the physical illnesses which are treated with either Big Pharma’s drugs or Dr. Spreen’s treatments, many of which, as I said, a small amount of “doctors who know” already use now. I just wrote down a few notes for you myself, just to give you a small sampling of the information which is available if you watch the video on these miracle cures and treatments. Please pardon any misspellings, these are just the notes I jotted down, you will really want to watch Dr. Spreen’s video and get his encyclopedia. Featured photograph is courtesy of YouTube:

Alternative Medicine:

Chemotherapy drugs: Tamoxifen is one of the widely used more modern chemotherapy drugs, most often used to treat breast cancer. It is terribly toxic, unpleasant to use, and works by targeting all the cells in the affected region rather than the specific cancer cells. Dr. Spreen found a treatment some “doctors who know” use called H-86, which is non-toxic, attacks just the cancer cells (by cutting off the supply of gluten to them), and has better success rates.

Alternative Medicine:
diabetes drugs

Diabetes drugs: Drugs such as Actos and Metformin, very widely prescribed, have overall toxicity and many deaths associated with them. The full extent of this is only now coming to light. Dr. Spreen found a compound, DBX-13, a natural compound of eleven ingredients, which is twice as effective in fighting type 2 diabetes than are the current “Big Pharma” drugs pushed. Moreover, it has none of the problems associated with prescription drugs. In the first group tested with this, over just two weeks, the average blood sugar count was lowered to 107, LDL (bad cholesterol) was lowered 34 percent, and there was on average 10 pounds weight loss. These sorts of results have since been consistently associated with the use of DBX-13, which would constitute a miracle and a revolution in the fight against type 2 diabetes.

Paul: I, myself, used to suffer badly from type 2 diabetes. For me, a combination of 50 mg a day of DHEA (the male hormone) and Chromium picolinate (as advised to me by a physiologist at a Cleveland Clinic Specialty Center, in a standard dose of 120–200 mcg a day), caused me to lose 70-80 pounds, greatly improve my diabetic leg condition and drop my HgA1C numbers to considerably lower then diabetic figures (my current number is 5.8, where anything over 7.0 is considered diabetic). So that’s my own treatment of what used to be a fairly severe case of Type 2 diabetes.

Alternative Medicine:
arthritis drugs

Arthritis and NSAIDS: NSAIDS such as Ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil), Tylenol (Acetaminophen), Aleve and even Aspirin can be deadly. They can eat away at your stomach and are associated with with a sudden and unpredictable deaths from this. They are NOT safe to use. The answer lies in something called “BMP’s,” or Bone Morphenogenic Proteins. The use of these can actually grow back joint cartilage and and reduce pain significantly. In one group given BMP’s for just one week, there was a 51 percent reduction in pain and a 70 percent reduction in stiffness.

Alternative Medicine:
Alzheimer’s medicines

Alzheimer’s drugs such as Aricept 23: There is something much better with no side effects which is only now coming to light. The answer comes from the extract of an exotic Japanese mushroom called “Lion’s Mane” and known to ancient Chinese medicine for many centuries. Lion’s Mane has no side effects, either. An extract of Lion’s Mane containing the two substances Amyloban and Horicinone has been made. 100 percent of people treated with this showed improvement, while 6 out of 7 treated with Lion’s Mane extract showed cognitive improvements.

Alternative Medicine:
blood pressure medicines

Blood pressure medicines: even the old ones which are less toxic which I take (Lisinopril) have side effects and long term toxicity, the new blood pressure medicines are mostly even worse this way. Strange as it may seem, the answer lies in simply regulating the body’s nitric oxygen supply, which decreases drastically as we age, narrowing down blood vessels and causing high blood pressure. Nitric oxide lozenges are available which significantly lower blood pressure, have minimal toxicity, and also lower triglycerides.

Alternative Medicine:
cholesterol drugs

Cholesterol drugs: Statins, the current class of drugs of choice in fighting high cholesterol, have been shown to cause diabetes. A better alternative treatment is the use of policosanol 10mg, which comes from the waxy coatings on leaves and in particular sugar cane plants. Not only does policosanol — without side effects or toxicity — decrease LDL about 20 percent on average, it actually raised HDL cholesterol, which is very healthy for the body.

Alternative Medicine:
sleeping pills

Sleeping Pills and Insomnia: I think Dr. Spreen saved one of his best treatments for last. Sleeping pills (such as Ambien) are about the number one most dangerous medicine you could take. On average those taking sleeping pills show an average 530% higher death rate than does the background population. The cause of insomnia is excess cortisol in the brain and body. But an extract made primarily from Magnolia bark showed an 83 percent rate in reducing fatigue without major side effects.

I think we all owe Dr. Spreen and his fellows at the Health Sciences Institute (official website) a big debt of gratitude for his diligent researches. This can help a LOT of people.

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