Cool MIX based on Santana’s “Stone Flower”

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The Daily Walk with Miracles

August 20, 2016

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Cool video (mix or playlist)
based on Santana’s “Stone Flower”

Just listening to Carlos Santana’s
way cool sound brings me so much “chi” energy

The Daily Walk with Miracles, August 20, 2016, by Paul Evans, video is Mix: Santana “Stone Flower” (Japan), YouTube, 50+ rock music videos. Featured photograph courtesy of I won’t hit you up with a lot of words (about the playlist) except to say that this is one of the very best mixes (playlists) of classic rock, Santana-oriented music videos there is. That’s why I blogged it for you! I mean, “this is it,” this is one of the very best classic rock mixes I’ve ever listened to, it really has heart and soul. Turn it up and either chill out in the music’s transcendent sounds or else I’d say it’s time to get your party started..

Publicly Funded Elections: Why
We Need Them and How to Get Them

You see Congressmen, mostly good Christian people, have to get money from corporations in order to be re-elected. So they end up figuratively “selling their souls” to lobbbists (corporations, investment banks) in order to get the campaign funds which they have to have. The courts have spoken and it’s really hard to limit lobbying. But what if there were publicly funded elections? You see that would take lobbyists entirely out of the election process, wouldn’t it?. And we get there – enacting publicly funded elections — by empowering a basically already-existent coalition of the right (Tea Party) and the left (liberals and the true left) to get together on just this one issue: to make all federal elections be publicly funded, with no other funding source legal. The right and the left can’t agree on much, but such a coalition already exists, for example, in the Senate, right now. Rand Paul got a right/left coalition to vote 78 to 18 to limit NSA spying. SO LET’S DO IT PEOPLE. Get together and enact publicly funded election legislation. I know that together, we can do this, and that Obama would sign it. It would end up transforming the whole political landscape, maybe even in time to avert disaster. God Bless America!

Santana Stone Flower Mix

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