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— For ten years, Evans Web Design, Evans Politics,
The Daily Walk with Miracles and now The Daily Walk with Love
have brought you solid, well-researched, interesting articles about
comparative religion (generally from a Christian point of view), encouraged
the study of other ideas and concepts from religions and philosophies around
the world, brought you cutting edge tech news such as the information
you need to know on artificial intelligence, Windows 10 and Linux, and
the very best YouTube music videos in many music genres. Now
we are in need financially and are asking for your charitable contributions,
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truthful journalism alive.

January 27, 2018
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
Justice is Coming!

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The Daily Walk with Love, January 27, 2018, by Paul Evans, photograph of me is from today, January 10th.

The Daily Walk with Love needs your charitable help. I am the owner here, Paul, there is no other owner. For various health issues, I must live on a minimum disability while I try to run this website. It has not been at all easy, and I have known what it is to be homeless. Because we host a lot of videos here, our hosting (with GoDaddy’s server computers) is at an elevated level. Therefore, hosting costs me about $100 per six months and in my current situation I simply cannot come up with that on my own. Our WordPress theme is a paid theme and needs to be updated, and we wish we could purchase other, equally vital plugins which could broaden our audience a lot. Moreover I just am able to rent a subsidized room, and would like to have an apartment. I would also like to not be dependent on food pantries. Any kind soul liking any of my content and wanting to help me should first send an email to Paul Evans, Could you spare $20 or maybe even $40 or more to help keep independent, truthful journalism alive and have all this great music to listen to? Thank you and God Bless you all: May your New Year be bright and prosperous!!!

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Please also see Investment Opportunity: The Daily Walk with Love is for Sale, The Daily Walk with Love, December 30, 2017, by Paul Evans.

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