Concert: Don Williams Live “Best Of” 2017

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Who’d have thought old Don Williams would still have been
crooning out the hits, this many years later – The Gentle Giant
is one of the very best mainstream Country crooners. Here’s
a great live concert compilation from 2017. Call me a softie, but
Don Williams and Willie Nelson are my favorite country singers.

December 11, 2017
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Concert: Don Williams
Live “Best Of” 2017

♫ “Coffee black, cigarette ♫
start this day like all the rest…”

The Daily Walk with Love, December 11, 2017, by Paul Evans. Video concert is courtesy of “Country Music” & YouTube. Featured photograph of Don Williams courtesy of Check out the official Don Williams website. Also visit the official Don Williams Facebook page. Also, read the biography of Don Williams at Wikipedia. Don Williams is Mainstream Country at it’s finest, R.I.P.

See Don Williams official website for news on the Gentle Giant’s death, September 8, 2017, at age 78, or read about this on Billboard or Taste of Country. What a sadness to me and all of Don’s fans!

Some of my favorite Don Williams songs include “I Wouldn’t Want to Live if You Didn’t Want Me,” “You’re My Best Friend,” “(Turn Out the Lights And) Love Me Tonight,” “Some Broken Hearts Will Never Mend,” “I’m Just a Country Boy,” “Listen to the Radio” and of course, “I Believe in You.” Wikipedia says that “only four of his 46 singles didn’t make it to the Top Ten.”

Also watch Playlist: Don Williams Some Broken Hearts Never Mend, The Daily Walk with Love, July 23, 2016, by Paul Evans.

Visit for digital rights free, high quality mp3’s by Don Williams or check out the great Don Williams tunes at Apple iTunes, which says that:

With his laid-back, straightforward vocals and large, imposing build, Don Williams came to be known as “the Gentle Giant.” That nickname was bestowed on him in the early ’70s, when he began a string of countrypolitan hits that ran into the early ’90s. Williams was never known as an innovator, but his ballads were immensely popular; in the course of his career, he had a total of 17 number one hits.

Concert: Don Williams Live
“Best Of” 2017

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