Coronovirus Update: What You Need to Know

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— UPDATED TODAY: Has coronavirus been “weaponized” in bioweapons labs? We may never know, but the evidence suggests that. We have the latest facts, figures and the Terrible news so that Americans will be prepared. From my own, near fatal infection with the strep virus in my blood, fully cured after three years by a doctor at Wooster Internal Medicine, comes hope for a good treatment against coronavirus. Like step, coronavirus is a SARS type virus, and a treatment which succesfully treats one, might cure the other. Also, it is claimed that some doctors across the U.S. are having good sucess treating patients — even patients on ventilators — with certain antimalarial drugs, but where are the facts and figures supporting this? So why not combine these treatments an knock coronavirus out?

May 5, 2020
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Coronovirus: What You Need to Know

Treatments which work on similar,
related SARS-type viruses, as well as
some good success using antimalarial drugs,
offer the hope of a real cure

See The Daily Walk with Love, updated May 5, 2020, by Paul Evans. All I really have is a hope, backed up by my own experiece, that a combined treatment using three drugs offers the hope of a real cure. In publishing this publically I am calling my ideas to the attention of our Healthcare professionals. In fact, I strongly urge health officials, security organizations and yes, the American people to read this before it is too late:

NEW: Latest figures – The U.S. has one million confirmed cases of coronavirus, with at least 63,000 deaths. America now has one in three of coronavirus cases in the world, and a quarter of the total deaths. In Europe, it is now apparent that about half of the deaths there are in nursing homes. This is also apparently the case here in my own Wayne County, Ohio. See Three common coronavirus scams to look out for, Bankrate Personal Finance, by James Royal.

In 2012, I had strep virus in my blood, was hospitalized for two weeks, and almost died. Strep is a SARS-type virus, just as coronavirus is. I found that, even after release from the hospital I was not well, but after a few years found a treatment which almost fully made me well. [And if this works for one SARS-type virus, quite possibly it might work for another.] The treatment is five days of the [non-pennecilin, mycin] antibiotic Clindimycin, four times a day for at least five days, followed up with a month’s treatment with a probiotic, which is a hungry sort of biotic that just loves to feast on bad germs. The praise here is due to my doctor Kathleen Fearon, God Bless you dear!

Apparently, doctors accross the nation are having some success treating patients — even patients on ventilators — with the anti-malarial drugs [the ones the liberals sneered at]. So why not combine antimalarial drugs in some way with Clindimycin and probiotics?

Coronavirus News Update:
Crossing the Rubicon: Why Is
The White House Lying About Deaths
Reopening May Cause, & What
You Should Expect

NEW: See White House Expects Daily Coronavirus Deaths to Double to 3,000 by June, the Daily Beast, May 5th, 2020 — (Paul): While President Trump has more or less kept silent, White House officials say about 200,000 new cases a day by the end of may, and 3,000 deaths a day. No. There is a new, more virulant strain of coronavirus spreading around America and the world, now. But even if we take the figures for April, we were seeing a death rate of 5.7 percent for coronavirus, overall, and for the last week or so of April, we were already seeing 3,000 deaths a day. And if you take 200,000 new cases a day (the Trump administration’s figure) and apply a 5.7 percent death rate, that means that for May, 11,400 people will be dying every day. Re-opening the economy is ridiculessly stupid, even if we did have enough kits to test people’s blood for infection, which we don’t.

See yesterday’s news, Senate Passes $484 Billion Coronavirus Relief Package at The Hill. The article breaks down the relief packages into four categories.

As of last Thursday afternoon, there are 856,209 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 47,272 deaths. About 4.5 million people have been tested for the new coronavirus — that’s 1.37 percent of the population.

[(Paul: As of today, May 5th, there are about 70,000 deaths, and President Trump said two days ago that, overall, 80,000 to 100,000 deaths (overall, total) would be a win. It seems to me that while President Trump is silent about the truth he may or may not know, White House spokesmen either can’t do simple math, or are lying through their teeth at the expense of the American people. They state that for May as a whole, we can expect 200,000 new cases and 3,000 deaths a day. As you can see from my simple calculations and the news today by the Daily Beast, it is one big damned lie.)]

The House has approved a $484 billion bill to replenish funding for a small-business loan program and shore up hospitals. The measure was approved in a 388-5 vote with one member voting president, and will now go to the White House for President Trump’s signature.

Paul Evans: One in five of New York City residents who have been tested have coronavirus antibodies in their blood. The level of testing is entirely inadequate, and in Europe, for example, whole soccer stadiums have actually been set up as field hospitals. Cleveland Metro Health, at this most inoportune moment, is shutting down some of it’s ERs. America did not mobilize at all when the virus began to spread throuout the Western world. Worse than that, it seems possible or even probable to me that coronavirus has actually been “weaponized” in bioweapons labs, though, in fact, we have little to no real evidence that it originated in a laboratory in Wuhhan. When coronavirus began to spread in the west, I remember reading in the mainstream media that the death rate was only 1.4 percent. Now coronavirus death rate is something like 5.7 percent. I’m sorry, viruses do not mutate that fast. It’s been weaponized, God knows where, and if you have the infection and you are an older male and end up on a ventilater, you have little chance of surviving, propoganda to the contrary.

Reopening our economy — 44 million jobs lost in the last five weeks, wiping out all the gains in employment over the last 10 or 11 years, and our inability to come together and find the funding for small business loans. Reopening the economy seems to many to be not wise, but as the Republicans seem to see it, is the only real alternative left to us. Look, this economy will totally implode sometime in mid-2020, we have a basically unleveraged derivatives and junk bonds debt of at least $47 trillion, now we see multiple trillions in coronavirus expenses, and in a few months, even the most basic food supply chain may unravel. I call on President Trump and our DCI of Central Intelligence, even the mafia and ordinary American citizens to realize that President Trump may need to dismiss congress, unless they show some bipartisan spirit and get behind the President. The Illuminati plot to depopulate the Earth from its current seven billion people down to a “sustainable” population of just 500 million, must not be allowed to succeed. Very likely, the national guard and even the army may even have to be deployed, and it’s up to us, including our local authorities and police, all to cooperate.

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