David Gilmour * Solo in 1978

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— The other players are mostly unknowns, the female backingvocal trio was a hallmark of Pink Floyd, but
the remarkable, amazing guitar solos of David Gilmour,
and even a few of the same songs, resonate and astound
anyone who loves rock, from the distant year of 1978, when I was
a junior in college and didn’tyet know about Pink Floyd. Live and Learn.

December 18, 2018
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David Gilmour * Solo in 1978

“Cry From the Street”
Pink Floyd’s Lead Guitarist
David Gilmour Said What Can Be Said,
Musically, Even Back in 1978

The Daily Walk with Love, December 18, 2018, by Paul Evans. Featured photo is modified from N.Y. Observer.com. Included photograph/graphic is courtesy of Pinterest. This is David Gilmour’s solo work. In 1978, so I wanted to say something a bit philosophically profound, maybe: Lao Tsu, the founder of the Chinese philosophical school which came to be known as Taoism, I believe, said, “the mind seeking the mind, is this not the greatest of all folly.” Stop thinking and stop worrying so much, and your mind will quiet itself. In fact, “Stop thinking and feel your life.”

Personal from Paul: I’m 61 now, and all my nuclear family have passed on, even my sister. Dad was the last to go, in 2012, a WWII Marine officer, NSA, CIA and a Yale Ph.D, with whom I lived most of my life. I’ve been “single and looking” for almost four years, now. Any lady who might be interested in dating me, or even just an internet friendship with me, please do contact me. Sometime in the last year or so I’ve realized that my loneliness itself is badly affecting my health, I feel so badly about it deep down, I have a real hard time even sleeping. If God should so move you, please send a note to me at manjarouser57@gmail.com. I would be very grateful for your friendship. Thanks and God Bless you all for taking the time to read my stuff.

great Pinterest graphic of the famous pink floyd pyramid color spectrum

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David Gilmour, the former lead guitarist and singer of Pink Floyd, has a masterful repertoire of classic solo work I know you will all enjoy, along with some classic Floyd. (“But which one is Pink??”) These guys are among “the gods” of progressive rock, and David Gilmour embodies the heart and soul of the old Pink Floyd. But this concert was from 1978, and Pink Floyd lasted, I believe, at least through 1994. So this is “early years.” See David Gilmour – “On an Island” 2006, The Daily Walk with Love, December 19, 2017, by Paul Evans; and David Gilmour * Live In Gdansk, The Daily Walk with Love, September 20, 2017, by Paul Evans: A little history for you: Gdansk is the Polish port city where Lech Walesa led the “Solidarity” labor movement that helped bring Poland independence from the former Soviet Union. So probably that concert had a special meaning to David Gilmour. Also listen to For My “Second Family”: David Gilmour – The Best Guitar Solos, from July 13, 2016; and Top Tracks of Pink Floyd (HQ), from March 1, 2017, both here on The Daily Walk with Love.

According to “setevezessete49,” the personnel for this performance were: David Gilmour -guitar Rick Wills – bass,vocals * Willie Wilson – drums,percussion * BACKING VOCALS Carlena Williams, Debbie Doss, Shirley Roden * PIANO Mick Weaver & David Gilmour * PRODUCED by David Gilmour * ENGINEERED by John Etchells & Nick Griffiths.

David Gilmour * Solo in 1978

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