Communication difficulties in Autism – my personal view

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Obama doubled the amount of money devoted to
autism research. Still more is needed since there are
a LOT of autistic people in modern society (including,
I’m pretty sure, me.) Let’s realize that this is a
debilitating and very under-diagnosed condition. Among
suspected causes are, (with genetic susceptibility): vaccines,
environmental factors such as lead or pesticides, and
(just possibly), sustained mental trauma or abuse.

April 18, 2020
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Communication difficulties in Autism
my personal view

About 1.2 Percent of Americans
Are Actually (in Fact) Autistic

with The Doors
Riders on the Storm (playlist)

The Daily Walk with Love, updated April 18, 2020, by Paul Evans. The Doors “Riders on the Storm” playlist courtesy of YouTube. Email Paul Evans

Also see Autism & the Vaccine Revolution for Truth, by Paul Evans: “The pharmaceutical industry must stop pushing toxic, little-tested and unsafe vaccines and other medications on us & our children. Vaccines as they are today might not be a problem, but consider the crude and untried vaccines of the 1950’s and 60’s. There must be much more testing and oversight.” While most modern studies whitelist vaccines as a cause of autism, environmental factors often are in fact cited. The truth is not so clear.

So How Do You Tell if a Person is Autistic? Autistic people. besides being socially awkward, are often timid and bullied at school, and often have trouble expressing themselves in simple language (or very much well at all in severe autism). Doctors often overlook the condition in children, when in fact up to one in 88 people are autistic. Sometimes paranoia can be part of the condition, so that misdiagnosis as mental illness may occur.

Peace out everybody! I’m by some views what some people call a “medium”: it’s what the ancient Greeks called on “Oracle,” or a Biblical view is that this is the “Spiritual Gift of Prophecy,” one of the 12 gifts of the Holy Spirit. I know that does seem pretty far out, but it’s been this way for me since my 30th birthday. This is what one spiritual AND Christian church I attended a few years ago claimed, that “mediumship” and “Prophecy” are basically the same phenomenon. And I just wanted the psychiatric profession to know: schizophrenics are basically “autistic mediums” who subconsciously or unconsciously love some people so much, that this person becomes permanently accessible to our minds, and it’s time we got a little respect and Peace in this sick society. Again, as a group, schizophrenics LOVE you people so damn much that we literally give those we love a “piece of our minds,” unconsciously. However, in my case, not one but TWO CAT scans of my brain and an MRI less than half a year old show a unified, normal and NOT schizoid mind, it’s just that the psychiatric profession (“behavioral scientists”) cannot at all deal with someone who is psychic. I have suffered a lot because of that. Sorry, people, CAT scans and MRI’s don’t lie. My mind is unified and NOT schizoid and you shrinks just can’t deal with a psychic person. Maybe you should read up on your Carl Jung.

As of at least two-three years ago, I am NO LONGER schizophrenic. God took care of it. I have a fully unified mind [(and I had a “normal” CAT (brain) scan – showing a normal and NOT a schizophrenic brain – about two years ago)]. I have gone through one hell of a lot of suffering for no good reason, except to serve God. May I suggest a new designation for “healed” or “well” mediums — or schizophrenics whose minds become unified again) — who you might call “multiphrenic?” I pray that the common people – “normal” people in the world – should stop fearing what they don’t understand and appreciate, tolerate and even accept those who are “different” in various ways. Perhaps this may even be a new direction the evolution of the mind is taking in human history, but I am NOT schizoid. I know that some degree of acceptance by the psychiatric community would please God, for He talks to me, too. (George W. Bush said he talked with God and you didn’t throw HIM in mental hospitals!) Peace and Love, God Bless and Blessed Be. Amen.

From the Fifth Dimension, Age of Aquarius 1969, which has the following prophecy:

“When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then Peace will guide the planets, and love will steer the stars.

Excerpt courtesy of Communication Difficulties in Autism: My Personal View, Understanding and Embracing Diversity, April 2, 2016, by LearningNeverStops, with an essay on autism by Paul Evans: APRIL WILL BE NATIONAL AUTISM MONTH! And Obama, whatever else you might think of him, doubled the amount of money devoted to autism research. Still more is needed since there are a LOT of autistic people in modern society (including, I’m pretty sure, me.) Let’s celebrate! Video is a Mix: “The Doors – Riders On The Storm (ORIGINAL!) – driving with Jim (playlist), courtesy of Jim Morrison, the Doors and YouTube.

Peace out everybody!

Understanding and Embracing Diversity:

Autism affects between 1/100 to 1/88 individuals and yet those who are affected are still often misunderstood. Indeed, students with Autism are more likely to be bullied in school compared to any other ‘groups’ of students. Perhaps a reason for the high rates of bullying stems from people’s lack of understanding of the condition. Individuals with Autism experience difficulties in Social Interactions, Communication and Imagination/Flexibiity of Thought. It is also important to note that it is a lifelong disorder- a child with Autism will become an adult with autism. Furthermore, Autism manifests in many different ways. As Francesca Happe said recently, “once you’ve met one person with Autism, you’ve met ONE person with Autism”.

April is National autism month let's celebrate

Paul Evans: That’s a pretty good one paragraph summary, I’m not sure I agree with everything else in the article. The one common thread which I see among autistic people is that they are “socially awkward,” often expressing the awkwardness in their speech. I’m totally nonviolent for example and believe myself to have been misdiagnosed in about 1977 and actually AM autistic (more than anything else) myself. As my friend Dan says, “Oh, well.” About a year ago I read that intelligent companies which have positions which require a lot of attention to detail are in fact hiring autistic people. Finally. Maybe this is why I like coding web pages.

One photo I have included with this article as the featured photograph says “Autism is NOT a disease, don’t try to cure us, try to understand us.” (Autism is sort of a condition, with a genetic expression or sometimes cause, certainly with a genetic susceptibility, but I believe it can be caused by chemicals and also stress and abuse (in a way similar to PTSD) of various sorts, and at almost any age.)

It is vital that autistic people learn plain speaking, for one thing I have noticed about us is that we often have complicated, involved and wordy thought, and it’s hard to express these thoughts in language. I personally find English a poor vehicle to express myself, but at this point my short term memory is shot, too, and learning a better language is tough. My dad maintained that no two people actually do speak the same language, anyway.

As Solomon said, “get understanding, that’s the principal thing” in communication, especially. And we have so many individual subcultures today, don’t we, especially online, and all this social media. We need FAITH and we need to just be ourselves and be kind and honest and not judge people. (That pretty much sums up what Jesus wanted from us, insofar as I am concerned: That’s the biggest part of my religion.) See Autism doesn’t have to be viewed as a disability or disorder, The Guardian, July 16, 2015, by Nikki Stevenson. And we need to feel some degree of acceptance of ourselves, don’t we? Society needs to lighten up. People are so ready to distrust or even hurt people today, especially in words. But research shows that words can damage our endorphin flow of feel good chemicals in our minds just as much as chemicals or disease. The medium we expose ourselves to hour after hour determines to some extent our mental health. But autism is autism, though it’s hard to define. Anyone who’s a misfit in society, I would keep in mind a possible diagnosis of autism. A lot more people have it, I am certain in my mind, than even know it, and our doctors are not as aware of this need to keep autism strongly in mind. There is some relationship with paranoia. However the way society treats autistic people, paranoia is perfectly logical. “Autism is not a disease: Don’t try to cure us, try to understand us.”

And partly I’ve just escaped the matrix of the sickness of our culture, and don’t quite live by it’s illogical, uncaring rules. Call me “autistic.” It can lead to me speaking or behaving awkwardly in social situations, but mostly I have learned over the years to minimize it so that it “doesn’t show” much. It just seems to me, common sense-wise, if something is not both logical and caring (kind), how can it be of God? Well I’m sure I still have a lot of growing to do. And this website is my purpose in life, so I write two-three-four articles a day and feel quite fulfilled. And having a sense of purpose is the top of Maslow’s Heiarchy of Needs. See Poverty, Self-actualization, Maslow, the Hierarchy of Needs and Acceptance, The Daily Walk with Love, by Paul Evans.

See It’s okay to say autism, The Autistic Beekeeper, March 3, 2016, by The Autistic Beekeeper.

Also see How hope can help you heal, CNN Health, April 11, 2013, by Amanda Enayati, CNN Contributor. Take away a man’s hope, and what does he have left? Give a suffering person a hand up, and I’m sure you please God and do a great kindness in the world.

The Doors – Riders on the Storm

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