David Gilmour – Best Guitar Solos of All Time

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— Here are the best guitar solos from David Gilmour’s years
with Pink Floyd, songs which resonate memorably deep
in your subconscious mind and astound anyone who loves rock,
through all his years with the band, and as a solo artist.
This is a great recording, well done. We heard it on YouTube
and so here it is for our own viewers,
along with a track-list and other goodies.

October 2, 2020
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
Justice is Coming!

David Gilmour – Best
Guitar Solos of All Time

Pink Floyd’s Lead Guitarist
David Gilmour Said What Can Be Said,
Musically with an Electric Guitar,
through All His Years with Pink Floyd
(and Also as a Solo Artist)

The Music Critic’s Corner, October 2, 2020, by Paul Evans. Video is David Gilmour – Best Guitar Solos of All Time. Featured photo is modified from N.Y. Observer.com. Included photograph/graphic is courtesy of Pinterest.

These are David Gilmour’s solos in songs while he was with Pink Floyd. (I think he has about eight solo albums out now since then, but including a few solo albums while he was still with Pink Floyd, maybe more.) They are the best electric guitar solos you are ever going to hear, and they are moving to me, emotionally as a fan of classic rock. So, maybe I can also give you some helpful ideas I have learned, too: Lao Tsu, the founder of the Chinese philosophical school which came to be known as Taoism, said (to paraphrase), “the mind seeking the mind, is this not the greatest of all folly?” Stop thinking and stop worrying so much, and your mind will quiet itself. In fact, Stop thinking and quietlt, slowly (at first) feel your way through life. As Alan Watts said, to find peace of mind, realize, “you have a soul, leave your mind alone” in periods of sleeplessness or worry, just be calm and quiet, lie down and shut your eyes, it will look better in the morning.

If you have a warm place to live, access to clean drinking water and decent food, hopefully with a few friends, you are doing better than 75 percent of people in the world, OK? Lie still, gently lie there with your eyes closed, your mind will quiet yourself. Bruce Lee: “that which worries you, masters you.” Lao Tzu: “To learn, we accumulate day to day. To practice Tao, we simplify.” And if you are still learning, yes, have goals, but be process oriented more than goal oriented. Think not about your “means goals” but rather, think in terms of what you will be wanting to do with your life later on.

Maybe, if you can learn how to live on just a little, don’t think much about the means goals at all. Isn’t most education in America just a form of indoctrination? Maybe it would be better for all concerned if we went back over to the old system of apprenticeship. Did you know that today’s workers labor under a huge, $3 trillion debt from student loans? This is hugely burdensome to workers at all levels, anyone with an A.B. or B.S., masters or doctors and nurses, Ph.D.s too. OK, maybe you feel you need to “play the game,” but don’t let it define who you are (and don’t “let money be your morality”).

David Gilmour Guitar Solos
Track List

Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Comfortably Numb
Keep Talking
Another Brick In The Wall, Pt. 1
Another Brick In The Wall, Pt. 2
Cluster One

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